Save V Splurge: Work Flats

I am in desperate need of new work shoes and fell in love with these Boden pointed toe flats. They are smart, sleek and a little bit sexy with the addition of animal print. Oh and they’re £125. *gulp* Even as my every day shoe, (and I’m a big believer in cost-per-wear) there are so many other things I’d rather spend my money on right now…

So I was pretty pleased to spot these Clarks Pointed flats over the weekend. They’re very similar, well made and have a lovely cushy sole. And they’re £55. Win – win!

What do you think readers? Save or splurge?


PS! There’s 20% off at Boden until tomorrow (Thursday) if you fell in love with the spendy option and want to soften the blow. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Save V Splurge: Work Flats

  1. I really struggle with flat shoes for work as I always wear through the outside material (must be the way I walk, having wide feet or a combination of both). No pair lasted me more than a few months, whether they were clarks or not. Until I wore through a pair without realising and popped into shoezone out of necessity. Really cheap, really comfy and lasting flats!!!! Still surprised all these months later!

  2. From experience the Boden ones are well worth the spend! I have a pair of flats in leopard print that I have worn the death (plus had resoled) and they are the comfiest things I own.

  3. I could not recommend Vivienne Westwood Melissa ballet pumps more. I bought my first pair in 2010 for £80 and they lasted over 3yrs! They are perfect comfy, waterproof shoes that are smart and quirky, people always comment on them. They even have a little hidden wedge built in. I walk to work every day and sometimes swap them for heels depending on what I’m wearing or just keep them on all day. I recently bought my second pair before returning to work in June and found them online for £55 😀

    • I have a pair of jelly shoes that are Jimmy Choo, believe it or not… snapped them up cheap in a sale. They’re comfy but if water gets in them in puddles it’s gross! Couldn’t wear them in winter! Plus… they’re orange 😉

  4. Like Sarah I’m all about comfort and the best shoes I’ve found (especially for my very wide and slightly flat feet…) are Fitflops – they now do boots and shoes as well as the original sandals and I pretty much never wear any other brand now!

  5. I have spent the last couple of weeks ordering and returning Autumn work shoes and was delighted when I saw the Clarks ones in the blog last week! They arrived yesterday and I have them on for work today! I even managed to get £10 off them! Bargain! 🙂

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