Real Room Re-vamp: After

Ok, so you have seen the ‘before’s‘, now for my thoughts on what to do to rescue this sad and unloved little room! Here are some moodboards I put together (it’s so helpful to see things almost together before you splurge!) and I’d love to hear what you think!

Option One: Duck Egg and Neutrals/Grey with Botanical elements

This look was inspired by the Botanist range at John Lewis this spring/summer (the sale started today in case you liked any of it too.) I liked the botanical sketches, and the way there were a range of garden blues and greens that worked together with a neutral backdrop to dilute the duck egg. It also appealed to the inner victorian in me with the collections of curios and I lucked out finding an appropriate curtain fabric – always a tough one when you have a particular scheme in mind.

Option Two: Blue and Coral

I love Coral and suddenly had a brainwave that it actually goes beautifully with the blue shades here when I came across a whole range of different coral prints in Zara Home (who’s sale also incidentally started today!) My2 major reservations when it comes to this scheme are: a. will it feel out of place come winter, and b. I’m really struggling on the curtain front.

Option Three: The combination

So then I thought, can I possibly combine the two? Coral colours, with the blue and a hint of botanical victoriana? The answer is I’m still not sure. The key with mixing patterns like this is to make sure the shades are bang on perfect and I don’t know if this look is just trying too hard to pull it all together.

Items all as above.

This is where you guys come in! What’s your favourite look? Cast your votes below and all suggestions or advice welcome!


PS If you missed them this morning, here are the before pictures.

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17 thoughts on “Real Room Re-vamp: After

  1. Great moodboards Rebecca. I think the mix of Blue and Coral would be gorgeous and would also avoid the “all matching” look you described this morning. These two colours together are unusual but work really well.

    If you are struggling for curtains in coral, you could get a natural colour and accessorize with big ribbons / silk scarf’s in bright corals/blue’s to tie them back? Just an idea! All the curtains in my house are tied back with ribbon or scarf’s. It was meant to me a temporary thing until I found tie-backs but it actually looks really nice! 🙂


  2. I love the coral! The blue and coral together work really well too. I don’t know if you’d risk feeling like you hadn’t changed the room much if it’s blue because it’s not a million miles from that colour shceme now? The coral is such a warm colour it’d be nice in the winter when you might be feeling a bit drab and grey?.. I just can’t resist anything between the shades of pink/red/coral!

  3. I really like the botanical accesories / elements you chose (must be the biologist in me), specially the insects and turtle, but, for the room Blue + coral is what I find the prettier, and I think it goes more with your personality (happy pops of color).
    Mixing it all looks a bit too forced though… so I cast my vote for option 2. -And I am curious of how it will all turn out.

  4. I also like the blue and coral combination and agree with Sarah that neutral curtains could be great and will help the room transition better to Autumn/Winter (though a cheery room in Winter sounds good to me!)

  5. All of your options are beautiful but I especially love the mix of colours on the third option. Although maybe neutral bed linen (like you’ve shown in option 1) rather than the multi-coloured would be slightly easier on the eye.

    Coral is one of my favourite colours (to wear) and I’d never thought of using it for interiors before – you’ve inspired me!

    Can’t wait to see the end result!

  6. Blue & coral. It’s the spare room so go bold it’s not like you spend much time in that room if you decide it’s a bit whizz bang after you’ve done it.

  7. I’ve just caught up with this morning’s post and my instant thought was coral so I’m glad it is one of your options 🙂

    In our last house I painted our bedroom grey which I loved but it just didn’t look finished. I had some coral roses which I put in the room and suddenly I found the accent colour I needed. We had cream curtains but I used coral ribbons as tie-backs. A few coral cushions and accessories was all it needed as it is such a strong colour. Cheap and cheerful, little details can make a big impact.

    With patterned wallpaper I’d be wary of adding too many patterns or it could look to busy and headache inducing.


  8. I vote for a coral and duck egg blue colour scheme (hello, have you seen my blog?) but I also love the botanical imagery and the textured neutral fabrics. I especially love that Zara butterfly bedding and throw. Could you go for a more neutral pattern on the curtains, like stripes or a light check, so it’s not completely blah but still lets the bedding be the star?

    But what do I know, I’m about to buy a kilim-style rug for a room that already has chevron cushions, tartan blankets and floral curtains. I like to think my style is “eclectic,” but I suspect I might just be a bit crazy.

  9. Coral or blue and coral for me!! Both lovely options. Is there anything you save from the existing scheme or round the house that would work with the blue and coral ? x

    • Well, the wallpaper obviously(!) but the duck egg blanket I’m saving and we already have the wall lamps (well since doing the photo’s.) So really it’s the curtains, bedding and cushions that will finish it off.

  10. I definitely vote either 2 or 3, 1 looks really cold to me being someone who’s a fan of warm brights (key colours around my home are reds/yellows/pinks/oranges!) I think 3 could look a bit busy but also could look amazing.. Really like the cushions you’ve picked out for 2 though!

  11. I love all these mood boards, but my favourite’s definitely number three – quirky plus contemporary meets Victorian seems to match the style of your house really nicely. Premier Prints have a fab set of modern geometric and botanical-ish coral fabrics ( – I recently ordered the suzani pattern in yellow and it’s gorgeous. Even with import tax it’s cheaper than buying over here. Wallpaper plus coral fabric (for curtains and cushions) plus one other fabric (bedding – or buy plain bedding and then cushions in another pattern) would fit the magic Emily Henderson three-pattern rule 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, I’m sure it will be fabulous!

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