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Already in the three years that I have been involved in blogging, I’ve noticed a real change in how people use social media. Of course, I already had a Facebook account when I joined the blogging revolution, but I had no idea what a business page was and Twitter was a whole new ball game.

Engaging in conversation and status updates about the new iPhone5 release with readers on my Facebook (right) and Twitter (left) pages yesterday evening

I’ve never been what I would call a Facebook addict but I did tend to check every couple of days and face-stalk peoples holiday pictures, didn’t we all? In sharp contrast, yesterday I uploaded the pictures from a friends wedding and despite me having been to several other weddings and on a few holidays, never mind general ‘life’ it had been over 6 months since I last did the same.

Now my life has been taken over by Twitter. Facebook just isnt the same when it comes to sharing and keeping up to date with news, media oulets like magazines and following celebrity or style icons. All that and it takes care of the majority of my social media exposure for Florence Finds and lets me keep in touch with my ‘blog friends’. Are my everyday friends there though? No. A few of them admit to having an account and who knows if they check it or not, but there’s a really tentative air of fear about them when they discuss it. I remember it. Like I felt before I finally succumbed to Facebook.

From a business or blog point of view, there used to be a very clear demarcation… Facebook was to capture Brides (in my wedding blogging days) and Twitter was for industry. Now, my Facebook followers (all 436 of you) are dwarved by my 1,573 twitter followers. What is interesting however is that they are largely made up of readers rather than industry types. Has there been a shift? I’d say it’s seismic.

I do still see people however who cling to Facebook and use it far more than Twitter, even amongst people who I know have and use both forms of social media. And then there’s the way Instagram seamlessly integrates with both – maybe that’s where all my Facebook albums went, trampled by the instant gratification of boastful over-sharing when you’re somewhere fun/drool-worthy/envy-inducing.

So, today I’d like to hear about your social media strategy, (spoken with a hint of irony.) Do you still use Facebook? Have you joined Twitter yet? And if not, why not? I’m fascinated to hear your thoughts and how you use social media…


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14 thoughts on “Socialista Sista’

  1. I don’t have a twittter account and until very recently i didn’t have a facebook account. I do now but it is only so I can get discounts/enter competitions and I don’t have any “friends” on it. I think that makes me sound weird, and I did see an article about employers being suspicious about people without a social media presence! I do have a linkedin account though and I have quite a few connections on there. I’m not sure what that says about me!

  2. I still like facebook but only really use it for personal use and i dont really do status updates anymore. The main benefit for me is to connect with friends and family overseas and interact with them so you dont feel isolated. I get regular updates of what my besties little boy is doing this way and it helps us not feel so far away! I love it for that.

    I only really use twitter for the blog – its still more of an industry thing for me, none of my friends are really on it! (Apart from blogging friends!)

    Love instagram – it still feels quite niche although i do have a few real friends on it as well as lots blogs i follow.

    Rachie xo

  3. I’m defo more team Facebook than team Twitter. Only joining Twitter on Jan 1st this year.

    Where we used to do everything via email as we all had full time jobs, now that we’re spread out across the country/world and we all work different hours, or not at all, my friends and I converse a lot with Facebook to arrange events, nights out, birthday presents for each other, etc as we all have instant access to it. Then there’s the photo sharing… which goes without saying!

    With Twitter I never log in on an actual computer, only ever via my phone and even then it’s just when I’m on the train to or from work.

    Maybe it’s because I feel so constrained and exposed with it. Words are ambiguous anyway, but when you have finite characters in which to say something and you can’t control who sees it, I get a teensy bit scared!!!!

    Totally addicted to Instagram. Best app ever!

  4. I only just like the FF page today on facebook I didn’t know it existed somehow. I know I follow you on Twitter but again hadn’t realised there was a FF page. That shows how slow I am regarding technology! I will be adding it on twitter though.

    Facebook used to be an addiction for me, and I have sort of grown out of it. This is mostly a reflection of people I am friends with I think and I am in need of a big clearoutf. I get fed up of the ambiguous attention seeking statuses of certain friends e.g. ” I can’t believe what has happened” or ” I am so gutted” or even just a bloody sad face! I mean for gods sake just put whats up…that’s clearly the aim of the status…you want to share it! Even worse is when people just use it as a means of muttering but online…”can’t find my keys” or “Damm it”. Just useless things that really don’t need putting out there. Maybe I am just too critical, I am guilty of putting useless things on it from time to time. But mainly it’s just photos now. And nosying. I nosy. The other thing drives me mad…peoples kids photos constantly and peoples meals on a daily basis. Again perhaps a reflection on my lack of interest rather than them at fault.

    Twitter I mainly use infrequently to look at some celebs that I like or blogs I follow. That’s about it as I deem myself far too boring to put anything on it.

    Er…sorry for the ramble there…xx

  5. I am a bit of a social media nay-sayer. I have to use it to a certain extent for work but whilst I feel quite neutral about Twitter, I really dislike Facebook. I think Facebook encourages a frightening level of self-absorption and verbal (typed?!) diarrhea – I am not interested in status updates about what someone had for breakfast or what their bus journey is like. And I think kids don’t realise when posting their hilarious drunken escapades that that information is there for ever.

  6. I love social media from the bebo days right through to Twitter, I still use my facebook daily and agree with Victoria on Instagram, that is a fab app!
    I still have my blackberry and the reviews of the iphone 5 are slightly off putting to switch. Hubby uses the iphone and all my friends and family but theres something about it puts me off!
    Love my ipad though – Yip, I’m a strange one!

  7. I have two Facebook pages and two twitter accounts – one professional (I work at at university and have to be able to talk to students in these spaces!) and one personal on both platforms.

    My personal Facebook page keeps me in touch with friends and family. Having moved a lot it is the only way I keep up with people, sharing updates and photos. I have a very tightly edited friends group and it’s locked down away from prying eyes! I do connect with certain brands on my page but again it’s very edited – don’t like my feed getting clogged with marketing messages!

    With my personal twitter I only follow a very small number of people and one company – my trainline, who have an amazing twitter presence and talk to everyone (they are in the Social Brands top 100). Don’t talk to any friends on Twitter!

  8. Really interesting reading everyone’s thoughts. Facebook is just for friends & I rarely post or comment, only for major life events. I love Twitter though, the friends on it are through blogs, or Twitter. That’s probably because very few friends know I have a blog. I read a lot more newspaper articles & other pieces through Twitter, that I wouldn’t without it. I also like Twitter for shopping sales/discounts. & Instagram well other’s have already sung it’s praises.

  9. Great post! I’ve just written about this too a few days ago – about how I use social media and what I like and don’t like.

    I find it a really interesting medium and it’s amazing how quickly it changes! xx

  10. Big Facebook user – easiest way to keep in touch with friends from school, unix2, old workplaces etc. Love the photos sharing. Used to go on Twitter during wedding planning but it updated too quickly I couldn’t keep up & most ‘real life’ friends rarely use it or just use it for professional stuff.

  11. Facebook book is so valuable to my blog.

    I have more Twitter followers than I do on Facebook but Facebook drives more traffic and more ‘reader’ traffic too.

    I value Facebook very highly, still, despite them keeping on tweeking things here and there that do my head in.

  12. Okay firstly how much am I loving my first ever appearance on FF courtesy of my comment about the iPhone 5 last night, you can almost see me kicking the ceiling on the Blen 😀

    I love Facebook, I used to be way more in to it than I am now, but I love seeing pictures of friends around the world and generally being able to stay in touch with distant friends / family in such an easy and interactive way.

    It took me a long time to come round to twitter and I am so glad I did!! I’m still pretty amazed that I’ve made real actual friends through it(!) and I live the random, hilarious conversations that seem to occur each day xx

  13. I have to admit I adore social media! I have a twitter profile, a personal facebook profile and a facebook page for my blog. I use all three heavily, but each has a different function I think.

    My personal facebook page is just that, personal. I have really limited the number of industry people I accept on there and keep what I post family and friend oriented. I kow my relatives who don’t get to see us very often really value the opportunity to see pictures of our children. I upload images a lot and update my status regularly {although not as much as did when I first joined}.

    Twitter has more industry/blogging friends. Real life friends tend not to get it really! They don’t understand my addiction at all, but I love the way it has connected me with people over the last two years. I truly believe I wouldn’t be doing the job I’m doing now if I hadn’t interacted with people through twitter. Annabel might not even know who I am!

    My blog facebook page is very new, despite the fact I’ve been blogging for over three years. So far I can see that it does drive a lot of traffic to my site, and I think the ‘like’ button helps me see which posts people are responding to even if they don’t have time to leave a comment.

    Franky xxx

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