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One of the things I am focusing on for January Joy and 2018 is reducing our waste so today I thought I’d share one of my favourite changes we made last year – we switched to Cheeky Wipes. I’d heard of Cheeky Wipes when Bea was still in nappies but didn’t give them a lot of thought and as I became more interested she was nearing toilet training and it didn’t seem the right time to invest. We have never branched into reusable nappies, but although I was pretty economical with the wipes when changing a nappy, it horrified me to see Pete going through multiple wipes each time or the amount that got used cleaning up after a meal for example. So I decided to take the plunge once I was thinking of moving on from cottonwool and water for Cora’s bum.

I should add here that Cora suffered with quite a sore bum when she was little and we found the best way to manage it apart from making sure her nappy was changed promptly was using cotton wool and water to clean her as even water wipes did irritate her skin, which was another factor that attracted me to cheeky wipes. If you haven’t already heard of them, cheeky wipes are essentially reusable (i.e. you wash them,) wipes, not just for bums but you can use them for faces after meals too. The ‘wipes’ are little squares of cotton, bamboo or microfibre – like flannels and you can get them in kits which come with clean and mucky boxes. Essentially you soak them in water and a little essential oil, wring them out and leave in the ‘clean’ box to use as required. Then you have a ‘dirty box’ and a mesh bag hooked inside, pre-filled with water and some oil again for freshness, where you put the used wipes to soak. When you’re ready to wash them you simply lift the bag out and throw it into the machine. They wash as normal at 30 degrees with the rest of your washing and work their way out of the bag during the cycle, ready to be soaked and scented in the clean box again – no drying required.

So here’s the nitty gritty. Do they really work? The answer is yes and I absolutely love them. We bought natural bamboo velour which have a softer smoother side and a more textured flannel side but with the softness of bamboo. Because they are textured the grip for cleaning is fantastic and even sticky or thick poo’s (Sorry, TMI!) can be easily removed with just a couple of swipes. I rarely need more than one wipe to be honest and I feel like Cora almost gets a proper wash every time she has her nappy changed which is a real bonus as she doesn’t get bathed daily because of her dry skin. In terms of cost, a full kit (with the two boxes, 25 wipes, and the oils,) comes in at about £40 but they currently have £10 off the kits and you can save any time using this link: (which as a previous customer I got sent to share with friends) Get 15% off any order over £40. We weren’t particularly heavy wipe users but it still doesn’t take long to have a cost benefit over disposables and I feel good every time I use them that I’m not adding to landfill or putting damaging waste into the water system and ultimately our waterways and sea’s.

We also invested in the hands and faces kit as we were about to embark on weaning. I love having the rainbow microfibre cloths to hand (you keep them damp in a box in just the same way and instead of having a dirty box just throw them in the washing machine ready for the next wash) especially as we do baby led weaning which is more than a little messy! They are super soft and pick up all the bits of food in every little chubby finger crease, even weetabix which gets everywhere and dries like cement! They are even still in regular use at Bea’s age so I can see them being incredible value.

You might be wondering what happens when you go out. Of course you could still use disposable wipes for convenience but we decided that if we were making the change for environmental reasons we needed to commit to it. The kits come with 2 bags to take out and about with you. You simply pop a couple of damp wipes in the fresh bag and when they’re used put them in the dirty bag which is lined with a mesh bag like the dirty box, that zips out and throws in the machine too. So it’s really not difficult to eliminate disposable wipes completely. And if you want to extend your environmental efforts Cheeky wipes now also do Cloth Sanitary Pad kits, Reusable Make-up remover kits and even toilet paper alternatives.

I’d love to know if you use Cheeky Wipes or something similar, or if you feel inspired to make the switch! I’ll happily answer any questions you’ve got too!

Rebecca x

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5 thoughts on “Recommended: Cheeky Wipes

  1. We have used Cheeky Wipes since birth with our 13m old. I first heard about them in the comments on one of your old posts. We love them and find them really effective. Plus we’ve only used 1 pack of wet wipes since she was born (and we could have done without!) which is a big win for the environment too. I’ve become more and more aware of how much disposable stuff there is, especially marketed at parents, so it’s great that you’re focusing on reducing – I’m really looking forward to reading more posts on this!

  2. Ohhh this sounds very interesting and you almost sold them to me but I do have all kinds of questions.
    -what happens to the poop? We do cloth diaper , with cloth diapering you use these little biodegradable flushable liners where the poop goes, so no poop ever actually goes inside the washing machine.
    -doesn’t the oil alter the absorbancy of the wipes? With cloth diapers you are not supposed to use any creams because the oils would clog the pores in the natural fibers and as a result you get odors and absorbancy issues.
    -is 30 ºC enough to wash them? Not hotter? Should I worry about getting yeast in them (spores) that would not ever go away?

    • Hey Amanda!

      – So when I change a nappy I use the nappy to wipe the vast majority of the poo off and away with the nappy. Theres very little left to clean with a wipe, although its consistency dependent! It goes away in the washing machine just like any food or mud residue would into the waste water.
      – its only a few drops and I think really acts as a freshener and scent rather than affecting the absorbency.
      – I was at 30 as per the manufacturers instructions but I think an occasional hot wash wouldn’t go amiss 😉 Personally I’ve never worried about Yeast spores but if she has a yeast infection I might wash them hotter as a one off too.

      Hope that helps!

  3. My children have outgrown the wipes stage, but I do have a little Border Terrier who we use doggy-wipes for after muddy walks etc. You’ve given me a great idea to try these out on him!!! I especially like the idea of wiping him down with something that is lightly scented too! I’ve just ordered one of the kits with microfibre cloths, so let’s se how we get on!!!

  4. We use cheeky wipes too, although we just bought the wipes and a little wetbag to keep the wet wipes in rather than the full kit. We wet maybe ten at a time to keep handy in the wetbag, we don’t bother with the scented oils. Then they go in the nappy bucket and the wash with the nappy as we use cloth nappies.

    Find them so much better than disposable wipes – better for the environment and they clean bottoms and faces so much better than wet wipes. Glad we made the switch, just wish we’d done it from the start instead of going through so much cotton wool and packs of water wipes for the first couple of months.

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