Spotted: French Connection AW12

This afternoon I thought I’d cast my mind forwards (although difficult on a hot day like today!) to another stand out collection from one of the high street stores. French Connection wasn’t a favourite of mine until a couple of seasons ago when I feel they really upped their fashion game and have firmly become one of my favourite brands. Although that’s not a surprise as the new collection is dare I say it, a little Whistles-esque?

The AW12 collection is full of sharp tailoring, beautiful rusty prints and tones and mod/sixties influences which look perfect to me. I can see myself wearing them everywhere from fashion week to the weekend.

Hero Pieces?

  • The Studded sleeve leather bomber. Yours for £350.
  • Pale silk embellished top – a wardrobe investment that will become a classic.
  • Floral print – this season-tastic – and a beautiful autumnal palette.
  • A great range of blazers and work appropriate dresses. I’m loving the purple.
  • The cut out shoulder blouse – a great take on the cut out trend for cooler weather.

Spotted anything you like here? Head on over to French Connection and view the Look Book for more AW12 inspiration and share your favourite items in the comments box below…


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2 thoughts on “Spotted: French Connection AW12

  1. I do really like the clothes in French Connection, I always seem to covet something whenever I go into a store – like the purple dress above which is gorgeous. However, and you may think this is controversial, in the main I think many items are over priced and the recent sale (certainly in the Glasgow store) had significant reductions with items that had been around the £100+ mark being sold for £25 with a wide choice of sizes available. Whilst clearly this is great if you get it for the sale price, it kind of puts me off buying from them in the first place when I know something I paid so much for will be reduced by so much if I wait a month or so. I know you could say that about a number of stores, but FCUK is one that I always notice. Doesn’t stop me liking their stuff tho 😀 x

    • Interesting point Roz and one that has certainly crossed my mind. I noted one of their key SS12 pieces – the yellow striped (London I think it was called) maxi dress which I think retailed for around £175. I loved it but knew it would go in the sale (because of the bad weather at the time) and when it eventually did it was for either £35 or £25. (That was the first reduction, it hadn’t been higher first.)

      On the flip side, everything always goes in the sale. Thats just the way things are and you could always save money by waiting, but sometimes you need/want them sooner.

      My Mum always instilled in me that f you’re going to wear and enjoy it, it’s worth buying full price. I tend to weigh the wears and timescale I’ll have it before the sales start before I buy. If it’s months before the sale and I love it, I’ll buy. If for example I spot a party frock or wedding guest dress, but the wedding is a way off, of course I wait, or if it’s something I’ll only wear for example, in high summer. The other thing I do – particularly with places like FC is to wait – they ALWAYS have 20% off evenings scattered through the season, so whilst I may buy ‘out of sale’ I make sure I get the 20% discount.

      Also, I bought the yellow top which rather excruciatingly went down from £92 to about £29 in the sale but I had already worn a LOT (and got at 20% off). I also bought a white embroidered Elisa top (in this post) which I also got 20% off on and it didn’t ever go into the sale. Swings and roundabouts and at the end of the day I think it’s best to consider if you can afford it or not, whatever the price/sale situation – each to their own on that front.

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