Save or Splurge? Winter Weather Boots

November is flying by and already I’m thinking about my next capsule wardrobe. As I said I would update it in December I’ve already been looking at some warmer updates and evaluating how well certain pieces worked for me, what did and didn’t get used etc. One of the (few) things I promised myself I would buy was some warm, flat winter boots for walking in the cold and potential snow and I was particularly drawn to the new water resistant, (and they do some waterproof) UGG boots as mine have seen better days. They would be perfect for my lifestyle right now.

F&F double buckle boots £25 (Suede version £35) // UGG Sutter £240

Then I happened to spot a very similar pair in Tesco which looked pretty good for the very reasonable price tag. If I’m honest I’m inclined to splurge on this particular item as I know they will be in my wardrobe for years to come and do me good service, but if you want a quick update or are needing to spread the pennies thin right now, these could be the answer!

What do you think readers?


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8 thoughts on “Save or Splurge? Winter Weather Boots

  1. My trusty UGGs bit the dust last winter after many years of faithful service and I’m really missing them. I vote splurge!

    I bought some fleece-lined Sorel winter boots a couple of years ago but have never taken the time to properly break them in. I can’t afford new weatherproof boots this year so I’ve been wearing them about the house in the hope that they can be my new UGGs. And if all else fails, I’ve got my beloved/ridiculous Moon Boots!

  2. I’m all about the soles! Check the soles! 🙂

    Check the Tesco ones, as I spent so much money on ones that I chucked away, before I bought my branded Uggs*, as on the slippery surfaces on train and tube platforms it was like walking on ice. I’d be hurrying to catch a train and with only the slightest bit of moisture i’d have to walk gingerly along for fear of properly stacking it and breaking my coccyx!!

    With my (branded) Uggs, that was never a problem. However, I recently bought some Bear Paw ones from TK Maxx that were just as good as the mega pricey ones, for £30. Real suede and sheepskin lining and a proper sole!

    It was the same with my GHDs. The money I wasted on copies I spent twice the amount of a pair of GHDs in the end!

    *I’m always reminded by my Aussie colleagues that ugg is the style, not the brand… 😉

  3. Splurge! I bought the leather Ugg Seldons last month and I swear I have the warmest, driest feet in Manchester. Def worth the investment. Bring it, winter!

  4. Hi.. I’m a little biased as I own a pair of the Tesco ones. I bought them before a trip to New York a month back and have to say they survived A LOT of walking when we were there. I bought them for comfort, warmth (they have a fleecy lining) and the thickness/texture of the sole (thought they’d be good in snow!). I haven’t tried them in the rain yet though. I have many pairs of Tesco winter boots and found they last really well.

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