Real Spaces: A Mini-office Make-over

Whenever I’m thinking about spaces to renovate and features to share on Florence Finds, I’m always acutely aware that some of you are still stuck in rental properties you can’t do much to or in small London flats with much less space than your average house. When Eddie Judd sent this mini-makeover my way I was delighted because its clever use of space and budget tricks for personalisation could work for anyone needing a smaller office hide-away, or perhaps the lusted after dressing table you can’t squeeze in anywhere?

Please remember your make overs don’t need to be grand designs, whole houses or even rooms. I’d love to see your furniture make overs, smaller DIY projects or simply rooms that have been freshened up with a few clever accessories. Send them in to with the subject box marked SUBMISSIONS.

In the mean time, here is Eddie‘s office in a cupboard!

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

My ‘desk in a cupboard’ was actually my husband’s idea – it used to be the ‘man cupboard’ as I called it – you know the kind – stuffed full of DVD’s, cables, remote controls, electronic things that I have know idea what they do. He gave his man cupboard up for me – that’s true love – don’t you think?! As a busy mum of two girls I needed to have an office that was part of the house – I thought about claiming one of the girls’ bedrooms but we have such a gorgeous view out of the front of the house. It means I can also work around the school runs and I’m not hiding away in another room when my husband is home in the evening. So it works perfectly – and it is the perfect size for a 27″ macbook!

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

So once I had claimed the cupboard I started to look for inspiration to fit my bits and pieces in and to make it look great! I wanted to keep it fairly clutter free – all my paperwork is stashed in a plan-chest behind me and my samples and kit are spread around the house so I can’t claim that everything is in that cupboard! After plenty of gorgeous inspiration from Pinterest I started to them become obsessed with clipboards. I thought this would be a great way of keeping on top of important paperwork.

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

The ones that you see are clear clipboards from Paperchase with wrapping paper from Urban Outfitters mounted to the back of them. Apart from that my cupboard houses my hard drives, paperwork in some huge filing boxes from Paperchase, a slightly obsessional collection of notebooks, an old Polaroid camera that was my father’s and some pretty ribbons that I use for presenting products for my clients.

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

And then when I’ve had enough of working for the day – I can just close the cupboard doors and (try to) forget about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks Eddie!

Have you got any small spaces you’d like to renovate or are you working from home and struggling to fit a home office space in. I hope this gave you a few ideas… I love those clipboards!


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17 thoughts on “Real Spaces: A Mini-office Make-over

  1. Ha! We posted workspace posts within a few seconds of eachother. Mine is a very functional jewellery maker’s storage dilemma, but wherever or whatever your space is I think that a feeling of order helps calm the mind and allows you to be more efficient and/or creative.

    Our main family computer is in a cupboard too because it is in our living room, I love that you can banish the screen away when you want to! Eddie’s cupboard is so lovely. x

  2. Love it! Brilliant and cleaver use of space and adore the paint colour used.

    Can we see the rest of this house please!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ditto Kirsty… I’ve been considering converting our box room, which I use as a study, into a sofa-bedroom as we have guests quite a lot but it would mean me squeezing a desk area into another nook or cranny in the house, possibly the landing! Eddie totally makes it seem do-able though!

  3. This is brilliant. It’s very frustrating in the evenings when my husband has to work in our office so we can’t chat as he does ๐Ÿ™ I’d love a man cupboard to convert. Oh.. and I’ve just had to hunt down that stylish screensaver!

  4. Love this. We’ll be moving into our new house soon and 1 bedroom will become our home office. Can’t wait to deck it out.

    What hard drives have you got? They all daisy chained?

  5. Very clever, great feature and well done Eddie (and Paul for giving his man-cupboard up). I do love a bit of space saving! Oh to have an organised place like this to call my own (and not my sofa/bed/floor!).

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments!! And thanks so much for featuring my little work-station! I’ll try to answer the questions!
    The screen saver is called Fliqlo – cool isn’t it!
    Our (my husband’s back up drives are there too) are Western Digital drives, mainly 1 and 2 TB’s. They are all plugged into a USB port and linked to the computer.
    Yes it is a Bourgie lamp and an Eames DAR chair (well – good copies anyway!)
    The rest of the house is mainly work in progress so maybe you can see that once done!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Eddie, it all looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the name of the screen saver, I’ve just downloaded it. Better than 3D pipes!

  8. This is a beautiful and clever space to work. I’m constantly amazed by the ingenuity of home workers who find all sorts of corners to perch in to run their businesses. Readers are always sending me their photos for my Home Office gallery if you’re in need of inspiration. There are barn workers, cellar workers, garage workers, even a hammock!

  9. What a great use of space. I also love the colour and the clipboards. I think I’d struggle to contain all my crafty stuff to a cupboard desk though, it’s currently in our box room study, but I struggle to keep things in the drawers (which are over-flowing), so it ends up spilling out onto the floor! But this is definitely going onto my inspiration board for how my office space could look! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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