Spotted: Birkenstock makes a Fashion return

Almost 3 years ago, I developed foot pain and thought I had a bunion. It just appeared one day and got sorer and sorer to the point that the only shoes I could wear were sandals that didn’t touch the affected area. Even trainers or Ugg boots hurt. Eventually I bought some insoles to correct my alignment and it relieved things a little. After several months it got better but it has come back a few times and each time it is a gigantic pain in the ass.

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Now that I’m pregnant, I know my posture will change, plus the extra weight isn’t going to help and I really don’t want the problem to come back. I’ve started wearing my insoles again but lucky for me there’s a fashion solution too. This year Birkenstocks are back. I happen to be a massive fan but as more delicate thin soles have been fashionable for a few years, I haven’t worn them in a while. It’s perfect timing as they have built in support with the formed sole that supports your foot. So for once fashion follows form.

As I’m all for comfort and I know a few of you are too 😉 I thought I’d round up a few styles at different price points and see if any of you will be trying the trend or digging out an old pair?

White Birkenstocks (Madrid)// Silver glitter toe post footbeds // Khaki Birkenstock (Arizona) // Silver Birkenstock (Gizeh) // Brown Jewelled formed soled sandal // Gold footbed sandals

What do you reckon readers?


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23 thoughts on “Spotted: Birkenstock makes a Fashion return

  1. I do have bunions and also plantar fasciitis and so am very picky about my shoes. I used to have a pair of Birkenstocks but actually found them incredibly uncomfortable as the sole seemed to have no cushioning at all so I gave them away. The sandals I swear by are Fitflops -super comfortable, I can walk for hours. Even better they’ve now started doing boots and ballet pumps which have saved my life (I say this sat at my desk wearing my Fitflop boots!)

    • It actually turned out to be a bursa that was inflammed that was causing the problem as it got so bad I considered surgery and had xrays etc. Now I’m just more careful about footwear – rotating shoes etc. Hadn’t thought of fit flops – will have to look into them for summer as I’m very aware I’ll be lugging myself around at the very pregnant stage when I would normally wear completely unsupportive footwear! Where do you buy them Anita – the ballet flats might be great for work…

      • John Lewis stores carry some but not all of the range, but might be useful to go there and try on just to make sure of sizes (a lot of them are very wide fitting, but the ballet pumps are actually narrower fitting than most). Now I know my size I usually order online from

  2. Love the jewelled ones from Dune!

    How did you find walking in Barcelona? We’ve booked up for a few days in August & I’m wondering what footwear to pack (yes, it’s only March but I’m excited!). I was swithering about wedges and the like as I didn’t know how many cobbled streets there would be & I didn’t fancy bringing a skinned knee back as a souvenir…

    • It’s pretty smooth apart from in the gothic quarter but it’s a relatively small place so you may end up doing A LOT of walking, so anything comfortable I’d recommend – I wore my converse and these birkenstocks for the 3 days we were there.

  3. I used to have those exact same white ones, but I have a horrible feeling I threw them out in the last round of decluttering. DAMMIT. I found them quite annoying to keep on my feet though, since the strap is so low on the foot, so I was either scuffing along or kind of curling my toes to keep them on, neither of which was ideal, so maybe I’d be better with a toe-post or double-strap pair. Or if we’re really embracing ugly-awesome sandals, it might be time to invest in that pair of clogs I’ve had my eyes on…

  4. Yey Birkenstocks are back in!! I love the selection you’ve chosen, perfect for chasing after toddlers in the sunshine 🙂 I’m so glad to have found your gorgeous blog, I used to love read your posts years ago over on YAYW
    Becca xx

  5. I love Birkenstocks. I currently have the one bar one & like Kirsty find them annoying. I’ve been coveting silver toe post ones & think this might be the time to buy.

  6. My beloved birkenstocks were laid to rest at the end of last summer and I was going to get a new pair but have been sidetracked by Swedish Hasbeens and Saltwater sandals (the latter found when looking for sandals for my daughter, I fear I may be ‘that’ mother who wears the same shoes as her 18 month old…).

  7. Rebecca, where did you find the corrective insoles? I’ve been suffering a similar pain and currently resorting to trainers for anything outside the office to try and ease things a bit. I’ve never tried Birkenstocks because I was worried about the width. Some nice but sensible summer sandals are much needed though!

  8. I’ve always been a big fan of a Birkenstock even though my boy refers to them as dykenstocks (no offence meant to anyone), I have MS and walk heavy on my right foot, fancy frippery shoes are OK for a brief outing but I need a shoe with a bit of substance if I’m doing more than just standing around looking glamorous. I am currently, totally and utterly obsessed by Swedish Hasbeens, I invested in a pair of zip it martins for winter/spring and now have my eye on a summer pair or two, they are not cheap but I believe with shoes you get what you pay for and a comfy shoe is priceless. Well that’s my argument and I’m sticking with it, just need to convince the boy’s wallet now….

  9. Oh god… I didn’t realise Birkenstocks were previously unfashionable! I’ve worn them all summer long for the last 4 years… I’m clearly desperately uncool! But I’m very glad to hear this summer I might look a little more ‘in’, yay!!… The footbeds do need to be worn in to mould to the shape of your foot which takes a while and is a bit painful but it’s worth it in the end for tailor made comfort. I’d definately recommend toe-post ones with a few straps whihc make them very secure to walk in… I can walk around cities for many hours in these no problem, I can’t imagine life without them!

  10. Jo, have a look at lotta from Stockholm if you need a cheaper alternative to Swedish hasbeens – supposed to be good!

    • Thank you. Yep had a look, she has Sven’s on her site which also look like cloggy loveliness. I might just order a sale pair to see if they are as good in the flesh. Have you any experience with Sven’s?

  11. I have the white one strap ones and will be digging them out for this summer, although (as is always the case with summer shoes for me) the first few wears will no doubt be very uncomfortable. A tip I had when I bought them (which was on holiday in France in about 2000) was to wet your feet and then wear them, as the sole moulds to your own foot shape better. Cue putting them on just after a shower or fresh out of the sea. It did work though! xx

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