Renovation Ruminations: Bright hallway ideas

As we’re currently getting the knock through done to our bedroom (into the dressing room) part of our house is resembling something of a building site. In order to avoid thinking about it I’m doing the sensible thing and fantasising about part of our house that I really dislike (decor-wise) and really want to change, but don’t have any plans to do so for probably a year or more. (We have already blocked up a doorway in the hall and have yet to move another, so there is no point decorating before that is done.)

Our hall has great bones but an old fashioned wallpaper below the dado rail and an abundance of cream paint. The floor is half decent as its one saving grace, along with the pretty bannister spindles. I’m envisaging a bright and light white painted hallway with a blue and white patterned modern wallpaper for practicality below the dado and lots of super bright accents.

I want to create a space that is bright, modern and welcoming with tons of personality and family friendly too. I just wish we could do it sooner!

What do you think readers?


Other rooms we have planned:
The Living room
The master bedroom
Kitchen plans part 1 and part 2

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14 thoughts on “Renovation Ruminations: Bright hallway ideas

  1. Jiminy Cricket, that bird light shade… Even though it’s more than I’d ever pay for a light shade, the link has been emailed to my Mr. although I’m sure a fat ‘no’ will no doubt be on it’s way back to me!

  2. Gorgeous Rebecca! I can’t wait to see the finished results! The neon accents will look great with the deep blue wallpaper.


  3. Absolutely love the neon kitties print… is it wrong that I so miss this kind of diy and diy daydreaming? Our little rented flat is cute but I’d so be painting it and putting up wallpaper if I could! Can’t wait to see how it turns out x

  4. hi
    I have the Vivienne westwood wallpaper in neutral on one wall on my study – it looks good but I was going to get it in blue for my ensuite but am glad I didn’t as I don’t think I could live with that much contrast without it hurting my eyes- neutral is a good compromise

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