Renovation Ruminations: Tiles Tiles Tiles…

I think it’s time I kicked off with some interiors inspiration for the renovation project, right? In truth, you might expect that I would have this all sorted but in fact it has for a long time felt hard to see past the project even starting and getting those piles in, so I didn’t really focus too hard on the interior aspect. The bathroom has had the least of my attention because, well, bathrooms just don’t really excite me. Of course that hasn’t stopped me pinning them and fortunately, as I always say to people who are planning a project big or small, if you pin loads of images you like to Pinterest you can often then find a theme. Particularly because I’ve been using Pinterest for so long, I can also see if my tastes have changed, or pick out things that look dated already which helps to refine what I like, and also try to sift through rooms that are ‘Gorgeous but not me‘ and ‘Yes, I can live with that!

There are a few key themes that have inspired me and tiles have been my latest obsession so lets get on and have a look!

Grown up mermaid tiles

For the longest time I thought if I ever re-did a bathroom I’d keep it all white, white, white. In fact, I’ve learnt enough about myself that I can start neutral but I always seek colour eventually, and I also really don’t want a clinical or cold looking space. I’ve always love patterned tiles, be they Morroccan style, mosaics, or just interesting colours and lean towards anything with a handcrafted feel, so although I started planning a black hexagon tile floor, we soon moved towards looking for something more colourful.

Fish scale tiles // Circle tiled Shower // Star tiles // Concrete and patterned teal tiles.

How amazing are these? But could you live with it? There’s something very ‘holiday’ feeling about these designs I think. They remind me of a beach hotel, somewhere like Miami, or Australia, but I wonder if I’d tire of them or if they would feel out of place in the middle of a bleak English winter. But then maybe they would be just the thing to brighten up your day?

Or if you’re not 100% about taking the plunge with colour, how about this ever so pale and restrained touch of colour?

Pale and Interesting

I find these pastel and muted tones so restful. They’re just the thing I think for a change from the now classic white metro or subway tile, but with a bit of a modern twist. The pale green/grey/blue tones are just so pretty and elegant.

Pale Green shower // Blue metro tiles and marble // Pale blue herringbone // Grey metro tiles

Then there’s the Monochrome trend. Whilst I never would have described myself as a monochrome lover, I find myself decorating in Black and white more and more. Its the perfect backdrop for other materials (wood and metals in the case of the bathroom,) and a brilliant foil for colour too – in fact both the girls bedrooms have black and white wallpaper which is perfect to balance out all the colour that comes with the mountains of toys.

Black Chevron and brass shower // Black Hex wall tiles

What I do like a lot however is texture and a monochrome palette is the perfect way to introduce pattern like the current trends for interesting tile laying (herringbone or chevrons to name but a few) or shapes, like hexagons.

White Herringbone wall tiles

So what do you think readers. Could you or have you stepped away from white tiles? I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations!

Rebecca x

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7 thoughts on “Renovation Ruminations: Tiles Tiles Tiles…

  1. Now see I do like those herringbone white tiles. I was never going to agree with the colour point because I think I’d get bored but I do love the monochrome and pale and interesting.

    Herringbone over hexagons for me every single time.

    We are doing downstairs bathroom at the minute – or trying to. Limestone tiles through so thinking maybe just a paint. I just think having nothing on the wall but a small splashback makes it seem a bit, I don’t know….rented?

      • Its a very small space. Its the old pantry. The extra two inches of tongue and groove would take up a lot of space I think. We’re having T & G on the back wall with the toilet cistern built in.
        If you could talk WC in the next, I don’t know…..week and a bit….

  2. Aaah I had always thought white metro tiles when we ever get around to doing our bathroom, simple and classic, but those herringbone ones are gorgeous!
    Our last bathroom and current main one are both fully tiled and I hate it. Makes it hard to change anything easily and I don’t like the look. So when ours gets redone I am planning tiles around the bath and sink, but painted walls elsewhere, or maybe Mini Moderns Whitby wallpaper which I’ve loved for years. Maybe some tongue and groove in there too but not sure if that will be too much. It’s a long way off anyway!

  3. I actually have a huge dislike of white tiles – but am with you on the interesting shapes. My ensuite has grey metro tiles, the family bathroom has a blue metro with patterned Stamford floor tiles from Topps Tiles, my new kitchen has amazing emerald green tiles from mandarin stone. Everyone has commented on the colour and as it ties in with other accessories and the green velvet sofa it gives a really luxurious feel to an otherwise neutral room. Downstairs loo has a small navy splash back and navy patterned wallpaper (Gondola) by Cole & Son. And if I get bored? I’ll redecorate!

  4. any chance you might know where to buy the tiles for the circle tile shower second set of photos on the top right or what tile company they are from i have been trying very hard to find them thanks

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