Spotted… Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Well hello there readers! And what treat I have for you today 🙂

My recent decor dilemmas have been leading me to some serious research in the name of trying to make my dreams and designs come to life. We’ve got the blank canvas, it’s just about how we add the finishing touches to the rooms to convey some real style and gloss.

However, my problem is that the trend I’m most in love with – which encompasses bold geometric designs, sophisticated trellis patterns and bright colour palettes just doesn’t seem to exist in the UK. So when I stumbled across Caitlin Wilson Textiles (via Oh Happy Day!) I was thrilled to spot that she ships to the UK.

Recently launched in October, Caitlin Wilson Textiles is the eponymous project by Caitlin Wilson, a San Fancisco based interior designer. With a love of colour and pattern, (snap!) I was instantly drawn to her range of bold but seriously sophisticated prints.

Because I’m generous like that, I just had to share the find with Florence’s friends. (Even though I’d secretly like to keep it all to myself!) Now you can add some chevron style to your home with cushions or I’m thinking Peking-ese prints for curtains in my particular project. Although I’m already mentally adding an accent of pattern to every room in the house!

Do you like?


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8 thoughts on “Spotted… Caitlin Wilson Textiles

  1. red couch in our new rental flat is crying out for some of those cushions. Crying out I tell you! Nothing else will do now I’ve seen these! x

  2. I love.

    Currently waiting to see if we have actually sold our house (literally have everything crossed!) so am getting a little giddy at the thought of a potential new interiors project!


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