Saturday Survey

Happy weekend everybody!

I’m having a relaxed one and hopefully spending some QT with Pete. We went to a wedding last night and now I’m nursing a bit of a sore head with a long to-do list to get started on! Later on my Mum and step-Dad are coming over – we’re treating them to dinner at Alberts for his birthday, then tomorrow I’m cooking Fish Pie for Mother’s Day and my sister is coming over.

This week it’s just one question for you, but first, five things from me to you πŸ™‚

Five things…

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Saturday Survey.
There’s really only one question on my mind this week, and it seems appropriate given that it’s Mothers Day tomorrow.

I’d like to know where you are in terms of having a family?

Are you…

  • Not in a relationship
  • In a relationship but not married
  • Married without kids
  • Thinking about starting a family
  • Already a parent

I hope it’s not too personal a question…

What are you doing and what did you get your Mum for Mother’s day?


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46 thoughts on “Saturday Survey

  1. I have missed a couple of sat surveys but this weeks:
    I am fairly newly married and we are expecting our first baby in August.
    Your post a couple of weeks ago on planning made me realise that I never had one and 6 years ago I would never have thought 6 years on I would married and lucky enough to be expecting a bubba esp at 27, love how life can be so unexpected!

  2. I am 26 and married (18 months) but no children yet- we would like children but not for another few years. Happy weekend everyone- if it’s as miserable weather everywhere as it is here then I recommend staying at home! We’re doing up our spare room πŸ™‚

  3. I’m getting married next year and although we don’t have a family yet its most definitely not too far away. Hopfully in the next couple of years as I’m 25 at the moment so I would most definitely like to have my first by 30.

    Oh and I bought my mum a hydragea plant and we are all going to my parents to cook lunch for her tomorrow.


  4. Oooo 27, married in August, one baba and like ur post a while back I’ve never had a plan as such, but I also never thought this would be my life and that I would love it so much.
    It’s my first mothers day as a mummy so I am VERY excited!
    Happy weekend everyone.

  5. Happy Saturday!

    I’ve so far been enjoying the rain on Oxford st, v much looking forward to getting home and putting the kettle on before contemplating doing done weekend work (boo). No plans for tomorrow (have been mum-less for the last few years πŸ™

    I’ve been married for two and a half years. Didn’t try for kids straight away but when u reached 30 just over a year ago, decided it was time. 15 months later and still no whiff of a mini me. Rebecca’s post on planning was bang on for me. Having always planned every aspect of my life to the smallest detail, I’m finding it hard to know when (if) we will ever have a family.

    Oh dear – bit of a sad reply. Sorry about that x

  6. I’m married (we’ve been together almost 6.5 years and married for 1.5 years) and without kids, with no plans to have children – this is a personal choice thing. Neither of us wants kids and we discussed it within the first few dates we had, although we do have godchildren who we spoil when we see them during the year.

    This weekend we have his sister round ours and we’ll all be digging in the garden at some point between rain showers and drinking lots of tea.

  7. I’m 30 and living with my partner of three years. We have discussed marriage and babies but it feels like something that won’t happen in the next few years whilst we both focus on our careers (both working in finance). Happy Saturday everyone xx

  8. Just found your beautiful blog and thought I’d launch straight in with the comments! I’m 31, married, and had my first baby last year, he just turned one. Mad how much having a baby changes your perspective on your own mum and how you take her for granted…

    I’ve got my Mum Stickygram magnets for Mother’s Day (blogged about them here:

    Great to find your blog, look forward to reading your future posts.


  9. Married for 1.5 years, 28yrs old and no plans yet (if ever) of having kids. Just personal choice as I’ve just finished all my training/education so I’d like to enjoy life for a few years! It’s time to enjoy married life rather than being stuck inside revising.

    Rest of weekend is spent doing chores, family dinners, baking & visiting relatives in hospital (poop). Oh and lots of rugby today!

    1st comment I’ve made on your blog even though I’m an avid reader! I promise I will try more often but I normally read the posts on the go on my iphone hence lack of comments.

  10. I’m seem to be joining of few of you when I say I’m 27 married with no kids yet and no plans for them for a least 3 years, as we have a plan to enjoy ourselves not worry about money (as we did for 2 years while we saved for our wedding) and then move house before we even entertain the idea of kiddiwinks! (I’ve never had a plan and he’s never had a plan but somehow we’ve managed to get a joint one!) Plus we have a cat who would have homicidal tendencies around small screaming human beans!

  11. I’m going to jump on the same band wagon. I’m 26. Married 6 months. No kids. To be honest right now I really don’t want them. I love my life the way it is and I can’t see it changing. If we never have kids it’s fine by us.
    We have so much we want to see and do that a baby really would get in the way.

  12. Single, no kids, not bothered if I never have them -work with them a lot and am yet to be convinced having one would actually improve my life. Tomorrow my first mothers day without my mum πŸ™

    There we go Anna, THAT’S a sad post!!

  13. In a relationship but not married. No kids, and not sure if I want any or not. Always used to be very keen, but enjoying work and life now and not sure I want to rock the boat for years of nappies and sleepless nights! But don’t want to regret not doing it in ten years… Anyone else have this dilemma?

    Mum is away on holiday so I have arranged for flowers to be sent to where she’s staying, otherwise just chilling at home with my other half, recovering from a very long and wet cycle ride today!

    • I’m 30, married for 18 months but no kids. I’m in the same boat as you Megan, not sure if want any but what happens if years down the line we find it difficult or can’t have any? it’s a worry.
      at the moment we are focusing on sorting work life out and I’d like a really nice house. also lots of the world we’d like to see which we really couldn’t do with a child in tow.
      all my friends had children very early so do feel the pressure a bit! xx

  14. Right I’m going to bust your averages F.F!!

    Got married at 20, on a slightly mad love whim, lucked out bigtime, and nearly 23 v happy years later have four kids from 17-8 years old. Just writing this on your blog makes me feel ancient!!

  15. Oh dear – I’m the old lady!!! I’ve had my kids [3] and now have grandchildren [boy 7, boy 5 and girl 2 with another on the way in September]. I think tomorrow will be the first Mother’s Day since 1976 that I haven’t been with at least one of my kids. Still guess I’ve been lucky – and anyway have the two boys for the weekend.

  16. 27, married for six months. We said ‘oh let’s have a year just being married’ but my thoughts are turning to the baby question more and more…then I feel a bit scared by the whole thing and run away to have a gin!

  17. It feels like I’ve missed a few of these, i’m sorry! Its busy busy here and I guess I forgot to drop by on my Saturdays.

    I’m 23, engaged and getting married September next year. Babies are on the cards for definate and though I always say I’ll start worrying about that when I hit 30, deep down I hope they happen before then. We are buying our first home next year and I cannot wait to move in, decorate and start a family of my own.

    My parents are visiting us this weekend and I’ve made mum a cake (practice middle tier of the wedding cake), and we went out for a curry this evening. Feeling fat but happy!

    πŸ™‚ x

  18. Recently married, almost 27, no kids planned for the next few years! Too much that we want to see/do first!

    Have spent this weekend mostly shopping, cooking, drinking and will be enjoying a lovely lunch in Leeds with mum tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xoxo

  19. 30 – Nearly 31 (!) and getting married in July.. Havent completed decided re: babies yet but probably in the next year or so all being well… Its a tough one as I love our life but cant imagine not having a family in the long term and dont want to leave it too long…

    Today we took my nephew to the London Dungeons (!) and seeing my mum and sisters tomorrow for lunch out.. I have bought Mum a lovely per una top from the new collection. Fingers crossed she likes it…

    Happy Weekend All!

    Rachie xo

  20. Im 29 and have been married for 2 years (but together for 12 years!) and we have no children. We ‘tried’ for 6 months recently when i had a bit of a wobble about getting old(!) but we have decided to wait and try again maybe later this year or next year! – we are definately planners but also believe in fate to a certain extent so we arent too bothered about having to wait! x

  21. I’m 32, Hubbie is 30. We got married last March (2011) and Bubba Johnson is due in June this year. We had plans to try quite soon after getting married and were very fortunate that it happened very quickly as some Medication husband is on meant it could have taken a while to conceive, so we are over the Moon. Very excited (and a bit daunted to be honest) about the prospect of becoming parents!

  22. 28, married for one year and have recently found out I’m pregnant!! Eeeekkk!!! We’re REALLY excited to be having our first babe albeit a little nervous as I’m only 10 weeks! Fingers and toes crossed!! Feels very strange writing this as we havent told a dicky bird!!

    Happy weekend!!


  23. 34, married for 18m. Not trying for a baby yet but hope to be within the next year. I’m one of life’s planners.

  24. I’m 27, getting married in 7 weeks (aggghh!) and if I’m honest I would love to have children as soon as possible but I am trying my hardest to be patient and wait for my nearly husband to be ready. We’ve had a kind of chat so I think maybe next year fingers crossed.

  25. Ah, very relevant post for me at this moment in time. 36, coming up to our first year wedding anniversary and turning 37 next week. Always, always wanted children and been trying without success for last 3 years. Spent 15 years with previous partner who was never quite ready for children and finally made the decision to leave and quite quickly fell in love with the man of my dreams…but life doesn’t always go to plan. Currently in the middle of an IVF cycle – egg collection and embryo transfer had been due to take place next week but very sadly my scan on Friday showed just one lousy follicle. So spending Mother’s day wondering whether to carry on with the cycle when the odds are stacked against us or look at other options….

  26. I am 4 months pregnant after 16 months of trying. Anna I know what you are going through and hope it happens for you soon. X

  27. We’re getting married in November having been together for um, 17 years. No children and we don’t want them. We do want a puppy one day though. I’ve tried asking for puppy leave if I PROMISE never to take maternity leave, but no.

    Got my mum a scarf she’s been coveting from the White Company and took her out to dinner last weekend (to beat the rush!)

  28. This is a very relevant post for me. A couple of months ago, I’d have classed myself as ‘in a long term relationship, living with partner and planning marriage and kids’. Fast forward 8 weeks and I am without said partner (he moved out 2 weeks ago), living alone in our beautiful house (with our equally beautiful dog) and feeling excited but anxious about my future. Turns out the planning of kids and weddings was on my side only. I am 32 and for the first time in my life I have a very clear idea of what I want for myself so would appreciate any posts about starting again and looking for Mr. Right when most of my friends/eligible men appear to be married already! x

    • Hi Louise, I was in a very similar situation to you a few years ago, living with my ex of 4.5 years, and then suddenly found myself single again at 32 thinking oh no I have to start all over again!! Nearly all my friends were in relationships and those that weren’t didn’t live nearby so no girlie nights out for me. It was hard to go out and meet anyone especially as tended to go out with friends in couples so not much chance of chatting to any eligible men so I decided to take matters into my own hands and went online. After years of telling my single friends to get out there, I took my own advice and it was the best thing I did, 10 months later I was engaged and just over 2 years after meeting we got married. I know it seems daunting to start out again but it will happen, good luck πŸ™‚ x

  29. I am 28, have been married for 2 years, and are getting to the point where we are talking about concentrating on career and saving up some more money for a couple more years (after buying a house last year and rinsing our savings in doing so!) or to start a family now. I always though career was the main consideration for the next few years, but change my mind and get broodier every day. So we have decided to stop ‘not trying’ to get pregnant and let Mother Nature make the decision for us re timing.

  30. I’m 25, getting married in a three weeks and we plan to start trying for a baby straight away, We’ve been together for 7 years and have lived together for coming up four and have travelled together extensively, so feel we are both settled and ready for our lives to take that gigantic leap into babydom! Whilst we both are lucky enough to a earn a decent wage, we did talk about going on the hard save to buy a house, yet I think that will be a long way off. So we were both in agreement that we didn’t want to wait to start a family. Only now I am OBSESSED by it! πŸ™‚ Feeling broody Mrs. Norris? x

  31. Hi, sorry for the late post, haven’t had much chance to get online this weekend. When I was younger I always imagined that I’d be married in my mid 20’s, have babies just before my 30’s but life didn’t quite turn out that way… am now 37, been together for 4 years, married for 2 (tomorrow, eek where have those 2 years gone already?!) and have a 9 month old baby girl, hoping to start trying for another one towards the end of the year so we’ll see what happens.

    Congrats on everyone with babies on way and to those still trying, I saw how hard it was for a friend of mine after trying for 2.5 years and now 3 years later they have a boy and a girl so really hope it works out for you all x

  32. Thanks, Inga and congratulations! It is great to hear that things worked out for you and I will definitely get online πŸ™‚ Which site did you use BTW? x

    • Hi Louise, I went onto Dating Direct, and in fact my best friend just married the man she met on there this January and is pregnant with their first baby πŸ™‚ it can be daunting at first but persevere, good luck and here’s to new & exciting beginnings!! x

        • Hi Louise, how spooky is that, I weirdly clicked on the What People are Saying link and your comment came up……brilliant, wishing you lots of luck!!! Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚ xx

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