Spotted: AllSaints AW12

Usually as the first few months of the new fashion season progress, I would be writing round ups and reviews of brands and stores that are inspiring me. This year you may have noticed the absence of shopping round ups, but the truth is I really haven’t been that inspired by whole collections, instead picking and choosing from different stores.

That was until I fell in love with a necklace in AllSaints and ended up stalking the website. I signed up to their email alerts and every one that dropped into my inbox had me lusting after a new purchase. I hold my hands up, I haven’t bought anything from AllSaints in years, feeling it was often of dubious workmanship, overpriced and unsuited to my tastes but since looking again recently I really feel that has changed.

The bad news is the price hasn’t changed. These are still big ticket luxury items for the average person but the quality is now directly proportional. I’ve seen incredibly stylish outerwear (a couple of military inspired coats,) lovely ankle boots both for smart and casual wear, covetable accessories in leather with embellishment and lots of chic leather pieces. I thought I would feature a round up of my most lusted-after items and see what your thoughts were. I’ve arranged them roughly into outfits although a lot will mix and match and I’m rather hoping Santa might be reading this – I’ll take the lot pretty please 😉

When did you last look at AllSaints and have I made you look again?


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5 thoughts on “Spotted: AllSaints AW12

  1. I like All Saints clothes but their dresses don’t like me. I too used to be unsure of their quality, especially woollen, so maybe worth another look.

  2. I like the backless knit. I never go into All Saints, think a combination of price and I find them slightly intimidating, not sure I’m cool enough!

  3. I love most of their stuff, but not the prices. I keep saying I’ll treat myself but then think of what else I could get for the same price elsewhere..sigh…

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