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I realised the other day that I don’t write much about shoes or handbags, and whilst I’m more of a fan of the latter, the former is infinitely more accessible. When it comes to bags, I make only 1 or maybe 2 purchases a year at a much higher price point, but with shoes (sorry Mr Louboutin, you know I love you really,) I just can’t mentally justify paying so much for something so impractical and less wearable. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a Mulberry handbag and then drag its beautiful bottom along the streets after you would you?

I digress. Whilst in Leeds a couple of weekends ago, I popped into Dune because the window looked so appealing and was pleasantly surprised. After what I would call a dry couple of seasons (I just can’t get on with the current trend for platforms so high they resemble stripper shoes) Dune has come up trumps again with some beauties for work and play. Even better there is 20% off everything at Dune from 4pm today, through until 12pm Friday 16th March. So it’s worth checking them out.

Here are Florence’s picks.

I think Dune have done particularly well with the neutrals this year but I included my favourite bright and bold pair for when nothing but a bright heel will do (and you’re feeling brave enough for that fierce platform.) It might seem out of character for me, but I find if you’re a fan of brights then neutral shoes make getting dressed a whole lot easier and they work beautifully with this seasons pastels too.

There is also a good selection of heels that aren’t hideously unattractive in the mid-heel range, perfect for those of you who are heel shy – both day and occasion appropriate pairs like the grey ones above, which would work well for a wedding.

My favourite are the brogues, preferably in the nude patent and the also nude patent bow fronted ballet flats. I can see those working with a lot of outfits this year.

Have you spotted any favourites amongst my selection? Don’t forget to go and peek at the Dune website and if there’s anything you have your eye on, make the most of the 20% off for the next 3 days with the code VIP15 from 4pm. That’s 2 hours of browsing time… 😉

Happy Shopping!

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7 thoughts on “Spotted: Dune Shoes

  1. To be honest, I have a few pairs of Dune shoes and find that for their price they are quite poor quality. I find that they wear very quicky, are often not real leather and have known the heel to break on one pair after just a couple of wears. Maybe I’m just clumsy (I am!) but I’m not a massive fan (although I admit these are pretty). Also, I have steered clear of them for the last couple of years as I agree they have seemed to be mostly stripper high heeled neck breaking platform styles, so perhaps their quality has gotten better?? I often struggle actually to find decent quality relatively comfortable but well priced (sub £100) shoes. I go through shoes so quickly! Does anybody else find this?

    • My shoes used to wear out really quickly and now they seem to last far beyond how much I want them to! Looking back, I probably used to walk more then, to uni and then pounding the hospital corridors, whereas I drive more now.

      Re your points above, I would have taken shoes back if they broke on the second wear and I also don’t buy shoes that aren’t leather as a rule, unless they’re very cheap and maybe are going to get wrecked anyway.

      The reason I featured Dune today was because I thought they had some of their best designs for a few seasons and although they are sometimes quite expensive, 20% is a pretty decent discount which brings that down a bit. 🙂


      • I took back the ones that broke and they were very good about it, but it put me off Dune. It was a few years back though and I do like their new styles so maybe time to retry them! I do walk a lot, so as you say that could be why I wear shoes out quickly. I should start walking to work in trainers and changing once I’m there really! x

  2. Like those grey mid heel ones!! I tend to stick to a couple of pairs every season but then have lots of heels I have worn once or twice, totally waste of money but I cant resist xx

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