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There’s a particular trend I’ve been seeing a lot of that I have just fallen in love with lately, super thin gold rings. I think I first saw it on Charley over at London Bride (super stylish lady that she is!) and slowly slowly, they’re cropping up everywhere. Whether it’s a few of them stacked on one finger, the thinnest band on every finger, twisted or embellished with cute cut outs, I just think they’re super cute.

After deciding I needed some in my life, I thought I’d round up some options for you whether it’s a quick fashion fix or you want to splurge.

Velo love Bike pink gold ring, MirendaJewelry on Etsy // Tiny heart twisted gold ring – SecretCharm on Etsy // Open heart ring, Moodichic on Etsy // Thin gemstone rings, Artem Mikaeilyn on Etsy // Micropave diamond band TulaJewelry on Etsy

Rose Gold and Diamond small bunny ring, Hillier from Astley Clarke // Heart and LOVE rings, triple diamond teeny ring, all Marian Maurer at Astley Clarke // Nugget ring, Natasha Collins at Astley Clarke // Diamond Star ring, Astley Clarke Muse

So have I set your hearts all a-flutter? Let me know if you’re head over heels for these delicate beauties…


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21 thoughts on “Put a ring on it…

  1. Oooooo, i am in love with the little star ring… its my 30th Birthday in Sept so i think i may need to drop some massive hints to the hubs about that making the most perfect 30th birthday gift…. hummmmmmmm – Fab post Rebecca, they are all super lush! Amy x

  2. even though we talk behind the scenes I don’t always know what posts are coming up and Rebecca you’re so on the pulse (well, my pulse!!) it’s scary sometimes! If you looked at my internet history you’d see heaps of recent searches for ‘narrow gold ring’ ‘thin gold ring’ ‘super slim gold ring’ etc. I love these! x

  3. Love these! But I’m never sure about mixing white gold/silver with yellow gold?!
    I’m probably not cool enough to know the rules ; ) x

    • I used to have a weird phobia of mixing metals too, but then I saw some really cool mixed stacks, like this one, and now I’m desperate for one of my own! I think it can look really fresh and interesting – it seems to make the individual rings stand out more than if they were all the same tone. Go for it!

      • My engagement ring is a white/yellow gold combo, and biased though I am, it is awesome! So I wouldn’t be afraid of mixing at all.

        • Another biased person here! I have platinum wedding band yellow gold engagement & love it! I now mix other bits of jewellery alot more because of it.

  4. Can’t believe you didn’t link to Catbird, to my mind the original purveyor of the thin gold ring trend (although they may well not have been first). I am in love with pretty much everything on there – their lookbook video is incredible. I think their heart rings/alphabet rings would make a gorgeous engagement ring (in fact I steered my friend’s boyfriend in that direction when he proposed) or just a lovely splurge. Unfortunately I’m on a super strict budget at the moment, but I dream of owning this bad boy – five-year anniversary, maybe…?

    (In case you can’t tell, yes, I love this trend!)

  5. Love these! Would have had one as my weedding ring but didnt want to mix yellow and white gold. Might be one for christmas i think!

    Did you get the Astley Clarke sale email? Swoon!!! xx

  6. Love! I have worn a super narrow gold ring on my right ring finger for ages, it was my grandmother’s and sits next to my gold signet ring. I wanted to stack it with my wedding and engagement but as they are platinum I think it makes the gold looks brash? Just me?

    Adoring the little bunny ring!

    • I know, that’s the one I really really want.

      On the subject of mixing metals… for high end jewellery and (reasonably sized) diamonds, I prefer white metal, but over all I think it’s a definite go-er. I’d have a mixed stack of rings no problem, probably because I’d mix colour in there too and rose gold even. I love rose gold.

  7. These rings are truly lovely.
    If you ever do a post on cuffs, I’d liek o send you an image of the cuffs I make.
    Enjoyed reading this post, especially the fact you have featured both independant designers from etsy and established ones from astey Clarke, hence giving everyone a wonderful choice .

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