Real Room Revamp: Before

I’m sure many of you think that I live in a pristine house, tastefully decorated throughout. Although I’m very proud of my living/dinging area and bedroom, other rooms either lack that finishing touch to make them look pulled together and stylish, or are too messy to ever look good. Our spare room fits both categories.

When we moved into this house we did a few minor cosmetic jobs that cost little and then got distracted by our engagement and wedding. After that the house came second to travelling and now we’re at that stage where we’ll be moving in the not too distant future so any updates need to be budget friendly. The spare room gained from one of the early updates and we decorated with one of my favourite patterns at the time, Laura Ashley’s Oriental Garden wallpaper in Duck egg blue. The bed was donated to us by my Mum and we picked out a country style chest of drawers and wardrobe from good old IKEA. With the addition of toning bedding, a small duck egg lampshade and a wool throw, it seemed pretty good at the time.

My tastes have evolved dramatically since then, now the blue on cream on blue seems far too matchy match for my taste, there isn’t enough colour and It looks a bit neglected and unfinished to my eye. Add to that the fact that it is most often used by either our cats as an all-day snooze spot or us as a laundry room and general dumping ground and it is seriously lacking in some love.

Here comes the challenge. I’ll admit it, I am terrible when it comes to making the best of what I have, preferring to ditch it all and start again. However that is what I’m going to have to do here, to stay in budget and just avoid waste in general. It’s not going to be a true budget make-over, but I’m hoping to keep costs down, if only by waiting for the sales for some items. We are hosting my sister come August as she relocates to Manchester while she looks for a place of her own so it’s a great prompt for a massive clear out and kick up the behind to truly finish off the room. I thought it would make a great couple of posts, not only to show you what I have done but show you what I think could be improved in the existing decor.

So what am I planning to do?

  1. The room has never had curtains that I’m happy with. These ones were discounted Laura Ashley fabric and a vain attempt to bring a different colour palette into the room that totally failed. In an effort to save money I skimped on length when the room would have looked way more luxurious and ‘done’ had they been full length.
  2. We have already bought over head lamps for behind the bed, something we had planned to do for years. Because of the wardrobe position a side table is unfortunately unable to fit so at least this will provide directional light that can be controlled from the bed rather than having to get up and switch off the main light.
  3. I’m toying with the idea of covering the wicker bedhead and footer panels. I’ve never loved the wicker and think it would look softer, plus a longer panel at the foot of the bed would hide the multitude of things stuffed under the bed.
  4. We have never bought cushions for the bed as it seemed a waste when money was tighter but I think it contributes to the room appearing unfinished and un-lived in, so they are on the list.
  5. This is one of the few rooms that we haven’t re-carpeted as it gets little use, and that wont be something we’ll change but I may add to it with a patterned rug to brighten the space.
  6. The wall running alongside the bed really needs something. I just don’t know what. I’m leaning towards a gallery wall-esque arrangement of pictures, but I need to avoid anything that can be knocked off the wall by a sudden sit-up-in-bed manoeuvre by any visitors.
  7. The chair currently in situ was rescued from a skip and painted by me but never upholstered. Turns out it should have stayed in the skip as no amount of fixing can make it sturdy and anyone who sits on it takes their life in their hands. I’m debating the need for a small dressing table/desk and chair in here but they would have to be seriously thrifty finds.
So, have you got any ideas?
Come back this afternoon and I’ll share both of the moodboards I have put together for my propsed make-over and I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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7 thoughts on “Real Room Revamp: Before

  1. Rather than a dressing table have you thought about just having a small shelf (glass maybe?) under one of the mirrors, so that there’s still room to put out and do make up, but without taking up more floor space? It’s lovely to have all the furniture, but sometimes it can make a room feel really enclosed and ‘busy’. That said, looking at the pics again if the large trunk at the end of the bed is taken out there would be plenty of room for a desk or something.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the room – love these posts! Makes me long for the day when we finally stop renting… x

  2. Our spare room, despite being re-painted and having new curtains is still a bit of tip! It’s also used as a laundry room/general dumping ground and there’s always a bit of running around involved if someone is actually going to stay in it 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about cushions though, we don’t have any in the spare room and it never looks quite ‘done’ to me. Even just one nice one makes a difference I think.

    In terms of dressing tables, I really wanted one in our bedroom but there just wasn’t the space. However our wardrobe has a couple of mirrors on the front and inside there are a few shelves between the hanging space, so I claimed one for all my toiletries/make-up and use that instead. As I can shut the wardrobe door and you don’t see any of it, it does make the room feel less cluttered too.

  3. Basically, I found this website yesterday and love EVERYTHING on it.

    When I’m redecorating I tend to fall in love with one item – a cushion, a curtain, a chair – and build everything in the room around that. Not the most practical of ways to decorate – and maybe not the most budget-friendly – but I suppose I’m just more heart over head with these things…

  4. Have you considered painting the wicker on you bed? Might be a chep and easy way to change the look. A bright coral could be interesting or a turquoise – possibly a metallic colour?

    I agree with Hollie that too much furniture adds clutter – and expense too. A shelf instead of dressing table is a good idea… Oh and if your moving soonish then it’s always good to look for pieces that you really like and can see in another house (possibly of a different style).

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