Shades of Grey: Part Two

A little delayed by lots of awesome stuff I had to share last week, today I’m sharing my dining room, the other half of my decorating make over. (See the lounge and Part 1 here.)

Just as a reminder, here’s the before… and after.

It doesn’t take much persuasion for me to toot my trumpet and say I am more proud of this room than any other. It’s nothing ground breaking in terms of decor or design but it’s exactly what I set out to achieve. I wanted to make the room warmer, (thank you cow hide rug and Ikea curtains) and to look more ‘cohesive’ than it did. Warm and kind of salvage-rustic with a glamorous edge. The reason I am so pleased with it is that I walk though it every single day and don’t fail to enjoy it, and at the end of the day, what else is your home for?

Last week, I talked about the addition of the picture rail and architrave around the knocked through rooms. I’m ashamed to admit we had been in our house almost 5 years from knocking the two rooms together, without finishing off the woodwork and now I look at it and am so pleased that we finally did. The room looks so much more ‘finished’ and the white woodwork looks so crisp against the grey.

In the same way we had to work with the soft furnishings in the lounge, there were items we wanted to keep in the dining room, most notably the Habitat grey smoked mirror which shifted the colour scheme to a moodier palette of grey with smokey blue and dark wood (the table and floor,) accents.

Said floorboards are on the ridiculous side of freezing and there was little previously in the way of soft furnishings to warm to room up. First off we needed a rug and it was the perfect opportunity to purchase my favourite, a cow hide rug. We initially ordered a Graham and Green one but it arrived with a rather shaggy long coat and was sent back. Then we stumbled upon a much shorter one in Homesense for a bargain £199.

Our other Homesense bargain was this film lamp. Well, not exactly a bargain, but definitely worth every penny. I think it adds major impact to an otherwise unused corner of the room. We rearranged things slightly here, moving an old print that previously hung in the lounge and adding 2 curtains in a dark grey coarse linen from Ikea, instead of the single one that was there previously, to the window in the corner.

I’ve also tried to refine our accessories. Again, it’s a little empty at present, (some might say tidy,) but I prefer a more eclectic collection of ‘finds’ to make a home look lived in and illustrate its owners personalities. While we look for the right accent pieces, I’ve used some Sipsmith Gin bottles to decorate the mantelpiece and splashed out on a display dome although I’ve not yet decided what to put in it!

We also have a collection of letters to put up on the wall and my new globe is adding an eclectic feel. I edited the collection of frames we have to silver and mother of pearl ones with black and white images, giving a more cohesive look to the corner. The small wooden chest is a Tansu, a Japanese antique that Phil, my Mums partner gave me, that would have been used for storage.

My last ‘find’ was the lighting. Replacing the old tin Moroccan shade that I purchased in a Marrakech souk several years back, Pete and I had been unable to agree on a new dining light for several years, generally favouring design classics that required significant financial investment – which is hard to do when you haven’t seen the piece up close. BHS lighting department saved the day with these smoked glass shades in grey-blue in the dining room and then repeated in the living room in the smoked golden-brown version of the same. I think they were around £90 each and we hung them lower than usual to give a more atmospheric feel to the room.

And that’s it. We still have some accessories to add but I’m refusing to be hurried on those right now. I want to make sure they’re the right pieces and already, some of the bits I had chosen are feeling wintery while I’m looking forward to welcoming back in some colour. There might be more changes afoot. As ever, I’ll keep you posted.

Do let me know what you think of the ‘new look’ dining room…


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18 thoughts on “Shades of Grey: Part Two

  1. Gorgeous! It all works so well together, and LOVE that lamp!
    Did you sand/stain the existing floorboards or lay new hardwood on top? Currently trying to decide between the two in my house…

    • Thanks Megan 🙂

      We had the floor boards sanded and stained a few years ago. They were in quite good condition with nice wide original boards so we opted to keep them and it was also cheaper then new flooring and added to the houses character . That said, it s flippin’ draughty – although part of the sanding process (we hired someone to do it) is sealing the gaps, obviously the boards move and it drops down.

      It’s a tough call!


  2. Great work Rebecca, I love the fact you refreshed the room and worked with what you had, and also that you’ve picked up designer-look pieces for a bit less – love the film light.
    Where did you find the globe?!
    Also – I do think your house looked lovely already! x

  3. That grey, white, black with wood, amazing combo – we have very similar in our kitchen (my mum says that mix is the streets of Paris – black ironwork, grey slate, pale stone building, wooden doors!). That light rocks! It looks really peaceful and elegant.

  4. LOVE that rug! Have just painted our living room grey and have found it so hard to get curtains – trip to Ikea needed me thinks!

    Loving the real rooms posts Rebecca!

  5. Beautiful Rebecca! Can I just tell you how lucky you are to have TWO fireplaces!!! I am very jealous!

    You’ve done a grand job! I love those letters – where are they from if you don’t mind me asking?


  6. Oh it looks utterly fabulous!! I love it! Totally jealous of the cowhide, may need to check out Homesense because I can’t seem to find any I like under £350… I was actually looking at the Graham and Green one but now I may not bother with those ones.

    I love the light in the corner, really brings everything bang up to date and I like the modern chairs with the more traditional table. Very cool, nicely eclectic and lovely and warm.

    Job well done, kidder!! xxx

  7. Ditto to everything above – want to move in, love that light and the mixture of new and old, modern and retro. It all works so well and is an amazing room, I can see why you’re so proud of it!

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