Renovation Ruminations: The Master Bedroom

I’m going to be sharing in the coming weeks a few rooms that I have plans for so far in the new house, talking about what I want to do with them and why or how in some cases. Today I’m kicking off with the master bedroom, our room and one of the rooms pretty high on the priority list.

First of all, here’s a list of what needs doing in this room. Like most of the rooms, you may look at it and think, ‘Well, paint, carpet, decor, not too big a job?’ Here’s the list…

  • Knock through from the bedroom into the office creating a walk in wardrobe and install double doors.
  • Replace the windows with hardwood window frames and encapsulate stained glass
  • Remove the chipboard/anaglypta wallpaper (above the picture rail only – small mercies!)
  • Move the existing radiators
  • Paint the bedroom walls
  • Paper the dressing room
  • Kit out the interior of the dressing room
  • Recarpet
  • Replace the bed with a super king bed and mattress
  • New Curtains
  • New Ceiling light fitting

And before I get too bogged down with the to-do’s, here’s what we’re aiming at…

Le Royal Manceau Hotel, Paris

Of course it’s not as simple as that. We currently have the bed in the third position it has been in(!) and it’s still not perfect.

Because I want to knock double doors through into the wardrobe, (partly for a sense of space and partly for impact,) that wall is largely lost. I initially thought we would put the bed facing towards the window, but to fit in 2 bedsides as well as plenty of room to manouvre around the door was a bit tight and also imbalanced – the window end of the room was empty.

This floor plan isn’t to scale but it’s not far off. Believe it or not the bed is the same size in both – doesn’t it look smaller in option 1? So the look is a lot better in option 2 but isn’t problem free. with the bed against the chimney breast the bedsides need to be deep to function as such – luckily our current el cheapo ikea ones are very deep, but unfortunately they’re not staying and therein lies one problem.

White closet

Inside the wardrobe I think we’re looking at open storage. It wont be messy because we will be able to shut the doors, and I love having visual access to everything I have – otherwise I forget things!. It’s also a practical decision, as the room itself that will become the wardrobe is 1.5m wide. If we were to put standard wardrobe units in (IKEA’s PAX units are 66cm deep,) they would take up a considerably large amount of space. I am however worried that open storage leaves the opportunity for dust to collect and the last thing I need is another area for dust to gather!

Algot storage system, IKEA

The white shelving above has to be the ideal, but in reality, I think we’ll end up with a more practical and cost efficient solution from ikea. I also want to wallpaper in here with something quite out there, either a bold geometric or a really beautiful print. I love the idea of seeing the design through the shelving and behind the rails or drawers

1 // 2

I love a mirrored finish and to add some glamour to the room and polish, I’d love to find mirrored doors but so far I’m drawing a bit of a blank. They might have to be a DIY effort!

Architectural Digest

Lastly, this room is going to be a sanctuary, so I’d love a seating area in it where I can sit and read perhaps, or just lounge around with rollers in and a glass of champagne in my future glamorous life (Ha!)

I suppose some of you might be thinking that the dressing room area might have made a nice en suite. I’m actually not that bothered about en suites (humidity in the vicinity of my hairstyling area? No!) so it was an easy choice for us, plus the bedroom is right next to the bathroom anyway. We also would have struggled to get the waste pipe out as the room is at the front of the house and nobody wants a poo pipe decorating the front of their house!

Decor wise, I’m thinking a very muted pinky grey with more similar toning shades of pale grey, silver, white and I know some pattern with creep in there somewhere – Maybe in the curtains, an ottoman or chair?

I can’t wait to start this room, but as you can see, it’s no small task, nor is it a cheap job and part of me doesn’t want to move out again already into another room – I should just be grateful we have an alternative I know!

So what do you think readers? Any words of wisdom or thoughts?


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26 thoughts on “Renovation Ruminations: The Master Bedroom

  1. We never really got on to mood boards last night did we? But wow. It’s going to look awesome awesome and the mirrored effect will really work on the doors.

    If you do need a joiner to do the built in open shelving, I can get you a good recommendation for a quote for a guy in Southport. He did loads for my in laws and their house is lovely (and more importantly he is reasonably priced!).

  2. That’s quite a to-do list! Love your inspiration pics, especially the AD one. Option 1 – put window seat, sofa or fainting couch in the window to fill the space and create that all important glamorous lounging area 🙂 Option 2 – get a joiner to build out the walls on either side of the chimney breast with built-in shelving or cupboards, could go full-width or just build out behind the bedside cabinets to bring them forward? I’m looking forward to seeing your progress, especially that amazing walk-in!

    • That (building out) would be such a sensible solution, but I don’t want to lose the interest of the chimney breast. Without it (maybe I’m dramatising as we do have the bay too…) it’s just a boxy rectangular room.

  3. Oh I am going to enjoy reading about your renno plans so much! We moved around the same time as you so it will be interesting for me to see where we both end up in the great game of DIY!

    Loving the plans for your master bedroom. Ours won’t get a look in until next year some time so I will be keeping tabs on your progress and stashing away plenty of inspiration! In the meantime I have to live with a dingy beige carpet, no storage, a light fitting right out of a medieval dungeon and an aubergine feature wall that looks poo brown in artificial light. What were they thinking?!

    Franky xxx

  4. Hi Rebecca – I’m new!
    I’m also in the middle of house renovations – we have a master bedroom currently taking shape in the attic. I’ll be able to start on the fun design stuff once there’s walls and floors…

    So far with house projects I have become stressed when I doubt the decisions we’ve made – once something is in place, it’s easy to say “oh, we should have done it differently”. I’m trying to learn that there’s usually more than one way to get it right; whether it’s room layout, wall colour or furniture purchases. Perfectionist tendencies abound but I suppose it’s natural when so much money is involved and you ideally want your choices to last for many years.

    Your house looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what you do – good luck with everything!

    • It’s hard isn’t it Sara? I try not to get to hung up on things lasting. I always thing there is nothing worse than seeing terrible carpet or dated furniture in a house and people not updating things because they paid X amount 20 years ago. Either look at it as having served it’s function, or spend less so you don’t mind updating.

      I also know I change my mind about things so I tend to pause once I hit on an idea that sticks for more then a few days and see if it holds my interest!

      • Pausing sounds like a good idea! It’s partly because there are so many options out there. I can usually be found glued to Pinterest but there comes a point where it stops helping and starts confusing me!

        It’s hard to know which design trends will last and which will date quickly. I’m trying to just enjoy the process because it is a lot of fun, despite one or two meltdowns!

  5. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your renovation – I’m currently changing our master bedroom but on a smaller scale and with many more restrictions as we’re renting. Love the look you’re going for, it’ll be very glamorous! I look forward to more posts! 🙂

  6. I like option two or like you say there’s a lot of unused space in the room. I also really like the idea of open shelving in a walk in wardrobe but think we might go with doors becuase of the dust issue. Can I ask what software you use for your room layouts? We could really use something like this to help plan out our rooms x

  7. I’m so with you on the en suite thing. I had one in my last flat and hated it. Why would I want a toilet IN MY BEDROOM? Gross. Also, one more bathroom to clean. No thanks.

    Re bed placement, I prefer option 2 – I don’t like people being able to look in from the hall and see you lying right there (not sure what people would be wandering around your hall while you were lying in bed, but whatever).

    And finally, that giant pink headboard is spectacular. Do it.

  8. Omigod I can’t wait to see how this turns out! You know what it reminds me of?! SATC movie! Where they buy that fancy apartment but then Big doesn’t turn up for the wedding and it’s all off?! But at the end they make up in the massive dressing room thing?!

    Anyway, until I read this I was ALL about the en suite, but maybe you’re right? A dressing room is better? However, I do wonder in future when little kiddies come along and they grow into little adults then wouldn’t you kill for a second bathroom? I know I would…

    …but maybe you’re not thinking of any of that.

    Either way, LOVE the pink and grey scheme – can’t wait to see it all come together!


  9. Gorgeous inspiration pics, especially the first one. I’d go with Option 2 on the layout choice too. The walk-in wardrobe is a great idea. I had a similar set-up one in our last place (should’ve been the 3rd bathroom in a 2-bed apartment, wft?!) and I loved it as it was such a useful space. Regarding the pattern I’d 2nd the choice of introducing pattern through a chair or some lovely art work.

  10. You are so great at thinking of ways to utilise the space. I worry that I would find it hard to see past the limitations of the 4 walls. A dressing room is such a fab addition and I’m green!!

    I have a rented place – do you think it’s possible to curate a fab home when you can’t paint the walls?

  11. Oh I love the dressing room idea, it will be so luxurious and of course extremely useful! I’m with you on the en suite, I think they are a bit of a waste of space in medium sized houses, we’ve two kiddies and we’ve never once had a situation where I thought we’d need an extra bathroom… Although having said that I might change my view when they’re teenagers! And who needs two bathrooms to clean 😉

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