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Recently, I’ve been looking towards a more grown up, streamlined and simplistic style for my Autumn/Winter outfits. I don’t know what has prompted the changed, but  I feel more like inventing my own take on the trends than slavishly following them. Maybe it’s the advent of the cooler months resurecting my favourite styles and colours that makes me veer towards my signature style, but viewing a lot of the high street collections just hasn’t been doing it for me like it did early in the year as the spring summer collections flooded in. I’ve been looking for less pieces of higher quality and with serious wardrobe miles in them. Enter Atterley Road.

Shirt, 0039 Italy // Skirt, Jiqsaw // Necklace, Made // Shoes, Whistles // Ring, Made ~ All @ Atterley Road

Have you seeen the adverts for Atterley Road, ALL over the internet recently? It was through one of those ads that I clicked through to the site and found a really great concept – designed to feel like shopping on your favourite high street (a London-ism for sure,) but online, there’s an edited selection of pieces – ‘the best of brands you know and love – with new labels you’ll grow to love.’ Snappy style guides are regularly produced addressing fashion trends people like you or I need – a collection of knits for the wintery weather, your work wear wardrobe sorted or a capsule collection of key pieces every girl needs. And I think the selection is impeccable.

Dress, Fillipa K // Scarf, Whistles // Boots, Jigsaw // Bag, Jigsaw ~ All @ Atterley Road

You’ll find my favourites like Whistles, NW3 by Hobbs and Hunter, and cooler labels like IRO, Ash and Des Petites Hauts. As I was doing a bit of window shopping I thought I would put a couple of outfits together to solve some of my own dilemma’s right now and demonstrate the breadth and quality available.

Top and Belt, Des Petits Hauts // Jeans, 7 for all Mankind // Earrings, Made // Satchel, Jiqsaw // Ballet flats, French Sole

There isn’t a huge selection, but that’s because they have done the legwork for you. Need a work skirt? Find the perfect pencil style easily. Statement dress or weekend, reassuringly, dresses are the largest section and there’s all the finishing touches too, including jewellery, bags and shoes. 🙂

I can see I’m going to be spending a lot of time on the Atterley Roadsite and quite possibly a lot of money! Have you heard of Atterley Road and do you like my outfit choices?


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9 thoughts on “Spotted: Atterley Road

  1. All my money is going on the house at the moment, but I am swooning over your outfit choices. I’d like them all please!

  2. Those boots!!!!!!
    Being of the leggy variety (35″ inside leg) boot shopping is a flipping nightmare for me.
    I love those boots so much, but the ££ and no doubt length means i shall lust on…
    Love the outfit selections tho Rebecca!

  3. I like all of your outfits but the first one probably won’t work for me as sleeves never seem to be long enough on shirts for me. Like Gemma I LOVE the boots, might have a similar issue with the length but sorely tempted to order them and try them on for size. I hadn’t heard of Atterley Road before but it looks pretty good to me, great find Rebecca, thanks for sharing. Now all you need to do is discover a discount code and share that with us all 😀 xx

  4. Oooh I like. Neither my bank balance nor my waist line are in favour of clothes shopping at the moment, but I am bookmarking this site for when they are! I especially like their ‘Looks’ section. Lots of websites do this but I find I rarely actually want to purchase anything in the outfits they put together as they’re more for the model/trendy type; a quick flick through the Looks here has me wishing I could purchase right now. Great find, thanks Rebecca.

  5. Ooooh love these picks! I hadn’t heard of Atterley Road before but will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for the ideas!

    Funnily enough, Rebecca, I’ve recently been feeling like I should buy less but better quality too. Particularly for the classics – my cheapo trench coat is dying and rather than going for a slightly better quality high street one, I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet and trawl Bicester for an investment one. Not sure if I could actually bring myself to hand over the credit card though…

  6. Same! I am all about the investment pieces in my wardrobe that last at the moment. I literally dont set foot in the shops that i know are cheaper now as I end up buying things i wear for one season and that is all. I just need to get to grips with the fact i can only buy 1-2 investment pieces a month as opposed to a whole outfit! It makes payday seem a long way away.

    Very much liking your outfit choices especially those ballet pumps from french sole and the jigsaw bag.

    Rachie xo

  7. Very much like the outfits, especially the Philippa K dress. Since went so upmarket (for which read expensive), I have been in need of a new online shop and so will definitely be exploring this one this winter. I find shopbop and avenue32 don’t curate (and aren’t designed) as well as my-wardrobe or net-a-porter, which makes it harder to want to buy from them. I particularly like a “looks” page, or an “edit” because I am lazy.

    The only thing I do wonder is if Atterley Road aren’t perhaps just a little bit dull/Claudia-Schiffer-as-mum-on-school-run style? But I suppose that that is where the skills and style of the individual wearer come into play.

  8. I love the Office outfit and the sachel from Jigsaw, off to investigate.
    PS. Been catching up on the #DFD posts from the workshop, so jealous, hopefully next year I will make it along to one of them.

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