Spotted: Festoons of Happiness

I’ve been obsessed with the strings of lights seen on American blogs, at outdoor weddings and even parties, since they first exploded onto the UK scene. I first saw them in outdoor weddings not long after my own wedding 4 years ago and instantly wished I had had THAT kind of wedding. For a while I forgot them, then more recently I decided that if I couldn’t have that wedding, I could have that life. You know the kind, where people have elegantly thrown together casual outdoor dinner parties in their beautiful gardens, with their stylishly dressed close friends… 😉

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Some of you may have shared my frustration that these so called ‘festoon lights’ seemed to be an exclusively American item. I searched high and low and although we have plenty of ‘fairy lights’ and ‘string lights’ I just couldn’t find a good match for festoon lights anywhere. They had to be bulb lights, large, widely spaced, on thick cable and they had to be oh so pretty. So imagine how excited I was when I spotted that Cox and Cox had introduced a set. Before splashing out the £50 required though I thought I would turn to the Florence Finds readership and see if you guys had any tips and you really came up trumps, sharing finds from IKEA to Lights4fun and B&Q.

1. Cox and Cox £50 // 2. Ikea (solar powered, £12 // 3. B&Q (not featured online, look for their Blooma Ascella string lights, £20, and glass globe lights, £30) // 4. Lights4fun (allow you to connect several sets) // 5. Toast (not available online, check instore)

I figured there must be more of you like me who had been desperately looking for a little string light magic to festoon around your garden this summer and as these were such bargain finds, I had to share them here.

I’m in the middle of a little garden revamp that I’ll be sharing very soon, but rest assured, it’ll be featuring my very own festoon of happiness. 🙂


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23 thoughts on “Spotted: Festoons of Happiness

  1. Morning Rebecca! I got married last week in a festoon-filled barn. In fact our ceremony backdrop was trailing festoon lights, I’m that in love with them. I hired them from a local lighting/production company but we got 150m for about £70- so dirt cheap! It might be worth finding out where lighting companies get theirs from and buying wholesale…but then it probably depends how big your garden is 😉

  2. I love garden lights!

    Currently have fairy lights all over my conservatory roof, but I’m looking for ones to pin up over the top of my patio and down the fences. I’m obsessed with the Ikea garden range at the moment (and the advert!) … the strings of lights, table lamps and chinese lanterns are all solar powered! Genius!

  3. I really want these too!! We currently have solar powdered ones around the decking that work well but i want that pretty fairy light effect xx

  4. Thank you so, so much. I have been lamenting not finding these for ages and my lovely friend pointed me in your direction. You are a total superstar and I can’t wait to get these in my garden xx

  5. We bought those Ikea lights for our outdoor wedding and almost 2 years later they’re still going strong. I love seeing them come on in the evening.

  6. Coloured festoon lighting is one of my biggest childhood dreams. Move into our first house this summer and hubby has promised a string of festoon as a house warming present. Yay!

  7. Hi everyone,

    I am also looking for festoon lighting for my wedding which is in a converted stable building so a bit like a barn but without the high roof. Someone else who got married in the same venue told me that the festoon lighting they hired had thick black wire and was really ugly hanging up next to to the white ceiling and wooden beams. Has anyone else had this experience? or seen any with thinner wires? or even clear wires?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Alice,
      Looks like you and I share the same problem. The place I am getting married also has white ceilings and wooden beams and both companies I approached who put up festoon lighting told me that the black cables would be awful against them. I have seen festoon lights with white cable. Only issue is trying to find a company that supplies them and can put them up for me as our venue’s ceiling is really high.
      Let me know how you get on and I’ll do the same too


  8. I stumbled on this post as I’m looking for some to brighten up my little town garden. So great to see a post on festoon lights – I love them! Not least because I occasionally photograph weddings and the lack of lighting imagination is one of my biggest bug bears about UK weddings! I shot a wedding at a stunning chateau in France and they’d adorned the front courtyard where everyone was seated to dinner and it looks completely magical. It also makes for more interesting evening and night time photographs and is very flattering on the face – any would be brides take note and make the effort to think about lighting at your reception venue – don’t take the venue’s word for it that they’ll sort everything out, as that normally means one multicoloured swivelling disco light on a stand! Trust me, it will be worth it.

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