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Well good afternoon! After all the excitement of this morning’s launch, lets settle down to some of the fabulous finds you can expect on a regular basis. We’re getting straight to the good stuff (or some of my favourites at least!) …Interiors.

I enjoy lighting so much that instead of over indulging and having rather too many lamps and statement lights, I am caught in a quandry of indecisiveness. Our dining room has been the subject of much ‘lighting’ discussion, many a walk around a lighting department and 5 years on, we are still with the same pendant shade. ( – a tin punched lantern bought in the souks of Marrakesh but now slightly rusty. Nice.)

Today, I thought I’d do a round up of task lighting, inspired by this stunning salvage look creation (Teak and Brushed Aluminium desk lamp) from Cox and Cox. You might have seen it adorning the front of their Autumn catalogue. As I searched I found quite a few, including a bargain from Laura Ashley with a similar look and some very utilitarian clamping lights from Plumo

*Teak and Brushed Aluminium desk lampCox and Cox, Cream enamel and wood lamp – Laura Ashley, Utilitarian Clamp light – Plumo.

Of course, no round up of task lighting is complete without the design classic that is the Anglepoise. The 1227 is the one I’m referring to, but I love equally the slightly retro, jewel bright glass shaded 1228. It’s inspired many a reproduction and you can even get a similar look from stores like Ikea.

*Blue Work Lamp – Ikea, Anglepoise 1227 in Cream – John Lewis, Anglepoise 1228 (with blue shade) – John Lewis.

I do rather like a bit of a retro feel to a desk lamp, and the blue one below has an air of late fifties design about it. Traditional lamps don’t look out of place even on a modern desk (Ikea coming up trumps here again) and this white lamp would be just as at home in a sleek all-white scheme as a rustic home office in the garden shed.

*Penelope Task Lamp in Slate – John Lewis, Hector Table lamp – Baileys, Nickel work Lamp – Ikea.

King of Quirk, Graham and Green make a couple of bobby dazzlers if you want something really different.

*Teacup desk lamp and Reclaimed Tap lamp

Not given your desk lamp a second thought? Or have you got a special piece to share? Drop a comment in the box and do let us know!


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18 thoughts on “Shed some Light on it…

  1. I have the cream anglepoise on my desk but I *need* the one made from a tap. Whoever said that water and electricity shouldn’t mix had never seen one of those beauties (and was eminently more safety conscious than I).

    SJM x

  2. Oh lighting, the one thing where the boy and I just don’t have the same taste whatsoever! We would both like these though (he has recently become worryingly obsessed with the cox&cox catalogue) so well done Rebecca!

  3. I never used to “get” lamps. A light was a light as far as I was concerned. Until I started blogging long into the night. I adore the Anglepoise. It’s so elegant. Also a big fan of the softer lines of the John Lewis lamp. My lamp is just a cheapy but I want to invest; it sets the tone for the quality of work you’ll do! I may put an AP next to my side of the bed and gaze at instead of Mr K.

  4. I am semi obsessed with lighting… I vowed to stop buying them when I had more lights than sockets in my room! That was then, now that we bought a flat and have plenty of sockets…. LOL, in fact I have the Utilitarian Clamp light and I heart it to bits!

  5. *be serious* I love the Cox and Cox one.

    I was looking in my cellar (the ground floor flat version of a loft) and I have about 100 lamps (ok, slight exaggeration) but still TONS…. I think they might be breeding down there!

    “Must sort out all the random ‘stuff’ in cellar and sell it and buy shoes instead”

  6. I’m loving me a bit of Penelope! I’ve also recently been coveting an oversized Anglepoise style lamp for our dining room. Next and *ahem* Tesco do some great ones.


  7. Oh, we are a bit lamp obsessed in our home! We have 6 lamps, 6!!!, just in our living room, but each combination of lamps makes for a different effect so I can’t get rid of any! Plus I love them all!

    Desk lamp-wise we have this Flos one which hubby’s Mum found as a total bargain before I knew him.

    I have the more unusual Black & Blum dragonfly pendant light you can see on that same web page (there are quite a few cool & quirky ones on there actually, loving the bowler hat!) which I got when I was a student, mine is white though and hangs in the corner of our bedroom. 🙂 x

  8. Oh Rebecca. This is very beautiful. This site, I mean. And slick. And cool. I expected nothing less.

    Well, for me, it’s all about the anglepoise. It was the first birthday present I ever bought the Bedford. And more recently we’ve acquired an old brown one that SOMEONE WAS ABOUT TO THROW INTO A SKIP. Pcccchhaaa!

  9. LOVE the reclaimed tap lamp. Might invest to give our outbuilding a bit of an industrial feel. I say outbuilding, I mean dilapidated brick structure, you understand.

  10. Ack! I am very late to this lamp party, I really have never given a thought to lamping (is that a real word?!). And Martin is very much “if it gives out light its fine by me”. But the Anglepoise one is very pretty, very pretty indeed…


  11. Forever expect a late reply from me… being on the other side of the world an all.

    I adore the Laura Ashley one. Lamps are great things aren’t they? They just achieve an atmosphere that you can never get from overhead lighting. They draw a room in and place focus where it’s needed most. Making everything so much more cosy. Especially in the winter months.
    Anyway, designer speak over. Loving the interior posts. I’m gonna get a lot of pin’s from this site, I can tell!


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