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I joked in a prevous post that the third question you always get asked when people launch into making your pregnancy conversation fodder, is ‘do you know the sex?’ but there is a fourth, and that is ‘what pram are you getting?’ I have to admit, researching prams has never been something I am particularly interested in or could get enthusiastic about. I’m of the opinion that if you were given a pram, you would probably think it was great, regardless of the brand and features as you wouldn’t know anything else. If however you happen to be on your third pram with more than one child, that kind of user comparison is pretty useful. Either way, with travel systems being a major financial investment, I can see why people feel the pressure to get it right.

We haven’t had any big factors to consider when making our choice, like easy collapsing for swift use on public transport or the size of the car boot, which has left the field wide open. I’m really keen to get something bright and colourful instead of black and I like the bassinet components but I wouldn’t pay extra for one. A lot of our friends recommended the iCandy Strawberry, and a few others the Bugaboo’s – either the cameleon or the bee (which I loved in bright yellow,) but my head was turned by the Cosatto range. We ended up going to a local shop and pitting the Bugaboo Cameleon against the Cosatto Giggle (they didn’t have any iCandy’s in store,) and given that the Cosatto was half the price I couldn’t find anything about the Bugaboo that made it worth spending so much more. The Cosatto includes the bassinet carrier for use from birth, the push chair for older babies, the usual things like a rain cover and fun extras like a matching changing bag, (- thankfully as I just cannot get excited about any of them right now either.) There are also matching car seats.

We are just at the point of placing our order, so before we go ahead I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Have you had a Cosatto or loved your choice of another brand? Are there any you would warn me off, or things I should consider before we place that order? I really haven’t been able to motivate myself to research much beyond what I’ve written here…

Thanks guys!


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70 thoughts on “Pram face…

  1. Oh wow, I wish they had such colourful prams over here, that one is so, so pretty, and it looks sturdy too. Here everything is monochromatic, and the available “colors” are navy, brown, black, grey… red if you are lucky.

    We looked at the Bugaboos but I did not find them very intuitive to fold and use. I liked the Joolz (and you can personalize the finishings), but they were way out of our budget.

    In the end we chose the Maxi-Cosi Mura 4 and I highly recommend it. I love that it is an all-terrain stroller. Those huge wheels were a decision factor, particularly if you like to take walks. We love to go on city hikes, and this one can take the woods, the parks, the dunes. It is also very very easy to collapse (in one movement). I use it every single day, even when it rains (going out of the house for walks is lovely and it is also keeping me sane and happy). I get time to read, I see nature…

    For us the factors to consider were: huge sturdy wheels / easy to collapse / baby is well protected / local brand where parts were easy to get, and not have to be imported .

    • I also have the Maxi Cosi Mura. I like it a lot, the only downsides for me were it’s quite wide. Doorways were a problem. Also the straps I found quite annoying when child is sat up (hard to tighten and loosen).

  2. Something I very much appreciate about our pram (Silver Cross Wayfarer) is that although it is sturdy it isn’t too heavy. I’ve really noticed the strain that feeding/carrying/rocking a baby has had on my neck/shoulders so a heavy buggy wouldn’t be appreciated.

    Also v glad the bassinet/carrycot was included as Max is on the 98th percentile for length and outgrew it at 3 months rather than the recommended 6 months – would have been a bit annoying if we had paid extra for it.

    Finally, the pushchair seat can be forward or parent facing which was another must have for me. Happy shopping!

  3. We have the Cosatto Giggle in “Treet” and we love it. I can’t imagine having paid £600-800 for a pram and I managed to fund my pram purchase entirely by selling stuff on eBay! Anyway I digress. We got the giggle in a deal with the carpet but we don’t use the car seats we use an Isofix one. People will say how you have to have the matching car seat to go on the pram base but personally I can’t see why & I never found it a problem. In summary the giggle:
    *is really REALLY light, easy to dismantle, fold & put in the car
    *is really nippy & easy to push
    *comes with everything you need – no extras to buy
    *is comfy for newborns & bigger kids. The bassinet is nice and high as well, unlike the bugaboo which is weirdly low so you can’t see baby.
    *gets lots of admiring comments!
    *doesn’t have a huge basket underneath, but I have found it big enough
    *is NOT an all-terrain pram. Don’t buy it if you want to go on grass, sand, country walks etc as it will not cut it. Again this didn’t bother us as we use a baby carrier for off-roading

    I’m really pleased with our purchase, not least because we saved so much compared to friends who bought more “fancy” but much more boring prams.

    Hope that helps!

    PS we got ours from Glasgow Pramcentre online, pram plus car seat for £350 including free delivery but not sure they have that deal any more.

  4. I think if you don’t have space etc to consider then you’re much freer. We’re getting the Bugaboo Bee because we don’t have space in our house to store a carry cot in a few months when baby grows out of it and we don’t have a lot of space in the house for the pushchair to take up. Plus I’m planning on using a wrap and carrier a lot, at least at the start, so I don’t think I need a separate carry cot.
    It’s all down to personal needs and I think that’s what makes it hard to take advice on pushchairs as everyone’s needs are different. The one you’ve chosen is great and I think as long as it matches your criteria go for it!

  5. We got the Oyster and love it. So did a couple of our friends. There is a huge range of colour packs you can buy to brighten it, or mix it up. The bits are separate e.g colour pack, carry cot, but even combined they come to less then some of the fancier brands. The main selling points for us was – it had one of the narrowest wheel bases available at the time therefore a nice tight turning circle and easier to get round in shops with narrow aisles, really light compared to many of the others, the hood on the pushchair is brilliant, it folds back over itself (hard to describe) but when unfolded comes down super low. This is great for napping in the pushchair and also means you only need a rain cover for proper rain as it covers much of the pushchair. Nearly two years on happy with our choice. Though we still find ourselves ‘Pramspotting’ when out and about as we spent so long considering and were familiar with so many models!

  6. We’ve ordered an uppababy vista. It gets the which best travel system award and is cheaper than a bugaboo or icandy. We played with it in various shops and it seemed as straightforward as any others to use. We collected it this weekend which makes baby coming seem very real finally and I’m still delighted, but we haven’t really put it to the test yet. Still I’ve yet to hear anything other than a glowing review, so it might be worth a look just before you put that order in!!!

      • We got our from the corstorphine and raeburn pram centre in edinburgh – whole package including a maxicosi car seat for £638.99 – cheaper than john lewis.

        • We’ve got an Uppababy Cruz and it’s wonderful. Friend has the Vista and it’s amazing too. Such good prams and brilliant customer care.


          • Can thoroughly recommend the UppaBaby Vista too! Great wheels and fantastic sized basket underneath. And if it’s good enough for Drew Barrymore and Reece Witherspoon 😉

    • I too have the Vista and after a year of use would thoroughly recommend it. It is a bit bulkier/heavier than other models but it is oh so sturdy, extremely well made and a dream to push for a taller mum. It also is nice and high so you are close to your baby, which is especially handy when they are very small. Lastly a year on, it still looks almost as good as new!

    • We have the UppaBaby Vista too and I love it! Cannot recommend it highly enough. Brilliant basket size underneath which has been a godsend over the past year plus amazingly easy to drive. I could rave about it all day.
      We bought it from the Glasgow Pram Centre, like another reader on here, and they were great. They have UK-wide delivery.

    • I’ve got the uppababy vista and love love love it! Shopping basket is a great size and the sun shade built in is amazing. My lg is 16 months and we’ve used it every day. My next baby is due in 8 weeks and we’ve bought the rumble seat to convert to a double. If its good enough for sarah Jessica Parker it’s good enough for me! X

  7. We have the Uppababy Vista. It was bought not only because its a complete travel system for around £600 but also because the bassinet offers an overnight sleeping option negating the need to take the Moses away with you when visiting friends/grandparents. It also has an amazing sunshade which means you don’t need those poxy umbrellas which break all the time (great for a summer baby as Calum was) and finally, the under-basket is HUGE! Much bigger than anything else we found meaning I could do a decent shop without using a trolley or balancing a basket in a supermarket. We love it and are still using it now. On our recommendation three of our friends also have it. JL stock it so I’d urge you to take a look. Comes in loads of colours too xx

      • Another happy mum (and baby) with an Uppababy Vista – great for all the reasons Erin’s given above, plus I’ve found it easy to use on semi-off-road surfaces and love the fact that the car seat when attached (and later the pushchair seat) are higher up than a lot of pushchairs. I’m told that this means the pushchair is table height when out and about, avoiding the need for high chairs everywhere.

        As a side note, I overheard a lady in john Lewis telling another customer that while they get a lot of icandy pushchairs back for repairs, they hardly ever get Uppababy pushchairs back.

        Love the colours of the giggle though!

        • Another vote for uppababy vista here- and as a first time mum who naively went for the ‘wheat’ colour option it coped extremely well with a poonami incident!

        • Totally agree Jen. So many of the prams out there feel so low! I’m by no means tall (5’7) but hubby is 6’2 and baby is such a nice height in the uppababy! Another of the many pluses! 🙂

          • Oh yes, I agree with the height thing. Harry can sit in it when we go out for lunch as it’s the perfect table height!

  8. We got the Mothercare Xpedior. £250 for travel system and I can honestly says it’s been brilliant! I do have a small car and the wheels easily pop off and on to make it fit. The car seat is easy to fix in (my car didn’t have isofix – totally need a new car!) and it folds down easily. It was a pram when my son was small and now he’s 7 months I use it in pushchair mode, but it easily tilts back if he falls asleep. For the price, I think it is extremely good value. It comes with rain cover etc and I think you can now buy different colour ways, which you couldn’t when I bought it. I found it very hard looking for a travel system – you get bamboozled by the all the different info – but I think we made the right choice! Ours has certainly done some miles in the 7 months we’ve had it!

  9. I love how unenthusiastic about this you are, Rebecca! We were the same: went into 2 shops, chose one that was tall enough for husband to push without crippling his back and that was it. Done. (Mamas and Papas Urbo, which I do think is a great pushchair, by the way.)

  10. We also went for the Uppababy Vista and LOVED it! My husband is a researcher so spent months looking into the various options and I don’t think we could have been happier. The bassinet was great for overnight sleeping when we went away and collapses after you’ve finished using it so doesnt take up masses of room. My sister had a baby at the same time as me and went for the iCandy- she said she regretted it when she saw how user friendly the vista was. We eventually packed ours away when our son turned 1 (we bought the Uppababy g-luxe stroller) and I fully intend on getting more use from the Vista in the future!
    I know it seems like a big expense (think we paid £465 for ours excluding the car seat) but for the amount of use we got out of it, I think it was by far our best baby investment!

    • What do you think of the gluxe stroller Sara. We took my sisters maclaren xt techno on holiday and I have to say I wasn’t the biggest fan so thinking of getting the gluxe (as we have the vista too)


      • Hi Rachie,

        We got it because we live in a 2nd floor flat and it’s one of the lightest on the market. It’s not as sturdy as some of the other strollers I’ve tried but it’s so so light (comes with a handy strap to carry it on your back) and stands up on it’s own which has been good. Comes with the standard Uppababy sun shade which is great for holiday but does have a smaller basket (think we were spoled with the Vista though). It’s relativly hard wearing as we live on a canal path and the terrain can be rough and it fits into the boot of our not-enormus car. My friend can’t fit her Maclaren into the boot of her estate wich is bonkers really! If you decide to go for it we got it online from a place called Groovy Style which was cheaper than JL.

  11. I wrote a Really long comment but then it deleted when I was googling who got through on Britains Got Talent (oops). We’re going for the Vista after much twitter chat (thanks Aisling and Penny) and recommendations from half my office and trials at Kiddicare (definitely worth a look…their pram selection is HUGE).

    For me, the Vista is sturdy enough for winter, the carrycot can be used as a Moses basket if we take baby around to friends for dinner, is light enough for the bus and tube, comes with the bassinet, comes in plain old black as well as colours and gets top marks for safety in all the parenting and which awards. Size wise, it’s compatible to the Chamelleon but half the price (£630 at JL and Kiddicare but Kiddicare often do deals for £100 or 10% off). It also comes with everything (rain covers, sunshade, maxi cosi adapters etc) so no hidden costs and it can be converted into a double for minimal cost if we have another baby in relatively quick succession saving the costs of a second pram (according to my work colleague this is VERY important advice). The ‘seat’ or bassinet is also quite high up for my husband at 6ft 2. The suspension is apparently good for parks, cobbles and normal day to day use and they’ve nailed the little touches. I was really impressed by the fact that the front of the basket has a hinge on it so the massive storage is easily accessible when the bassinet is on as obviously it hangs down lower than the reversible seat. I just liked the attention to detail.

    Even if you don’t like the look of the Vista you must check out Kiddicare. My cousin swears by it and their stock is so much cheaper than JL (baby Bjorn bouncer was on offer for £60 at Kiddicare and £130 at JL).

    • I second the Kiddicare rec – their staff are really well-trained and their repairs/customer service dept faultless.

      Re the conversion to a double thing, I think that’s really specific advice – if we’d had a newborn at any point after Stella’s first birthday (making for a very quick conception post-birth!) we wouldn’t have bothered with a double buggy due to Stella’s size/preference for walking/her lightweight stroller etc. As well as the fact we barely used our pram until S was in the actual seat unit because we used wraps & carriers and would likely do so with another baby. So all that waffle just to say I wouldn’t count that conversion factor as a huge necessity.

      Love the look of Cosatto prams, would also recommend Mamas&Papas for excellent service. If ‘off-road’ (within reason!) is in your future with a baby in a pram I would say look at their Zoom.

  12. I fell in love with the Joolz and very nearly bought it but thankfully I did the boot test and realised that it was just too heavy for me to lift in and out of a car boot on a regular basis.
    We ended up going for the Orbitbaby and I love it. It’s light, it compact, it’s a bit odd looking so we find that it turns heads but in terms of function I can’t fault it. The other plus with both was that my husband felt happy pushing them both without feeling like a Wally (my step daughter now 9 had a bright pink buggy that required sunglasses!).
    I know someone who has had no less than 5 buggies for her now 2 year old and is contemplating another one, not something I would be able to do given how much many of them cost so it’s good to try plenty before you buy. Don’t forget it’s pretty much a massive handbag for the next few years carrying your most precious possession, worth spending money on a good one I think! Good luck shopping xx

  13. I bloody love this cosatto pram. The independent shop we bought our oyster vogue humbug (black and cream stripes with cream inner with black spots!) didn’t stock cosatto or we might have been tempted. I agree, I wanted something different that i’d be proud to push, not something in black or a single block colour. I have never in 10 months seen anyone else with my pram and despite Rory being on the 98th centile for height we used the roomy bassinet which came with it for 5 plus months. It was great for nights away and knowing his back was nice and flat for extended periods of time.

    My only advice is if you are thinking of having more than one baby whilst the first one will still need a pushchair, you can buy one now that can be adapted later rather than have to buy a new one for the second, which does seem pretty wasteful. A friend of mine bought the Oyster duo even though they had a single pregnancy, for this very reason, which I thought was bonkers forward planning at the time. It never crossed my mind to think about baby no. 2 when I was pregnant with our first. I don’t know what brands other than oyster do this, but I expect there are a few.

    • According to JL (albeit on their limited range) the best one for this is the Icandy Peach. It’s the only pram they do which can have a teeny baby and a toddler both seated. Although Kiddicare also said the Phil and Ted are good for this (which incidentally is the one my colleague bought). He originally had a M & P and said it had a good resale value though. Kiddicare also said there was a city jogger which would do for two although I just didn’t like the look or feel of a three wheeled pram. Also The Vista will take two toddlers or a toddler standing and a bassinet.

  14. We are the people you mentioned – being given a pram by my boss, couldn’t care less about it, sure it’ll be fine. I’m really grateful to her because it’s a big saving, but even more than that it’s so liberating not to have to think about it! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said to Fin “thank god we don’t have to worry about researching prams”. That said, I think the one above sounds great and looks so fun. Love the colours (and the free changing bag – I seem to have just transferred all my pram anxiety onto nappy bags and am paralysed by indecision, argh!!!).

    • Kirsty, having used our nappy bag for ages it is important to get what you want / need although thats impossible to know beforehand.

      We have a black Radley one which is great and it has clips to attach to the buggy which was really useful. Graham and my parents still use it. Now Holden is a bit older (but still needs a lot of stuff) I got sick of carrying it and my handbag so I now have a Mia Tui Ella which fits both our stuff in and doubles as holiday hand luggage!

      • I genuinely think as long as it has plenty of room, pockets inside and is wipe clean inside you can use pretty much any bag as a change bag. I really didn’t want a change bag that looked like a change bag….borrowed a Skiphop for a while but it was too small and I felt like an idiot carrying it round! Just got a lovely leather large handbag from TK Maxx in the end. Totally cool and a quarter of the price!

        No clips for the buggy handles but it fit easily in the basket so that wasn’t a problem for us…might be with some of the low sitting/umbrella fold prams.

        • Kirsty – I’d not sure I’d bother get a changing bag to start with. Just get something that you can put stuff in and then work out what bag you need by what you actually do when the baby is here. Some mums I knew seemed to need the clips on the buggy which are easily removed one handed – others never had that and just used a rucksack. We used a zipped shopper (although I experimented with a skiphop from eBay which is ok, but I didn’t love).

  15. I can’t speak from owning a pram, however I have pushed my niece and nephew around enough to be able to say that the Phil and Ted three wheeler is really good. They had a travel system when their first baby was born, but didn’t find it that practical as it was a huge thing. The three wheeler is narrow, very easy to turn and dismantle, easily coverts to a double without being too expensive and it’s brilliant off road. They still use it now after 2yrs. I love the look of the Cosatto one though! It’s a gorgeous colour.

  16. We have the Bugaboo Cameleon and love it; it was a gift from my parents so we didn’t have to worry about the cost, but even so I would still have bought it myself. We love it, it has been used constantly since Holden was born and does everything you want / need it too. The basket underneath is great as its big and gets covered completely so nothing gets wet when it rains etc. Another good thing with the bassinet / seat is that it works of the same frame so you don’t need to store either one, just the fabric, which of course you can also change. We’ve got dark blue but would probably buy something different if we have another baby. The adjustable handle is great for people of different heights as well and really easy to change, the seat can lie flat as well which is great even now when Holden naps. The seat can face you or out as well which we also love about it.

    We’ve got the footmuff for ours which is necessary in Scotland and we also bought the transport bag for it and have taken it everywhere we’ve been (when we flew to Oz, Bath, Orlando, Paris, Copenhagen) since Holden was born and not a mark on the buggy. Another thing I loved when Holden was younger was being able to attach the car seat on to the frame, you can buy adaptors for a maxi cosi seat.

    I agree it can be a really hard choice, my sister had a bugaboo too and we had seen it working before we had Holden and knew it would be great for us and fitted in our car too!

    • Oh also forgot to add, possibly the best thing we love about the bugaboo, is how easy it moves / turns around in small spaces compared to some we have seen and how great & sturdy the wheels are. We bought ours from JL as their aftercare is better than most other places.

  17. I am currently at this stage, and will be headed out to the relevant shops next Sunday to test drive a few and make a final decision. Like you, I am struggling a little to muster the enthusiasm for the research side of this and I am determined not to end up with something black. Having taken the opportunity to test drive a few friends buggies over the last 12 months (when I knew we were trying) I have formed an opinion though, on what I do and don’t like. And I do have a list of criteria with regard to what I am looking for when I do finally decide. The criteria are:
    1.Hard wearing – on the basis that we will have more, and I don’t want to buy a new buggy/travel system each time.
    2. Yet attractive. I don’t want to be stuck with something dull/ugly – and seeing as we are expecting a little girl, it would be nice if it was “pretty” or at the very least, did not look suitable for a military exercise!
    3. Something that can be converted into a buggy for two (on the basis we will have another one) – I don’t mind spending more money if I think we will get the wear out of it.
    4. Sturdy – I have read reports of wheels falling off/material ripping very easily on some models.
    5. Adjustable height on handlebars (so hubby and I can use it comfortably – he’s 6 ft 2)
    6. A raised seating position, so the baby is relatively high up and I don’t have to do a lot of bending down.
    7. Big wheels – to avoid them clogging up with dirt when on country walks.
    8. Compatible and easy to fix the frame to a Maxi Cosi car seat (so I don’t have to wake the baby up to get it out of the car or vice versa)
    9. Easy to collapse (I don’t want to be faffing around with a buggy frame whilst holding a new born – probably in the rain!)

    Wow – I’ve just realised I have a lot of criteria! On that basis. The only one that appears to fit all of those (that I have found) is the UppaBaby Vista. I did have a thing for the Stokke Xplori for a long time. But read some pretty negative reviews about it. Where as the UppaBaby seems to be a pretty firm favourite with anyone who has it. And it comes in red, wheat, orange, navy etc. So I don’t feel that I am restricted to black. It can be adapted to add a rumble seat for a second older child and easily fits a Maxi Cosi car seat (with adaptors that are included). Plus there is a frame that the basinett can be sat on, so you can use it in the house.

    I will of course compare it to it’s competitors (Bugaboos, iCandys etc) but I am yet to find one that has such amaxing reviews from so many people.

    Sorry for rambling!


  18. Another vote for the Vista here! They have really taken off where we live now and if you go out and about “pram spotting” you’ll see that lots of people have them… I agree they are not the most attractive pram in the world but the features more than make up for that and I feel like mine is virtually indestructible.

    Best features
    Big basket – you cant underestimate how handy this is especially if you walk to the shops alot. And now Annie is older I keep quite a few toys in it, all the time as well as blanket, coat, rain shield etc.
    Really ergonomic compared to other pushchairs and lightweight to push…
    Bassinet is nice and big for a big baby and comfortable. Seat is big too and Annie sleeps nicely in it.
    Pull out sunshade – just great for naps as well as a sunshade.
    Easy to fold and just generally easy to put together. Break is super easy even in flip flops. (Which i didn’t think mattered until we took a MacLaren on holiday with us!!)

    My friend has a cossato and its had to go back twice due to faults but that might just be her one! As long as it has good reviews generally then I would say you are okay. And it looks amazing!


  19. I think the Uppababy is available at John Lewis. I did like the look of it, but I decided on the Mamas & Papas Sola in the end. 20 months in and we are using it less now as our son can walk really well and enjoys the freedom but I still really like the fact that it is comfortable enough for him to sleep in when needed. We were at a wedding at the weekend and he managed a 90 minute nap in there.
    The bassinet component was worth having, as it meant we just needed to take that with us when he was little and he had somewhere safe to sleep. He was very tall so outgrew it quite quickly so I was pleased that the stroller part was really padded and could lie flat. We bought a footmuff for extra warmth and it was good enough for a trip to Berlin in February when he was 4 months old. It took a Cybex car seat, it is really useful when they are small to be able to transfer them in and out without disturbing them. The pram folds flat and can stand up when folded. I also bought a parasol for it for the summer, we had such a sunny summer last year we needed the extra shade!
    I think the advantage with the Bugaboo is the resale value, you can get 50% of the price back so if you plan on selling it on it is worth buying it new as technically it is only costing you half of what you actually pay for it up front!
    We didn’t know what we were having so we went for a black carrycot (which I would have preferred to have in a colour) and the stroller in red.

  20. Ah the pram debate, we looked at the I candy strawberry and peach, but I decided they weren’t worth the money plus the hood made a loud noise when opening which put me off. I love the look of the bugaboos but found they were too low set. I eventually bought a mamas and papas zoom in plum. It came with a roomy carrycot and car seat if we wanted. (I used our maxi cosi pebble instead.) it’s been brilliant so far and is well used. The basket is huge and my baby is very comfy. We get complimented on ot all the time.

  21. We were torn between the cosatto giggle and the mamas and papas Urbo 2. We went for the Urbo in the end as we couldn’t fit the cosatto in our car and we have a very small house with no real storage. The Urbo folds up really small and is nice and lightweight for my weakling arms!
    My due date is in 5 days so here’s ogling I can use it soon, getting impatient now!!! Xxx

  22. We were looking at the Cosatto Giggle in the lime green colour, as we didn’t want a black pram either. However we then read this report from watchdog about Cosatto prams collapsing with babies inside

    We then moved our decition to the icandy peach to blossom in silver mint. we wnated a pram that had the option of having 2 buggies, as we are planning on having anptherchild very soon after this one. We love our icandy, admidetly it was more expensive than the cosatto but we think it was worth it. xxx

  23. I second everything about the Uppababy Vista. We chose it because it had great reviews online and as it’s a lesser known brand in the UK you get everything included in the price of around £600 and don’t have to buy any extras. I’ve since started seeing them everywhere, so it’s clearly getting most popular.

    But what makes this the best pram in my opinion is the basket underneath. Whilst you are using the moses basket part, you can’t really use the basket to its full potential, but once your baby is a bit older and you move to the seat, the basket is AMAZING. I literally never have to carry anything, and we can fit around £60 of food shopping underneath and then just hang the nappy bag over the handle bars. Soooo convenient! The only downside is it’s quite heavy when you fold up and try to lift into the car, but that’s minor I would say. The seat goes pretty much flat and has 11 different positions I think. We transitioned to the seat at around 4 months but kept her flat, as although it’s pretty flat, it’s slightly more elevated than begin in the carrycot thing, and Ava hated being completely flat. So in the interim we bought the snug seat from Uppababy, which allows you to use the seat with smaller babies.

    Another good thing is the baby is quite high up which is night, unlike the Bugaboos, and the handle bar can extend further if you are taller like me, which I love.
    Good luck! x

  24. We started off with a Bugaboo Cameleon and did absolutely love it for all the reasons Gaynor lists above. We had snow on the ground for about two weeks and it dealt brilliantly with that, is great off road etc as well.

    Despite loving it I probably still wouldn’t recommend it. If you can get on better with another pram which is cheaper definitely do it. We started to phase out using it in favour of an Uppababy G-luxe umbrella fold at about 9 months and by 15 months it was in the loft. Even though we have an estate the Cameleon takes up so much boot space and is a bit of a pain on public transport. In fact, most people I know have phased out their travel systems in favour of lighter umbrella fold strollers by 15 months so this is something to consider going forward. I know at least five people with the Maclaren umbrella folds which are suitable from birth who think they were the brilliant from the off but I personally liked having my newborn in a bassinet.

    • Yeah the bassinet was definitely great from the outset. Holden is now almost 28 months and we’ve never used anything else except the bugaboo, we never bothered buying an umbrella fold stroller as I preferred the sleeping position of the bugaboo and since we always seemed to be out it suited us much better. We’ve just got a hatchback car and yeah it does pretty much fill our boot but it goes in no problem and you can still get some shopping in around it.

      If I was looking again now though I would maybe look at the bugaboo buffalo as its got a one piece fold.

  25. We have the Bugaboo Bee as we live in London and take buses a lot. It’s really light and I can carry it with my 15 month old in it if I need to (handy as you’d be surprised how often noone offers to help).

    Whatever pram you get I would really recommend BUYING IT IN JOHN LEWIS. Their customer service is amazing if anything goes wrong – and for a big buy like a pram that is invaluable. If you can find the same thing cheaper elsewhere they should price match it anyway. My pram’s wheels went wrong and they not only ordered the new part but fitted it for me. My friend’s breast pump broke and they just gave her a new one off the shelf, no questions asked.

  26. We had a maxi cosi Elea which was great for many reasons but ended up driving me crazy because it was just too wide for a London bus and no retractable handlebars.

    We bought it from Boots which initially I thought was great because good price, but when we needed to have it sent away to have the brake mended, they don’t do a replacement pram with the warranty & therefore we would have been pramless. So, if I bought another, I consider that as well as price.

    We now have a Micralite which I LOVE. Big back wheels, light, folds small, removal wheels etc. You can use them from birth as well apparently with the carrycot attachment & they do fit a car seat, so might be worth looking into.

    Re – change bags; we mostly use a Cath Kidson zipped shopper which is waterproof and fits under the buggy. You can also get a “mummy clip” (crap name, great product) which you can hang it on (and shopping, and a folding potty) which is pretty essential. We got a skiphop bag from eBay which was fine and for that money worked ok on the handlebars, but a dedicated change bag is by no means essential.

  27. one other thing, our nursery insisted we bring Pip in a small fold up buggy – no travel systems allowed as it won’t fit. Not sure if that is something to bear in mind. So something like a Bugaboo Bee works well as it lies flat for a newborn, is a one piece for folding at nursery & fits a car seat on it. I personally think they are hideous though, so each to their own 🙂

  28. That pram looks great and very colouful! I was the same really even though a pram is a big investment and is used pretty much everyday for a good few years I just could’nt be bothered researching it! They just didn’t really appeal to me at all. So I ended up being incredibly lazy and copying my sister and went for a Stokke Xplorer. They are fantastic for the baby as they are the highest pram on the market apparently so when they are older they are more interactive with the world rather than being down at the floor with the shopping bags. They are also forward and back facing. They do come in lots of different (block colours) too. The only slight downside is how big they are (although we fit it in our 3 door Ford Focus) and it collapses into 2 parts which is a bit fiddly but we have survived! It is very stylish and completely different to most other prams. We often get comments on how lovely it is! In the end our choice was perfect as our little one is probably the nosiest (although I like to say intuitive) little 1 year old around! She loves to people watch! Happy shopping!

  29. Like a few others, I would vote for the Uppababy. The only thing I don’t like are the back wheels which are quite wide for going round the shops and also taking through the airport. My SIL has a mothercare oyster which I also really like as its nice and small with lovely bright accessories.

  30. Get an icandy! We’ve got the peach and it is fantastic – light, easy to manoeuvre, easy to collapse, portable…plus it looks great!

  31. I planned to use sling/ wrap. Ava disliked both her sling and wrap. She loved her pushchair. We now use the sling, but she only likes it, in the back carry position. She never did like a wrap.

    We bought an Uppababy Vista, and we love it. It’s a bit big, but we have a big house, and it fits into car okay (Golf). Can’t comment on the others.

    I am currently coveting a Baby Jogger City Mini, as a second pushchair. I love pushchairs.

  32. My husband is the researcher and was looking at prams for about two months before we decided to purchase a silvercross, we went to our local Baby Planet and tried out pretty much the whole range silvercross do, whilst there we also tested the Bugaboo chameleon, and the iCandy.

    With the bugaboo I loved it but thought for the price the silvercross wayfarer pretty much did the same, but was sooooo much cheaper! Also I actually didn’t like where the brake was, it felt very out of place to me?!

    We actually purchase our pram from the baby show in Manchester and ended up getting a good deal! The only problem I have had is with delivery, as our pram is only now ready for collection, after tons of emails to track down our order, not what you need 3 weeks before your c-section!!

    I wish we had bought the pram from jl, just for the superior after sale service!

  33. I have a 3 year old and a 15 month old, and have a Stokke Xplory travel system, a Baby Jogger City Mini, and a Phil and Teds Explorer (double).
    I think no pram/pushchair/travel system is perfect, but most people seem happy with their choice. My recommendation is to consider two things: firstly, the car seat is in my opinion by far and away the most important purchase – so choose a good one and check the pushchair/travel system is compatible (most are these days with the right adaptors). Secondly, consider whether you need a full ‘travel system’ at all. Like others on here have commented, many people phase out their travel systems after 9 months to a year in favour of a folding one-piece buggy. The Baby Jogger City Mini is a pretty good pushchair. I would say it doesn’t handle as well as a top of the range travel system, being a 3 wheeler buggy, but it has a one-step folding mechanism, a huge hood (great for hols) and roomy seat. It will take a carrycot for newborns and a car seat, so all in all would last from newborn until age 3+ and in my opinion would be a savvy buy.

  34. Another vote for the Uppababy, for many of the reasons people have mentioned here. I love our Uppababy Vista and have recommended it to so many people who also have not a bad word to say about it.

    One thing I will say about the Cossatto is to look closely at the wheels. They don’t look the most sturdy of wheels to me and given the miles your pram will do (around 3-5 a day, so I’ve already clocked up over a 1000 miles of walking with ours) you want good wheels. Up and down kerbs, forest trails, beaches, cobbles, on buses… Just some of the things or pram has had to cope with! X

  35. Late to this party as always but I’ll add my thoughts anyway……
    We needed something that was capable of off road for dog walking and therefore chose a Mountain Buggy Swift. Although it’s not stylish or brightly coloured like that gorgeous Cosatto one, we’ve loved it. Most of my friends with similar aged kids moved onto a stroller at 1yr. We’re still using the Mountain Buggy and although it takes up more room in the car than I’d like, I wouldn’t swap it’s ease of handling for a stroller at all now and hopefully it’ll last us until we don’t need a pram anymore.
    The regular pram which was my second choice was the Uppa Baby Vista and I’m still envious of the size of the shopping basket whenever I see one out and about. I think from memory the carrycot also doubles up as a travel moses basket as it’s base is vented?
    My one piece of advice would be to make sure that it’s really easy to chop and change from using the car seat/ carrycot/ seat on the chassis so you never need to disturb a sleeping baby! Xx

  36. Hiya
    I have the cosatto giggle and a 10 week old son. I loved the colourful nature of the the travel system but also pragmaticly needed down thing that easily fit in our mini! The giggle has been successful in that respect. It’s also easy to fold up and very light to push and easily get on oublic transport. Also doesn’t take up ridiculous amounts of space. My only real issue is that at 10 weeks my wee monkey has outgrow the pram! He is the 83rd percentile in length and although he can still just fit in, he gets grizzly quickly as he doesn’t have much room to move and bangs his hands and feet off the sides which wakes him up. He’s no longer keen in being swaddled. He’s also out of his Moses basket and in a cot with a divider to shorten it and I think he is just used to the space to move around and sleeps with his arms akimbo which he can’t do in his pram. Naps have improved since I put him kn his cot in my bedroom instead of the pram. This week I have started to use the buggy instead of the pram on the flattest setting. I think he is technically too small for this but seems far happier when we are out and about. I think now he is more alert and nosey this suits him better as he can see me and see a but more of the world passing by. We have the giggle in all star and the black and white stars on the inside of the pram & buggy really catch his attention, which is great when we are out and I need to get sow thing done! The car seat is good, we couldn’t get an isofix for it but it has not been an hassle to put the seatbelt on each time. The car seat does fit on the chassis but we rarely used this as theey’re not supposed to be in the seat for more that 90mins at a time. Physio told me it also risks them getting flat heads so best not to be in car seat for longer than a journey in the car. Think used for a quick zoom around the supermarket. I am 5ft3 and husband is 6ft and the giggle has adjustable handle which is handy as we walk at least an hour or two a day (we need out of the house and the light exposure helps with the night time sleep!) and I find that I can adjust the handle to suit me so I don’t get sore wrists. Hope this is helpful.

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