Real Renovations: Bedroom Update

Hello readers! This afternoon, Jess is back to share the progress of her house with a huge update. I’ve been watching this room come together for the best part of a year now and I cannot tell you how big the change has been – I think the pictures tell the story best however, so let’s get on with the show…

After last months dilemmas about my bedroom, I thought today I would update you all with the progress so far.

Now it may not seem all that exciting to some people, but let me tell you, after living for over a year with just a couple of hanging rails and an old chest of drawers, this week saw some real progress with the arrival of the wardrobes, which is just about the best thing I have spent money on so far for the house. We deliberated for quite some time over what kind of wardrobes to go for, either freestanding or fitted. Initially I was looking at freestanding wardrobes because I like the look of them and there is so much more choice. Dan was dragged around a few furniture stores but we quickly realised that we would struggle to use the full height of our room as most wardrobes wouldn’t even reach the picture rail, let alone go the foot and half above that up to the ceiling. I wanted to be able to hide away all my bags and shoes etc, and really wanted enough storage space so that I wouldn’t have to have things on top of the wardrobes.

We then came across a very pushy saleswoman from a company that sold fitted wardrobes and were cleverly led in to a ‘free design visit’. Now, although there was no way in the world that we would buy off this company (you know the type- ‘buy it now, we’ve got a special sale on that ends tomorrow’, or ‘if you make a decision today we will give you an extra 10% off’), we did let them draw up some fancy images on their computers which gave us a good idea of what we would be able to do if we went with the fitted wardrobe option. And so, after a bit more research, we decided that fitted was the way forward for us and set about looking for a smaller local company that could make what we wanted, and quote us the ‘real’ price at the first time of asking. We found a company we trusted and put in our order…

The bedroom walls were in a pretty poor state due to some dodgy DIY over the years, and the chimney breast has been widened at some point, presumably to fit a double bed across it. We also had some damage to the plaster in the bay due to a leaky window. So before ordering the wardrobes, the chimney breast was knocked back to its original width and the whole room was re-plastered. I had no idea just what a messy job this would be, and would really think hard about doing it to any other rooms unless absolutely necessary. I think the picture explains better than I can! The carpet was ruined, there was a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards. But, the end result was good and gave Dan some lovely smooth walls to paint!

We had to wait several weeks for the custom built units to be made and that process couldn’t be started until all the plastering had been done. So despite the fact that I had been up all night at work and normally would have gone straight to bed, the arrival of the wardrobes this Monday morning was something I was prepared to stay awake and sacrifice my sleep for. Before the afternoon was over the wardrobes were in! I’d seen a similar design with the wardrobes fitted around a chimney breast when we were looking at houses so had an good idea of how it would look when all done, but the result was better that I had expected.

I decided to use my own choice of door knob rather than those supplied with the wardrobes to give the room an extra detail. Zara Home is a fairly recent discovery for me and has been a complete revelation; it didn’t let me down when I found the ceramic flower ‘Julie’ knobs that even Dan managed to describe as ‘nice’. I’d say thats a positive reaction from him, so you can expect to see a lot more of Zara Home products cropping up in my home from now on. It’s just a shame (or maybe a blessing given that we are also trying to save up for a wedding,) that there isn’t a store in Manchester!

The new carpet was put down the next day, and the ‘Bourbon’ bedside tables from have arrived too. So now I get to enjoy moving my clothes to their new home (I doubt it will stay looking quite so orderly), and when the windows have some kind of covering (the venetian blinds are on order) Dan and I can move in to our new bedroom at last, I cannot wait!…

Jess x

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11 thoughts on “Real Renovations: Bedroom Update

  1. Jess I love your updates. The wardrobes look great! I’m so jealous of that lovely light bay window. What are you going to with the chimney breast space?

  2. Looks lovely!!!!

    I’m so jealous of your fitted wardrobes. I just ripped some HIDEOUS ones out of our room because Mr G kept suggesting that we just replace the doors. I wanted new fresh ones. he was having none of it, and I was scared that he’d override me like he did with the carpet (as I moaned on Instagram about!) whilst I was at work, so i waited for him to do a day shift at the weekend and convinced my dad to help me rip them out (“I swear – he said he hated them as much as me and wanted them gone. Promise”) -so he couldn’t!! Ha! We now have make-shift Ikea ones until we can afford some lovely fitted ones like yours! Boo!

    My house sounds like a hotbed of domestic bliss and complete equality in decision making, doesn’t it? The Wars of the Roses ain’t got nuthin’ on us! ha ha! (Jokes)

  3. I am extremely jealous of your wardrobes! All that space – they look great! Very much liking the bedside tables from Made as well – love the colour. I’m so happy Made have decided to have express delivery on some items – I hate having to wait.

    We just had our bedroom walls done as well and I totally agree about the plastering – its so messy but it gives such a great result so it is worth it in the end.

    Are you retaining the wooden floors or going with carpet?

    Rachie xo

  4. I can so sympathise with the mess of plastering, we’ve just had some done, hello lovely smooth walls but so much mess! You’re bedroom looks lovely, can’t wait to see it all complete, it’s going to look so blissful x

  5. The wardrobes look beautiful! I’m having almost the exact same problem, and am also living with a hanging rail and Ikea drawers after 14 months of living here! I’m also in Manchester, and would be interested to know which company you used, if at all possible? It’s so hard to find someone that you trust to do jobs like that!

    Sandie x

  6. Loving your bedside cabinets!! Been after some new ones for months, but had no idea what I wanted. You have just inspired me! Thanks!! 🙂 xx

  7. Glad you all approve of my choice!

    Jennycake the plan for the chimney breast is an oversized floor standing mirror, there are a few I have had my eye on:)

    Although I like the look of wooden floors, we decided to go for carpet instead of sanding the boards. If we had done it last year I might have been tempted to keep the floorboards but one winter in the house is enough to convince me that we need carpet!

    Sandie I feel your pain over the hanging rails, but the wardrobes will be worth the wait. We went with a company called Crown Bedrooms Ltd. and were really happy with them.

    The bedside cabinets were a bit of a gamble, having only ever seen them online, but I think the shape and colour make sure that the room doesn’t look too much like a typical fitted bedroom. And they were quite a bargain too!

  8. Jess, your wardrobes are fabulous! I’m very jealous! We’re house hunting and I’ve seen so many monsterous fitted wardrobes that I thought I’d been put off for life. These are brilliant through – both spacious and stylish.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the room!

  9. Hi,
    The wardrobes look lovely – if you don’t mind me asking – how much approximately were they – I am looking for some like that on both sides of the room but I live in Kent.
    Thanks Aurelia

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