Real Rooms: Getting it Swoonworthy…

Readers, I feel that I need to tell you to sit down. Today I have a brilliant house tour to share with you from a seriously stylish individual. Kimberly has literally transformed her home, on a shoestring, into a completely unique reflection of her style. I really hope you enjoy looking around as much as I did when I stumbled across her blog Swoon Worthy.

Take it away Kimberly!

Hello, I’m Kimberly (aka Redlilocks) from Swoon Worthy! I was incredibly excited when Rebecca asked if I would care to show my Edwardian home on her fabulous blog. Florence Finds has quickly become a firm favourite so I’m really honoured to be in such excellent company! Why don’t you come out from the cold wet Manchester weather, let me take your coat and I’ll put on the kettle!

As much as it’s a total cliche, home for me is definitely where my heart is. As much as I love to travel, I love coming home surrounded by the things that truly reflect me and my other half. We moved into the house in July 2010 and it’s been a labour of love with everything done on the cheap (lots of eBay purchases, lots of crafts and “upcycling”, lots of sweat and tears doing it all ourselves). There’s still loads and loads to be done.
Our first task shortly after moving in was sorting out the living room. The floors were unfinished (The previous owners having taken the carpet!) so we replaced a portion of the floorboards, and sanded and stained until they came up shining. We also painted and wallpapered. The velvet chesterfield sofa was something I’d wanted for years and it was a bit of a splurge but it’s probably one of my most favourite things in the house.
Here’s the before…

And the after…

The kitchen was our next big project (so big, we aren’t actually done yet!) but over the last year, we’ve ripped out the false ceiling, replaced lighting, plastered, painted, tiled, installed underfloor heating and an extractor fan and laid slate flooring. I’m getting tired just typing that out.

Here’s the before…

And where we are today (not quite at ‘after’ status with things still to be done)…

Total cost so far has been £1400 so we’ve saved loads doing absolutely everything ourselves. Of course, if we’d had someone come in and do it for us, it would have cost us 5 times that amount but would most definintely be done by now! Alas, I do think we’ve had more satisfaction by creating and executing it all ourselves and my other half has learned some new skills in plastering, flooring and electrics and I’ve learned how to tile!

Still to do? Butcher block counter tops and the risers under the cupboards. We’re close though!

On to the dining room and at the moment, probably one of my favourite rooms as we’ve spent so little money and I really think it’s starting to come together.

Here’s the before…

And how it looks today.

The faux bamboo dining chairs, vintage sideboard and barcart were all eBay finds which have been brought back to life with a bit of white paint and the eclectic gallery wall (a work in progress) was to distract from the television that my other half insisted on. I have to admit, I rather like having a telly in the dining room as we end up using this room probably more than any other in the house.

Aside from the chairs, I’m especially in love with my barcart which cost me £30 and just needed a refresh with some white spray paint (instead of a really rather terrible green faux marble effect)…

We’ll be tackling those terrible looking floors this year and at some point, I’ll like to replace the light fixture but I’m happy with the progress so far.

We’ve also done work on the master bedroom, the guest bedroom and the bathroom but I thought I’ll just leave ya with one last room – my dressing room – partly because it makes me happy every time I walk in there and partly because I don’t want to outstay my welcome here! 😉

It’s essentially the box room in the house but I quickly claimed it as my own to store my ever growing collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s gone from this…

… with the addition of a new chest of drawers (again, thank you eBay) painted a lovely pale turquoise…

And the addition of lots of gold including a great big stand out mirror and the carpeting ripped out….this is what it looks like today.

Still loads to do here including wallpaper, some new shelving units and perhaps a new leopard-print rug.

It was absolutely lovely for you to stop by and I do hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Thank you again Rebecca for having me! Of course, if you would like to follow along with the rest of the progress, please come visit me on my blog, Swoon Worthy – it would be great to see you there!

No! Thank you Kimberly!

I’m not going to blather on as I’m pretty sure you guys are going to have a lot to say about this particular renovation yourselves.

Do share the love…


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45 thoughts on “Real Rooms: Getting it Swoonworthy…

  1. Wow.

    I am at a loss for words, tis genius and very very beautiful! Kimberley, if I bring cakes can I please come and have a nose?! And that wall in the dinning room is going straigh onto my pinterest!

    Cheers so much for sharing & Rebecca for ff-ing!

  2. Oh my, that IS swoon worthy!! I feel ashamed that we’ve lived in our little home for 5 years and hardly done it up at all (gawd knows it needs it!). You’ve shown me that it can be done, and i’m fully inspired! Now, where’s the wallpaer stripper?! 😉

  3. Good effort Kimberly! it looks amazing! I particularly like the living room floor, but I bet it was back breaking work to get it to look so amazing! And I am seriously jealous of your dressing room, it looks so elegant! I would never have thought of painting the cupboards turquoise but they look fab. Definitely going to hop over to your blog to have more of a nosey!

  4. Really lovely, it looks truely personal and individual which is really hard to achieve I think!

    Im loving these features Rebecca, particularly as we’re doing a few bits and pieces ourselves at the moment so always on the lookout for inspiration!

  5. Morning guys!

    I have taken so much inspiration from this myself and couldn’t wait to share it all with you too – Thanks so much Kimberley for putting it all together for you all!

    I’m really hard pressed to pick a favourite room here… the bar cart! The gallery wall! The Cow Parsley paper! The Kitchen, omg the Kitchen. And that fabulous turquoise dresser with Mirror.

    Where did you find the mirror Kimberley? 🙂


  6. Kimberly, I think I’m a little bit in love with your house!! You have done SUCH an amazing job, you must be so pleased!! And that Chesterfield… amazing!!

    You have really inspired me this morning, we’re currently house hunting and feeling a little deflated – the property we like A LOT needs work and my dad thinks its too much for us to do; but after reading about your house, and seeing how you’ve transformed it makes me feel a bit more positive about things.


    PS where is the yellow wallpaper in your lounge from please – it’s gorgeous!

  7. Wow. You’ve done an amazing job Kimberly. Your house looks so homely and welcoming and more than a little bit funky.

    I love your gallery wall. I have been thinking about putting something like this together but not being the most artistic person, I’m slightly concerned mine will end up looking like a primary school classroom wall. So going to be using yours as inspiration.


    • Thank you Anna 🙂 I’m overly critical of the gallery wall myself – there’s loads I’d like to swap out but I do like the fact that it distracts from the huge TV! I would eventually like to fill the entire wall but it does take some time – just go with your gut instincts on what will work and allow for trial and error 😉 xxx

  8. Gorgeous! Any chance of revealing your paint choices for the living and dining room walls? Am on the hunt for perfect shades of grey and these fit the bill! Thanks 🙂

  9. Oh blimey – looks like I just found another fantastic blog to follow, when I am ever going to have time to do any work with all these fabulous blogs to keep up with! I totally HEART your home Kimberly, you must both be very proud of it. My hubbie and I bought our first home together about 6 months ago and quickly set to work doing it up and I’m now really gutted that I didn’t take any ‘before’ photos, even though it’s not quite yet ready for the ‘after’ photos, we’re definitely getting there and it’s so nice to have that comparison so you can look back with pride at what you’ve achieved. Well done, it looks AMAZING! And if you’re at the London FF afternoon tea, I’ll most definitely be picking your brains if that’s ok! x

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! 🙂 I’ve never done ‘before’ pics in any other home and always regretted it! Take some pics now – you are never really FINISHED with a house anyway! And you’ll get to see the progress as you live with the space for a while 😉 xxx

      (Also, if you want REALLY good motivation, start a blog about it lol) 😉

  10. Oh geez, my head isn’t going to fit out the door after this!! You are all SOOOO kind – thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. I’ve got a smile a mile wide! I will do my best to answer any questions you may have 🙂

    And Rebecca, thanks so much for letting me share my little home with your readers, it’s truly a privilege to be here – Florence Finds is such a brilliant website, I’m really proud to have contributed to a tiny bit of it 🙂 xxx

  11. I am such a fan of Kimberleys blog and her home is truly gorgeous!! Love the fact that the living room is so different – almost oriental and so different to the cath kidston inspired interiors we often see!

    The kitchen is such a transformation – my fave pics are those lights and the open shelving. But my fave rooms has to be the dining room – the art wall looks so interesting – I am in love with those chairs and totally in love with the bar cart! So stylish!

    Although we didnt take on a massive project, our 30’s semi needed alot of updating (to be honest more than we thought when we moved in!) Currently doing it room by room but 1.5 years in we are not even nearly finished!! (Partly because we cant really afford to get anyone in!) Dont even get me started on the garden!! xx

  12. Kimberley I ADORE what you’ve done with your home, and it’s really inspirational to see, on your blog, how you have worked hard on each part until it’s all come together in a glorious whole. Do feel free to drop round to ours when your projects are finally complete! 😉 xx

  13. Wow!! Kimberley your home is stunning! I love getting a sneak peek into other people’s houses and what have have done is very inspiring. I really love what you have done with your kitchen, loving red as pop of colour for your accessories. Also love your gallery wall, we have something similar in our dining room (an idea stolen from my bestie) and I love adding to it. Your comment about the tv on the wall made me giggle as at the moment we are a one tv family much to the boy’s disgust!

    Like a number of people I am lusting after your dressing room, the turquoise and the mirror are perfect 😀 x

    • If it were up to HIM, we’d have a TV in every single room! What IS it with boys and their toys?! lol Alas, I have to admit, I quite like it in there (just don’t tell him that) 😉

      Thank you for your lovely comments, really appreciate it! 🙂 xxx

  14. Kimberley-i am seriously impressed with your stunning home makeover-it’s gorgeous!

    There are so many lovely details-favourites include the amazing wallpaper, the WHOLE kitchen, the feature wall ik the dining room, the stunning chairs, the bar cart (how cool is that?!) and your dressing room-that is seriously swoon worthy!!

    If you have any spare time on your hands then you are more than welcome to come round and sort my house out 

    Off to have a sneaky peak at your blog…

  15. Astonishing.. your work really impressed me, and it’s hard to find new and original comments.
    Would you be so kind to reveal us how you changed the color of the kitchen furniture? I really would like to try to do the same.

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