Snapshots: The Little Things

Sometimes all you need in life is a reminder to take joy in the little things around you. Last week I had a week off and completely unplugged for the majority of it. I felt so much more inspired to write when it wasn’t a last minute chore and spent long car journeys doing one of my favourite things… just thinking.

I thought I’d share the last slices of summer with you this morning before the frenzy of Autumn begins…

Throwing on a beaded dress for a wedding that was just made for dancing…

A new ‘Find’ for my mantle [Find similar here]

Channeling the magic of Stonehenge…

Beach combing…

Remembering that I’m happiest by the sea…

What little things have you been enjoying lately?


*All shots taken on the Fuji x100

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13 thoughts on “Snapshots: The Little Things

  1. I like this post a lot!! After a SERIOUSLY hectic summer full of amazing activities and moving house etc etc it really was the little things that mattered. For example, after moving in on the 1st July, my husband and I have sat down and eaten dinner together on our new dining table just once. Once!!!

    You can keep your tickets to the Games, Lady Gaga, walking over the O2, cocktails, victory parades, fancy pants restaurants, weddings, parties and trips. That is actually way more important.

    Three weeks and counting and life will be back to normal and we may get to eat together again…. Maybe? 😉

    • THIS. After the summer of Olympics and Paralympics on the TV and also being v. busy, we had dinner at the dining room table for the first time in months on Monday! Was lovely and long overdue 🙂

  2. I’ve been really loving seeing actual courgettes being grown in my garden and then having to give them to people at work as I have too many! I can grow things!

    Also I have to confess that I also saw the photo of your white dress on FB last night and also Pete’s shirt that he wore to the same do and I couldn’t decide which one i loved more!


  3. Having a hint of period pain after 10 months without periods is one of those small things that give me joy at the moment, as we’ve been trying for a baby for months with no success… Who’d have thought that I would so desperately miss the one thing that we all seem to hate?! 🙂

    Btw, totally agree with Victoria – gorgeous dress!

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