Save or Splurge Style…

For a while now I have been thinking I should do a series of similar items that differ in price, but all too often after spotting things I then forget where I saw them.

Whistles Meghan brushed fur dress £125 // ASOS Animal print shift dress £40

These two shift dresses aren’t exactly the same but there’s more than a trace of similarity with spring appropriate colours and an animal print type pattern in a flattering shift style. And if you’re watching your spending like me, I think it’s a very good substitute for the pricier Whistles splurge dress.

What do you think? Save or splurge?


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12 thoughts on “Save or Splurge Style…

  1. I actually think the asos one looks much nicer. I prefer the shape and the colours in the print so would definitely be save for me.

  2. Love the asos one, it’s a bit less straight up and down, and the neck line is a bit gentler. Much more flatter on anyone who’s not stick thin me thinks.

  3. I like the ASOS one too.

    In theory/on paper I like the Whistles one, but I just can’t do that shape with my body, so I’m all about the ASOS one. In fact, I might even make a sneaky purchase…. 🙂

  4. Actually, (just in case it matters to anyone) if you watch the video you will see the ASOS dress is very loose too, it just looks a bit more fitted in the photographs. It’s a difficult look (from experience!) for anyone with bigger boobs :/

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