Spotted: Ciate Nails Caviar Manicure

I wasn’t originally going to write about this little find but so many people have asked about it, either in this week’s What to Wear post, or on Instagram and Twitter that I thought I should spill the beans.

Way back in the early spring when I wrote about Nails #trending, Jenny commented and pointed out the Ciate Caviar manicure which had been featured in Grazia online that day. My initial reaction was a bit nonplussed, although a fan of bright and cheerful colours on my nails, I keep them short and find that anything too long really irritates me. I like my hands free and able to do anything I need, so I thought the surface effect of Ciate nails would get on my nerves.

Fast forward a few months and I saw the Ciate team were in Selfridges doing demos via Twitter, then happened to stumble across them last Friday evening on a quick trip through the Trafford centre. They were offering a tester nail so I took them up on it, thinking I could report back. The manicure kits come in 3 shades, Rainbow, (pink polish with multicoloured balls) black pearls, (black with black pearescent balls) and mother of pearl, (white with pearlescent white balls) and I chose Rainbow, planning to paint the rest of my hand a matching pastel shade later that day.

Application is easy, the kit comes with a tray that you hold you hand over whilst sprinkling the beads onto wet polish. You then gently press them into place, tidy any strays at the edges by pressing them into shape and along the nail edge then let them dry. I loved it, despite my initial reservations.

On the down side, it is definitely a special effect nail, I don’t fancy them on all my nails at once but as a ring finger accent it looks brilliant. It drove me mad in the shower – imagine the hair getting stuck in them as you wash your hair and me being terrified of knocking them off. And they did start to come off a little by the next day already. However, as I write this (on Tuesday) they are only really now getting to the stage that they need removing. Since having the nail applied I have been to the allotment for a couple of hours, washed my hair 3 times, done the washing up a couple of times and they have pretty much stood up to things. Also the sparkly effect is so distracting that it kind of gives an illusion of perfection even when there are minor chips and missing beads.

Ciate Nails are now available in Selfridges, Selfridges online or from Ciate nails online – with 10% off for signing up tot their newsletter. The kit (tray and funnel for collecting the sprinkles, beads and polish for underneath) is £18.

Let me know what you think ladies!


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11 thoughts on “Spotted: Ciate Nails Caviar Manicure

  1. Well, you know me – I LOVE! I love that black picture. Makes me hungry for caviar! think I might purchase the black or white one for winter accent party nails! There’ll probably be a Models Own or Barry M version out by then.

    Also, just pondering aloud… Imagine if you did it with real hundreds and thousands? Would make nibbling your nails and sweet treat… (sorry, that’s the grossest thing ever!! Am now having visions of people chomping on nail art in meetings etc! Eww)

  2. Rebecca I’m glad you tried this, I’ve been intrigued to see how it stands up to real life. I think the black one looks lush for a special occassion, but the temptation to pick them off would be too great though!

  3. Oooh I think that’s a festive (too early for the C word!) present sorted for one of my very glam friends 🙂 x

  4. Oh no, am I the only one that’s not a fan?! I imagine it must be like when wearing badly applied false nails and then you do your hair and get a bit stuck behind it. Also, I reckon you could do this yourself for cheaper.
    Sorry but the jury’s out from my view. (Love the colour on your other nails though!)

    • Actually it was surprisingly easy! I made sure I somewhat soaked the cotton wool pad, but they just wiped off. No trouble at all, almost like normal polish and nothing like removing glitter!

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