Save the Date! [Manchester and London]

Update! This is a reminder post for those attending the London afternoon tea, and the release of the Manchester afternoon tea date.

For London Attendees: Thanks to those who have already emailed and paid – I do have to meet a minimum spend in order for the event to go ahead and need numbers and payments confirmed by March 9th so if you haven’t yet paid, or need to send me your email request in please hurry! (Don’t forget to specify the location of the tea you want!)

For Manchester Attendees: Florence’s Afternoon Tea will be held on SUNDAY 1st April between 2 and 5pm at the Great John Street hotel. It’s a stunning venue and perfect for Florence’s stylish readers. Champagne afternoon tea is £29* (with the option to take tea only.) Being a Sunday, I understand if people need to shoot off, but early drinks can also be arranged afterwards. If you would like to come, just email me now on to confirm your place, with the subject titled INVITE ME!


We have a confirmed date for the Florence Finds Afternoon Tea (London) at Beas of Bloomsbury’s St Pauls branch!

Unfortunately I couldn’t arrange payment by you directly to Beas, therefore I am going ask those who wish to attend to email me directly and ask for an invitation, at which time I will send a paypal request for your £26.88* (or more if you are bringing a friend etc, just let me know.) Hopefully this will give you a degree of protection and you’ll have to trust I’m not about to run off with your money. I also promise faithfully that should the very worst happen and the whole plan disappear in a puff of smoke, I will not, and will return all funds to each of you directly.

Please note, there is a maximum capacity of 50 persons, so get in quickly to make sure your place is confirmed. There is also a minimum spend which depends on at least 29 of you attending for the full champagne afternoon tea, so don’t be shy! (If you prefer to have the tea-only package at £18/head please let me know and as long as we achieve the minimum spend this shouldn’t be a problem.)

So that’s all for now – further communications will be made directly with those attending, via email. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see you there. What are you waiting for – email me now on to confirm your place, with the subject titled INVITE ME!

UPDATE: Once your payment is received you will receive an email invitation which acts as your ticket for the event and your receipt. You should bring them along on the day but there will also be a guest list at the door in case anyone forgets. 🙂


PS Tweet about it, using the hash tag #FFafternoontea and please make sure you are following @FlorenceFinds on Twitter or like Florence Finds on Facebook for updates nearer the time.
PPS Manchester date tbc, likely the weekend before or after Easter. 🙂

*Charges include a service charge where applicable and pay pals transaction fees.

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48 thoughts on “Save the Date! [Manchester and London]

  1. Arrrghh – would you believe I’m actually in London that then BUT have other plans already. The irony….. Manchester it is then!

  2. I’m in. This is right next door to my office so I know lots and lots of nice bars in the vicinity (although they’ll all be quiet on a weekend I’d imagine). For anyone looking for hotel accomodation try the 5* Grange St Pauls. They have weekend rooms from £100 for a double, including free use of the spa (its my gym so I vouch for its niceness).

    Eek can’t wait – but what to WEAR?

  3. I’d love to come, except that’s the weekend after we move so I can see us knee-deep in boxes, or, if we’re unpacked, having friends over to celebrate. Looking forward to hearing all about it, however!

  4. Hello ladies!

    Wow, my inbox is a busy place today! Thanks to all of you for replying so quickly, I’ll be sending out the payment requests each evening so look out for it.

    I LOVE that you are all thinking about what to wear. Kinda feeling the pressure….!


  5. Nooooo! I’m on call 🙁
    Never mind, Manchester isn’t the other side of the world, or maybe there’ll be another London one sometime.
    Have fun ladies xxx

  6. Oh no, I was all set to say ‘yes please’, and found that I have a clash :o(

    Can I start the campaign for a Bristol meet up?!

    J x

  7. Orr would have loved to have come, i’m actually at an afternoon tea in Newcastle for my friends baby shower, although not a champagne one, is it rude to order champagne at a baby shower?! Looking forwards to seeing everyone at the Manchester one! Xx

  8. Turns out I *might* be able to make the London one as hubby still hasn’t booked the surprise 30th trip for me that he was planning for that weekend and now his brother’s asked him to come to London to get an outfit sorted for his wedding so…. can I please go on a reserve list as I don’t want to take a place away from someone who can’t make the Manchester one when I can’t definitely say if I will make it to London or not!? If that makes sense??

    (Hoping the Manchester one won’t be the weekend after Easter as that’s my best friend’s baby’s christening in the other direction – Aberdeen!)

  9. Possibly a bit late anyway, but am gutted I can’t make this! At a good friend’s hen do that weekend so not as sad as I might be. Have a smashing time ladies!! xxx

  10. SO glad I can now definitely make the London one as the Manchester one is on another day I can’t do! Already double booked that day with Blook club which I have still never been to and probably won’t again this time because I had the opportunity to join a Glasgow Cake Club! (Seriously couldn’t turn that down!) Gutted I won’t get to meet Mahj though! 🙁

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