Rose tinted glasses: David Austin

This morning I thought I’d share or perhaps remind, some of you of the beautiful roses to be found at David Austin. Oft used as a replacement peony for brides getting married outside of peony season, I think they’re worthy of mention in their own right and beyond wedding days. Did you know you can grow them easily in your garden?

David Austin sells bare root roses (delivered as a twig with bare roots that you then plant yourself) which are best planted in the winter, but also stocks potted roses throughout the year. I have 3 in my garden, as seen below, one in the front, one climbing over a garden wall and a third in the border.

‘A Shropshire Lad’, ‘Elegantyne’, ‘Falstaff’ and ‘Geoff Hamilton’ English Roses

I discovered David Austin years ago when a house we moved into had the most beautiful rose collection, including the stunning (both in colour, form and smell) ‘Falstaff’ above. Before that, roses had left me cold after seeing modern ‘tea roses’ (the type you see in florists or for Valentines day,) grown in bare flower beds. These were a revelation to me, laden with scent and grown amongst the cottage style border I loved. You can also grow bush or shrub roses (below) with fabulous hips that turn red in the autumn to feed the birds and work well as hedging too.

Shrub roses

If you’re interested in how to grow roses, what is the best plant for you and aftercare, the David Austin site has tons of information clearly presented and is well worth a look.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed and they’re super easy to grow with a bit of sun and decent soil!


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8 thoughts on “Rose tinted glasses: David Austin

  1. I’m having DA roses for my bouquet and my BM bouquets. They’re completely gorgeous, and I was swung entirely by the fact that the deep pink rose that goes with my BM dresses is called Kate. 😀

    K x

  2. Ooh I’d love to plant some of these in our new garden. My dream would be to grow some on trellis around our front door but they would have to grow out of a pot, do you think that would work? And the most important question – how would I ever choose??

  3. Be really careful – David Austin’s customer service is pretty grim. I ordered quite an expensive bouquet for my mother for her birthday and they just changed the colour at the last minute, without letting me know (from cream to quite a garish pink). When I rang and complained you could actually hear them shrugging their shoulders, they were so unconcerned. I for one will never order anything from them again – and I certainly won’t be trusting them with my wedding flowers, who knows what I might end up with?

  4. Such a lovely post, we are the biggest fans of David Austin. We use them for weddings and I have a plant in the garden and have requested them for bday /anniversary pressies from now on from the other half! I too want a rambling one going up over the front door, just can’t decide on the colour for a duck egg blue door…maybe a hot pink?!
    So sorry to hear about the customer service, it has always been amazing for us for the past 5 years, they are a natural product so maybe supply issues?

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