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A little while ago I wrote about the new and more adventurous nail trends that I’ve been spotting everywhere and in the process of researching them, came across a polish that I just fell in love with – Deborah Lippmann‘s ‘Glitter In The Air‘.

A super pretty delicate pastel shade of minty blue, with dusty pink and tiffany blue pieces of large hexagonal glitter as well as some tiny glittery dust in there too, it stole my heart. I should at this point say that these polishes are not new and have been storming the blog world for quite some time now, but I had always assumed I wouldn’t be able to get them as they are often featured on US blogs. Off I headed to my trusty Amazon and snapped one up for £10.75

One of the things I wasn’t sure about was whether the glitter would actually spread onto the nail as when the polish is dragged over, I worried the glitter would just be swept off the edge with the brush. Not so, a bit of strategic re-sweeping was required but the glitter goes on in a pleasingly random fashion without any need for putting on big gloopy drops of polish that take ages to dry.

The other nice thing is that even at this shade of blue, the polish is lovely and transparent. I can’t vouch too much as I haven’t yet tried it ‘nude’ i.e. without a base colour, but as you can see from the before and after pictures, even over this candy fuschia shade I was sporting when I layered the polish on, it just made the polish a slightly cooler, sorbet tone.

Next stop, my minty blue H&M polish with the glitter over it.

Best of all, even though the last time I wore glitter on my nails may well have been the nineties, this just seems fresh and pretty and rather grown up. For a bit of celebratory sparkle, hunt some down and tweet me a picture of yours @FlorenceFinds 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Recommended: Deborah Lippmann

  1. Ooooo, exciting. I’ve been waiting for this! 🙂 I went full scale glitter this weekend with a hot pink base and big, in-your-face, multi-coloured glitter tips with the Hed Kandi special edition top coat from Models Own. New fave nails!!

  2. Lovely. I like the ones that give a thicker ‘all over’ glitter finish too. I spotted a red Barry M one recently – looks great on toes! x

  3. Well, I thought you guys would be all over this post! No?

    My nails are looking a bit tragic today, I’m going to try a minty blue base coat and glitter top next and I’m thinking about yellow with it too. That would be a lot of fun 🙂

    I’m considering it my birthday nailpolish… xo

  4. you know me… i love a nail polish post! 🙂

    Yellow glitter nails are one of my faves… makes me think of fluffy spring chicks or sparkly summer sand, defo warm weather nails!

    Yellow nails with a blue accent and glitter on the top. Perfect! 🙂

  5. I have recently picked up some Max Factor Max Effect mini nail varnishes (yay for Boots 3 for 2!).

    The polishes I chose were Silver, Meteorite (a dark blue) and Fantasy Fire (a copy of a Clarins one, a deep purple with red, gold and and green highlights – sounds odd but Google it!). I have found they need about 3 coats to get a dense coverage but really like the outcome!

    The only problem is they are very small and I can see me running out soon!

    I have gotten into nail varnish in a big way after having bitten my nails for years (gross I know!). Im going to check out Deborah Lippman now 🙂

    Ria x

  6. Love a nail polish! Looking for the perfect coral for the wedding – might go for coral with gold glitter over the top?? Is that wrong for w-day???

    Havent tried these but they look fab – might have to make a purchase!

    Rachie xo

  7. Sorry Rebecca, busy day at work and this is first moment I’ve had for FF all day! Love that polish, thinking it would look good over my Boots 17 turquoise one I love but have one problem -I have just one nail that will never grow to a decent length, it just breaks as soon as the tiniest rim of white appears. Other nails are lovely and strong (I’m an ex-biter so love it that I now have elegant nails!) but this one single nail I cannot get to grow, grr! Any recommendations for nail strengtheners/hardeners?

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