Spotted: Cox and Cox

Yesterday, Cox and Cox relaunched their website after (a very unusual in this online industry) period of downtime to smooth the transition. Naturally, I felt obliged to go and check out the offerings when they were back up and running. Suffice to say I wasn’t disappointed.

In the past I’ve often thought of Cox and Cox as over priced party trinkets that few people can afford but recently I’ve seen them branching out into more resilient items of furniture and decor in a rustic salvage chic industrial style that I love. The moody shots with a hint of glamour from mercuried glass and velvet tempered by their almost scandi chic white washed room sets really got my pulse racing when I browsed the new site and so I thought I’d collate some of my favourites from their more unusual offerings.

Glass patterned lamp // Vintage metal trolley // Zinc butlers tray table // Galvanised metal hooks // Apothecary jars (large and small) // Wire birdcages // Eat sign // Oak stools // Zinc topped drawer unit

I am now more obsessed about the red EAT sign than I was before, even more decided on a kitchen make-over and wondering if that zinc tray table might do the job for my bedside table. I’m more ready than ever for autumn tones to seep into my home.

Have you been plesantly suprised by this selection?


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10 thoughts on “Spotted: Cox and Cox

  1. What are you doing to me!!
    I adore that lamp, and had the same thought about that table…not quite sure my junk will be up for it though..
    Now have to spend the rest of the afternoon avoiding clicking through to the website!

  2. I’ve always been a big fan of Cox and Cox, and I think they treat their customers really well too. Not often do you get free returns and the P&P refunded when you’ve decided you don’t actually need/want the item you’ve bought. For me, it’s little things like that which make me a return customer.

    I’m currently lusting after the world map cork board (which wouldn’t really go in my flat at all!) but i think would be lovely in a nursery/kid’s room and the wooden box unit – it looks like it would be at home in an old fashioned apothecary and i love it! x

  3. Love the lamp and the apothecary jars!! This post has so come at the right time for me (well, Mr P would probably disagree!) as we’ve just had an offer accepted on a new house, and I’m now looking for heaps of interior inspiration!


  4. I bought some items for the wedding, from Cox and Cox, and afterwards I regretted it, as it was a lot of money, for what was essentially tat. Although I probably only spent about £30 with them, it seemed frivolous.

    However, I love the lamp, and think I’ll have to have another look.

  5. I have the zinc tray table and love it! Was very disappointed though that a few months after waiting six weeks for it to arrive, I saw the same one on the Achica site for £40 🙁

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