Pram Update… Uppababy Vista

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about our plans to buy a pram and the couple we had looked at. Amazingly, I got so much feedback and advice, along with your recommendations, and the feedback on the Uppababy Vista was so overwhelming we decided to take a second look. Pete was much happier with the build quality and for me it just has a few things that edge it over the other choices.

  • Pull out full sunshade as we’re going to have a summer baby
  • Huge shopping basket.
  • Not too bad a price
  • Bassinet is safe for baby to sleep in there as a travel cot – fully ventilated (as we have a holiday planned for when baby is 12 weeks old)
  • The frame folds down and stands up on it’s end for easy storage.
  • Smaller when folded down to fit in the boot then others we looked at.
  • You can buy a travel bag for it to keep it safe in an aeroplane hold and that also insures it for damage while travelling.
  • Comes with rain covers and insect nets too
  • Works with the BeSafe iZi Go car seat (which is Pete’s preferred choice) or the Maxicosi – adapters included

So that’s our choice, we’re going for the bright orange to satisfy my colour cravings and although I’m sad to be missing out on the fun prints on our previous choice, I think this is the better option. Thanks so much for all the advice and recommendations – I know future readers will find it really useful too. 🙂

Just need a baby to put in it now!


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16 thoughts on “Pram Update… Uppababy Vista

  1. That’s what we went for too, in indigo. I can’t tell you if its any good yet, as still waiting for a baby to put into it (at 40+6!).

    I spent ages on ebay / gumtree trying to get one secondhand but we actually got a good deal from (which is still running) where you get a carseat (Maxicosi) and the Vista and get £100 off the aggregate price. Not sure if it will be worth it for you since they are London based and postage might be expensive, but I thought worth flagging on the off chance.

  2. Interesting – this is the one we’ve decided to go for as well (probably in green). We really loved the look and feel of it when we went to look instore, and being able to use the bassinet as a travel cot early on will be very useful. I didn’t know that about the travel bag and insurance so we might look into getting one of those too.

  3. Excellent choice. My wee one, Gregor, arrived 15 days ago so we have started using our Uppababy Vista since I recommended it and we are not disappointed. He generally seems really comfy in it. My only slight criticism is that the suspension isn’t great. Pavements round hear are pretty poor and it does look like he gets rattled about a bit but he doesn’t seem to mind! I hope you’re really pleased with it.

  4. This seems like a lovely choice.
    A friend has one and Im very envious of her giant basket.
    On an aside – I have the mama and papas urbo and at 10wks Dexter is very nearly grown out of the bassinet/carry cot. Basically if the vista is a similar size then you may struggle to use it for your LO at 12wks…

    • Ava is 91st percentile length and weight. We got over five months out of our Uppababy bassinet. Her head was just touching the top, and feet the bottom, but still she slept soundly.

      Good choice Rebecca.

  5. It’s quite a decision,especially given how much you’ll be using it. My sister gave us her Quinny Buzz travel system so we never looked into what was on offer. The bassinet is useless! So many of these carrycots say they’re suitable to 6 months, but it seems to be more like 3 months, as Caroline says. I would never have bought the Quinny based on it’s poor bassinet, which has a very strange incline. However, I’m hoping the pushchair part is much better, as it is nice to push, sturdy etc. If a baby number 2 comes along, I will definitely be buying a new one-so good to bear these reviews in mind! Exciting times Rebecca! X

  6. Excellent choice!! You won’t be sorry and the colour is fab- we went for plain old black, but the colour choices they have now are great!!

    We took our little one away at 12 weeks and even though he’s in the 99th centile for height he still fitted comfortably in the bassinet so hopefully you’ll be ok.

  7. What a great colour! We’ve got for the Uppababy Cruz which is the more compact version as we live in a first floor flat. I was so impressed by the ease with which it all collapsed and stored which was a major factor for us. It arrives on Tuesday so I’m excited to have another play. The colour choices weren’t as exciting with the Cruz although maybe I’m just a wimp with my choice of black! Witnessing a couple in JL arguing about the particular colour of Buggaboo to choose maybe Uppababy is on to something!

  8. Fantastic choice! You won’t be disappointed! From experience (and having to help a new mum out in the Waitrose car park the other day!), I would advise practising collapsing it and putting it up before the baby arrives: it gets easier with practise but I’m also sure that the mechanism must loosen up after a few goes (or practise alone really does make perfect!)

    • I remember my husband drilling me in the art of getting the carseat off, swapping it for the carrycot, collapsing, putting it up etc! Definitely practice fitting the carseat yourself as well so you feel confident doing it.

  9. Looks like a good choice. We bought the bugaboo donkey for our twins (which you can get as a single buggy with a side shopping basket) and it’s amazing, a bit wide perhaps but that’s inevitable! 8 weeks in to motherhood and I can see how useful it is to have a good buggy – makes life so much easier!

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