Sampson or Delila?

Last week, as I finally realised I was desperate for some me time the first thing I did was head to the hair dressers and say, ‘chop it all off!’ As usual, the hairdresser eyed me with some wariness wondering if I was thinking rationally but once it was established that I knew what I was doing I was soon three inches of hair lighter. Even though it was still wet and wavy I instantly felt a whole lot more human again.

I am lazy with my hair. I find the whole process of blowdrying and styling it incredibly boring, as well as being frustrating – my hair really does have a mind of its own. I’ve really only had a good grip on styling it the way I want it and generally looking presentable (if I take the time to do it,) since I first had it cut short on my 20th birthday, over 10 years ago now. Since then apart from a brief hiatus in the run up to and the months after my wedding, it has always been at least shoulder length and more often closer to my chin.

I don’t know what it is that every couple of years or so drives me to start growing it. I think it’s a combination of circumstances which prevent me going to the hairdressers for a while and a kind of 24 month itch when I feel I should do something different. It made me think, why do we as women do this? I know what suits me, what works for my lifestyle and what makes me feel fabulous – short hair. So why do I not just embrace that and make time for regular trims?!

I really wouldn’t consider my hair my ‘crowning glory’ and I’m certainly not one of those people who feels really out of sorts if they have a bad hair day, yet I realised just how different a good hair cut makes me feel, more human, more ‘me’.

So what is your relationship like with your hair? Is it your pride and joy or something you do battle with daily. Have you got any hair horror stories to share or have I just reminded you what you need to do to get your follicular mojo back?


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18 thoughts on “Sampson or Delila?

  1.! However I grow my hair and it’s gorgeous and naturally a light brown/ blonde colour and I get this urge to cut it short and colour it- usually by a hairdresser who doesn’t understand my skin tone and I end up dark brown with a red tinge and each time I massively regret it and spending the weekend washing it it washing up liquid / styling it / trying to convince myself it’s not THAT bad whilst googling new hairdressers! I’m never satisfied with my hair but then I look back at pictures and think- that looked great. Plus does anyone have a product to get rid of wispy bits of hair around your ears when you pit your hair up? My hair is between wavy/ straight and was a nightmare until ghds were invented but one hint of moisture and I look like I’ve been electrocuted!

    • I use my other half’s brylcreem wax to tame those irritating fly-aways! Just a wee smidge of that, and the loose wispy bits just sit up with the rest of my hair – just have to be careful not to use too much or it looks a bit greasy round the hairline.

      Before I starting “borrowing” his products I really rated Fudge putty – only about 7 quid online. x

  2. I hate my hair. Its seems as though I have been trying to grow it all my life and it will Just. Not. Grow. Its just past my shoulders at the moment and the last time I had it cut was six months ago. A couple of years ago I had it cut into a chin length bob and I hated it so much I cried for four days. Ridiculous! These days I just leave it be and used clip in hair extensions for the desired length and volume I want. Rebecca, your hair looks lovely.

  3. Mind reader!!
    Josie, I know what you mean about those wispy new hair bits that fluff about around the ears / forehead, seriously nothing makes them stay down!

    As for hair, I do like my hair its fine but plenty of it so its thick, dirty blonde never been dyed so its in good condition.
    However, I HATE going to the hairdressers, I think its a combination of hating to look at myself in the mirror for such a long time and the fact that I am also not great at hair and girlie stuff that maybe I don’t get across what I want (despite stating MY HAIR LOOKS SHIT WITH LAYERS, IT HANGS IN GREAT BIG SEPERATE CURTAINS) that I always end up with something I hate, even when I take a bloody picture!!

    And like you Rebecca I am currently deciding between growing it l-ong or the opposite and going for a pixie, I was watching britain & irelands next top model and they all had lovely cute do’s come makeover…but I am crap at doing my hair so think it might be an epic fail…and I will look like a boy 🙁
    Is it just me who does this?!

  4. Short hair really suits you Rebecca!
    The shortest I’ve ever had mine is shoulder length, and that felt uncomfortably short to me. Currently mine is waist length and I’m trying to grow it down to my bum (just to see if I can – my brother can sit on his and I don’t like him beating me).

  5. My hair has been described as “fine but lots of it”- first time I heard that I thought what?!? I really want to go to a hairdresser and say “give me something fabulous” but a. If I said that in real life I’d sound like an idiot and b. Knowing my hair history with hairdressers, I’d probably come out with a bowl cut.

      • I know! I once said to a hairdresser, do what you thinks best and she gave me one length, no layers…. And one of my friend says the same to hers and she gets these amazing haircuts with all kinds of amazing layers! Im hoping she was just pushed for time and it was no reflection on my personality?!

  6. OH NO!!!!

    I chopped all my loooong hair off to a chin-length bob after my wedding, let it grow a teeny bit, then went crazy and chopped it in to a Frankie cut and have been suffering through the hiedous re-growth process ever since… and then this weekend i had the urge to chop it all off again. It’s just at that “WTF is going on on your head VH?” stage I was just convincing myself to persevere for a few more months, and then you throw this out there!

    God damn you FF and your All Knowing posts!

      • You know – Frankie from the Saturdays, NOT Frankie Coc(k)ozza! Inch long on one side, long and floppy on the other…

        Yeah… having to really bite my lip and stick with it this time, but I think I spent so long missing the versatility when it was short and wishing I could do some kind of funky up-do. I have to get back there just for a bit, keep it like that for a year or so, get it out of my system and then go back to short forever and ever.

        I must have been about 15 last time I grew it out of a shirt hair do (remember the 90s undercuts?!). Wnat’s making it harder is that my skin is so bad and having my hair short with a blunt fringe was a great disguise for it. Really having to resist chopping a fringe in for this weekend’s wedding to hide the volcano growing on my forehead.

        Also – how cute does Dawn Porter look in her post-wedding Twitter pic.

        Makes me miss my bob! 🙁

  7. Hair is my vanity but I am not into hours of styling. I like a good cut and when I find a good hairdresser I am *very* loyal.

    I am getting mine back to a bob this week as it has grown out since the wedding and I really miss my short, managable easy to style hair, shoulder length is far too long for me and my hair cut on Friday is making me very excited. I’m going to look like me again and I cannot wait.

    I love your bob on you too – it really suits you.

    (oh and my hair has been everything from a crop to down to the base of my spine and many and varied colours – but my natural haircolour and a bob style is so perfect I have finally found something to stick with)

  8. My hair is my greatest indulgence- I almost never wear makeup, don’t really buy expensive clothes but having good hair makes me feel SO much better about myself! I cut my hair short last summer when I split from my now-ex-husband and immediately felt more like sharp, sassy me than when I had shapeless hair halfway down my back as I had done for the previous 2 years! Currently it’s a just-above-my-shoulders bob and I actually want it cutting and shaping again (it grows fast so needs doing every 2 months max). My other big thing is getting my colour done- I started having it dyed 3 years ago (to- shh!- hide the greys that were appearing) and having always been scared of hair dye it’s amazing how much better a shiny colour gloss can make you feel- mine is not that different from my natural hair colour (just a touch redder) but I love it! So would thoroughly recommend colour gloss for a quick hair-pick-me-up!

    • I’m so afraid of colour Anita, fortunately no greys to hide yet, but I’ve dallied with reds (make me look yellow skinned,) richer browns (look like a goth) and blond – just such a boring look on me, does nothing for my skin tone again.

      I would like to dye it though, I considered going red a while back, quite glad I didn’t now! 😉

  9. Why is it that, when it comes to hair, we all want what we don’t have? I have thick, curly hair and have always ALWAYS wanted glossy straight hair – not to be. GHDs give me straight hair, but don’t eliminate the frizz. And it takes ages – and disappears as soon as the sky turns grey. And I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle for 10 years because you can’t do anything with curly hair except change the length, and even then it takes forever to grow. My mum always cut my hair when I was a kid (and I’m not knocking her, she did a fair job), but as a teenager I desperately wanted something a bit different. So she caved and took me to a local hairdresser, who despite being told I had thick curly hair cut it short and blowdried it – wait for it – using a diffuser, with my head upside down. I left the shop with essentially an afro, and people stared at me in the street. After hiding in my bedroom for a very long time, I refused to let anyone except my mum touch my hair for another ten years. Now, I’ve come to terms with it but I still have to force a smile when girls with hair I would die for tell me how lucky I am to have curls…. GRRR!

    • This is so true Sarah!

      Yours story about the diffuser made me laugh. I judge a hairdresser not by the cut but by the way they tackle drying my hair. Give it a decent strength hairdryer and a big barrel brush and you can make it poker straight – if I can, anyone can. So when I see them struggling with waves and then plugging in the GHD’s I lose all confidence and brand them incompetent mentally!

  10. It really is so interesting how every woman wants something other than what they’ve got, definitely in hair and body terms!! Mine is dark brown, naturally thick and curly (but doesn’t fall into natural curls, more of a frizzy wave) and recently just won’t seem to COMPLY with anything I try to do with it. Sigh. But I’m sure there are people watching me walk down the street who wish they had my hair too!

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