Spotted: Inspiring Lighting

After last week’s stunning Kitchen make-over and an overdose of fashion pretty I wanted to get back to interiors and motivate myself to add the finishing touches to my affectionately titled ‘Grey project‘.  I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with as much inspiration as possible when you want to get creative… although not all of it will become part of your final project, it helps refine your own personal taste and make sure your vision is totally unique.

The problem with redecoration projects is, for me anyway, in the finishing touches and I really believe that these kind of things can’t be bought in a day if you want a truly unique look. So today I’m doing a round up of stunning lighting that has inspired me, one way or another, and hoping to give myself some salvage chic inspiration for my rooms.

So readers, do you love?

I hope I’ve brightened up your morning and do share if there is something you would consider doing in your home here.


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9 thoughts on “Spotted: Inspiring Lighting

  1. I love! Especially the neon lighting and the cluster over the table! Stunning! I’m totally with you on not being able to create a unique look in a single day. You have to browse and pick up bits along the way and let the room evolve! Not a fan of buying everything from the same shop…

    Rachie xo

  2. This is right up my street, in fact I did a post on our blog a few weeks ago about vintage industrial inspired by my intended look for our study {if you’re interested 🙂–Vintage-Industrial.aspx } which is yet to be completed… And one of the reasons this is so is because of what you say Rebecca, it’s not something you can just put together by walking around John Lewis, it’s got to be loved, salvaged, upcycled so as to avoid it looking to clean. We have done the majority of it but just await the piece de resistance, the desk! It’s currently being made as we speak, light reclaimed wood plank top with metal hairpin legs and I can’t wait to get it in there.

    Ps have you been in The Alchemist in spinningfields? They have some awesome bulb action over the bar and also in the Oast House there is a chandelier style light but made from vintage industrial lighting. Aces.

    • I LOVE the Alchemist – went with Mahj a while back and the decor is just amazing. Would have loved to create something similar over the dining table but went for ease in the end…

      The desk sounds fab Vicky – hope you’ll be sending it all in!


      *off to read your post*

  3. I love the neon lighting and am determined to have it somewhere in my home… I have been considering this one on the black wall in the bedroom from Rockett St George:

    I also have to thank you because the 4th pic down with the dark dining room and gallery wall is actually the starting inspiration for my dining room and is what inspired me to go with a dark grey and an eclectic gallery wall! But I had no idea where it was from originally – so thank you thank you for showing the original source! The whole house is just amazing!

    Great pics here, lovely post! xxx

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Just a quick note to say hi and I’m glad you like the Plumen bulb – I think your selection of lighting here is wonderful. You might be interested to know that over on the Plumen Facebook page at the moment we are actually asking people to share their favourite shades with us as a bit of fun – and we’ll send a free bulb to the one we like the most. It might be worth you and your readers giving it a go!

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