Spotted: Essie in the Beauty Aisles

This morning I had to give a new find of mine a shout out… Essie nail polishes are now available in your local Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams and even John Lewis! This might not come as news to many of you and my apologies for appearing a little behind the times. Although an avid shopper, I rarely bother with Beauty Stores or spend much time in Beauty departments, apart from at the specific cosmetics counters that I like. I’d never make a Beauty blogger! Previously a salon-only brand, a few months back, Essie headed into high street stores and has stormed to the top of my favourite nail brands!

I absolutely LOVE the fact that there is such a huge range of colours, including many fashion and trend led shades – their range of blues and greens right now is second to none. I treated myself (and here’s the second thing to love,) for a very reasonable £7.99 to Lapiz of Luxury, a lovely cornflower blue and have been wearing it since last Friday. So far I’ve given it some real welly, scrabbling around setting up the Dream. Find. Do. shoot yesterday and at the weekend I helped my friend with some party planning that involved a fair bit of washing up, after heading to the allotment for a few hours. Believe it or not, it’s still chip free! 🙂

The current collection is the mirror metallics after a particularly ice-creamy selection of seaside shades earlier this season. Snap up a metallic and you’ll be ready equipped for the coming season – metallics are going to be HUGE in AW12.

So, have you worn Essie and what’s your favourite colour… I’m always in the market for a new shade 😉


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8 thoughts on “Spotted: Essie in the Beauty Aisles

  1. I love essie! Every time I pop into Boots I seem to pick up another one. I have more varnish in my fridge than food sometimes!

    Current faves = Lady Godiva, chocolate brown – Cute as a Button, neon pink and the new gold metallic one.

  2. Love Love, love Essie!

    I stumbled across it a few weeks ago in my local Boots store and couldn’t resist buying a couple to try out. Loved it so much that I ended up buying a few more!

    I was suitably impressed as the polish stayed put all week and didn’t chip or peel at all.

    My absolute favourite is mint candy apple-a beautiful greeny shade. Am also loving the soft coral coloured Tart Deco and the bright Cute as a Button.

    My latest purchase is Fifth Avenue-a gorgeous shade of red xx

  3. Me me me! I have coral tipped with ‘Good As Gold’ on right now, it’s an amazing metallic and goes on beautifully. I have actually considered using it for a DIY tin can project I’ve got going on as its such good coverage!

    I’m definitely an Essie convert 🙂

  4. I saw they introduced it to Boots a while back and I’ve been resisting going in there ever since… but this week i caved and as a treat to myself for working so hard (I’m like a puppy!) I purchased a gorgeous nude colour, called “Sand Tropez” I think, and I can’t stop looking at it on my fingers. Their manicures are one of the longest-lasting I’ve ever had so i’ve had high hopes for the polish applied by my own fair hand and so far it hasn’t disappointed! I always thought the polishes would be far more expensive but, like you say they’re really reasonable, considering the quality!

  5. I love Tart Deco as well! Another favourite of mine is ‘Ladylike’. It’s a deep, muted dusky pink…..very beautiful shade. They do seem to be great quality too.

  6. I have a bit of an obsession with nail varnish at the moment. My partner despairs every time he sees the display getting bigger and me sitting in front of the TV trying out my latest purchase! I was actually procrastinating enough to put them in colour order recently and discovered I have about 8 different shades of pink. One of these is a lovely Essie Cascade Cool and I have to agree with everyone else who says the quality is fantastic for such an affordable product. I am chief of washing up in our house so any nail varnish has to be able to withstand this daily chore (other half does all the cooking, this arrangement is a fair one)! Can’t wait to get back to Boots to get another pretty colour. It takes me so long to choose!

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