Pots of Winter Colour

This morning I thought I’d share a little project I decided to get around to 5 years in to living in our house, although it’s more specifically a garden project.

Every year, there’s so much effort put into dressing up the summer garden with pots of colour and things can get quite drab and lifeless come the winter months, so I decided to make a winter pot. It wouldn’t make much sense (I don’t think) to do this on the scale you might do with summer colour, as you won’t be in the garden to enjoy the end results, and for that reason this pot was made for my front door step. Now it brightens every morning up for me as I leave the house and smartens up the entrance for visitors.

I headed to my local B&Q for the plants for this project and actually picked a couple up in the bargain department looking slightly below par. Once any dead leaves are picked off and they’ve had a good soak, they’re right as rain.

I chose 2 cyclamens (the flowers above, one pink and one white) one ornamental winter cabbage and some ivy. Look for a mix of plants with toning colours – my theme here was the fabulous shades of pinks, purple and silvery foliage. Also look for a variety of heights of plant to give interest. One of my Cyclamens was taller than the other and the trailing ivy helps with this, but you could also choose a mini-conifer or evergreen bush for height, depending on how big your pot is.

You’ll also need a pot ( – I recycled one which held some pretty sad looking geraniums after this years terrible summer) and some compost to fill it with if your pot is new.

After that it’s really easy….

Fill the pot with compost, or if it’s being reused, remove enough soil so that when the plants are placed into the pot, their soil is level with about an inch below the rim of your pot.

Remove the plants from their pots and arrange them, switching them around and trying different positions until you like the effect. It always looks better when they’re quite tightly packed in together.

Now add the rest of your compost. Make sure you really stuff it down the sides of the pot with your fingers, around the edges and in-between the plants so there are no air pockets which the roots of the plants won’t like.

Then give it a thorough soaking with your watering can and enjoy.

Cyclamens don’t like damp, so water thoroughly if it hasn’t rained in a week or so but don’t over-water – you need good drainage from the bottom of the pot so they don’t get waterlogged. They will keep flowering all the way through the winter if you remove the dead flowers every few days. I also purchased the hanging basket shown above from B&Q to add to the effect 🙂

So will you be making any additions to your garden this year or brightening up the front step?


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6 thoughts on “Pots of Winter Colour

  1. So pretty 🙂 And I have 3 pots of equally sorry-looking geraniums so this could be a perfect little weekend project. I still need to get round to planting my Spring bulbs though!! Another great post though, thanks Rebecca.

  2. I love to do a bit of gardening in the summer, but in Winter my little garden is quite a sorry affair usually. Am liking the winter pot idea – Rebecca, you have inspired me to give this a go! x

  3. What a fab post Rebecca! I just love the winter cabbage and if we didn’t live in a flat I would be putting together a winter pot this weekend 😀 x

  4. Rebecca this is gorgeous. I have a winter pot on my balcony at the moment – pansies (which will soon have to be beheaded) and a trailing ivy. I love ornamental winter cabbages!

  5. Lovely post! I love those winter cabbages. We’ve been through a few hanging baskets that have promptly died and we even managed to kill some topiary balls we had outside the front door (I was so annoyed as they were expensive!) We have finally compromised on a new door mat and some large lanterns either side to brighten up the entrance ! I might have another go at planting in the summer though
    Rachie xo

  6. Oh your winter pot came out so lovely! My garden is dying a pretty awful death but I did go out last weekend and clean up the little front garden, just pulling dead plants and sweeping away all the fallen leaves and replacing the old door mat. This, however, is so much prettier than simply ‘clean’! I might have to have a go – the winter cabbage is so pretty! x

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