Spotted: Jo Malone Sugar and Spice

You wouldn’t know it, given my addiction to Jo Malone, but I am very choosy when it comes to perfume. When I discovered Jo Malone however, I was thrilled to find there were in fact fragrances in existence that don’t give me a headache on first spritz. Now I have 4 different scents in my coveted collection which I vary for the season and to suit my mood, like a proper grown up laydee 😉

When I received an invitation to try the latest limited edition Sugar and Spice collection I hot-footed it down to Selfridges to experience the different fragrances and bring you my review.

All in the name of research of course, I sniffed and tested each one, finding a clear favourite in the Lemon Tart.

  • Elderflower and Gooseberry – reminded me of classic perfumes, for the fragrance traditionalist.
  • Ginger Biscuit – similar to Tierry Muglers ‘Angel’ with a rich sweet scent.
  • Lemon Tart  – My favourite. Undeniably sweet but fresh, mellowing to a sugary warm but still light perfume.
  • Bitter Orange and Chocolate – Just like a Chocolate Orange!
  • Redcurrant and Cream – For the Pomegranate Noir lover, slightly lighter for the summer months but very similar.

Can I tempt you to try any of the Jo Malone Sugar and Spice collection?


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13 thoughts on “Spotted: Jo Malone Sugar and Spice

  1. I only really ‘discovered’ the Jo Malone fragrances this weekend… and am now lusting after one and attempting to justify the price to myself. Will clearly have to re-visit this weekend to check out this new collection! Shame…..;)

  2. I do love Jo Malone! I’m guessing Lemon Tart will be my favourite out of this collection too, might pop to Harvey Nics at lunch and have a sniff 🙂 This collection reminds me of Marc Jacobs Splash collection (I have the Apple and the Pomegranite ones) and I love them.

    Did you buy any of them Rebecca?

      • Oh, Blackberry & Bay is my autumn/winter fragrance too! As you say above, Jo Malone is a joy if “normal” perfumes give you headaches. I’m off to try the Sugar & Spice collection tomorrow, will be hard to leave empty-handed 🙂

  3. My mum is genuinely obsessed with Jo Malone fragrances but whenever I’ve tried them they don’t smell right on me – that’s true of a lot of perfumes and very annoying when they keep discontinuing the ones I like.

    • I have a strict routine when it comes to buying perfume so I don’t make a mistake. I sniff them on the bottle, then on a stick and I walk around with it to see how it changes. If I like it and am feeling brave I might then try it on my skin and I sniff it all day. I might do this two or three times before I buy! Very cautious!

      Just me then?!

  4. Ooh. I want to smell! Intrigued by choc orange. Nowhere round here sells JM though. Annoying you can’t buy little spritz bottles online separately 🙁 Ditto on the headache front. They’re the only perfumes that don’t give me a banging head also.

  5. I’m a real Jo Malone addict too. My signature scent is Pom Noir, then I get a limited edition summer one every year. Unfortunately living in East Anglia I have to buy online or send my Leeds based mum in to test things for me. She loved the ginger and redcurrent ones. I do feel a purchase coming on. They are expensive but they do last ages, I spray my perfume at least once a day and a 100ml bottle still lasts a year. So on a cost per wear basis it’s quite good value. 🙂 That’s how I justify it.

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