Pinterest (for everyone) Part 1

A few times when I have mentioned Pinterest, some people have commented that they don’t really ‘get it’ or know how to use it. It’s easy when you’re a blogger and friends with lots of bloggers, to think everybody is doing something or au fait with something new on the internet, but it seems some of you want a kick start and a few pointers on Pinterest so I’m more than happy to oblige! (Of course if you just have no interest in Pinterest, feel free to move right along to your next favourite blog read!)
Tip: As well as the pictures I have included to illustrate my points here, click through all the links for examples of what I am talking about.

So what is Pinterest?
Try to think of it as a virtual scrap book. Did you make scrapbooks when you were younger? Have you ever made a book of travel memories? Cut out an recipe in the newspaper to remind you to try something later? Kept a page out of a magazine to remember a room scheme? Well essentially Pinterest is exactly the same, but online and anything that reduces the paper clutter around my house is a welcome addition in my opinion. Because it’s an American idea, they liken it to a pinboard, hence Pinterest.

How do I get started with Pinterest?
Firstly, create an account and log in. Next you need to create some ‘boards’. Pinterest will start you off with a few and you can either delete these or run with them, and of course add your own. Think of these as folders, or pages in your digital scrapbook, groups of things that go together. You might choose to make a board of fashion you have seen for your winter wardrobe, a travel bucket list or just a ton of cute puppies. You don’t have to make all your boards now, you might find later on that you want to start collecting images of something different and everytime you ‘pin’ an image, you have the option to create a new board for the image.

The next part is a bit like Facebook, you need to find some people to follow. (I’ll explain why in a minute…) Pinterest allows you to connect via Twitter or Facebook and find your friends who are also on Pinterest. If you happen to have super stylish friends, then this might be the way forward, but I don’t tend to follow many of my friends for 2 reasons. Firstly, Pinterest is about visual inspiration and you want to see the very best of it. Find your favourite bloggers who are already famous for selecting beautiful imagery and let them do the hard work for you. (You can find my Pinterest account here.) Secondly, most people use Pinterest to plan stuff, and so it kind of takes the wind out of your friends sails when they tell you about their plans for the new kitchen and you’ve already seen it all on their Pinterest board!

How do I ‘pin’ things? Again, there’s lots of answers to this question.

For starters, this is where those friends you followed above come in. Every time you log into Pinterest, just like on a Facebook wall there’s a page of all the pins the people you follow have pinned. You can browse them and repin them to your boards. Some people don’t do anything other than this and are perfectly happy. If you follow enough people, you’ll have more than enough inspiration to play with.

Tip: Here are 5 top ‘Pinners’ to get you started:

Decor – Kimberley (Redlilocks)

Style – Kirsty (A Safe Mooring)

Fashion – Kimberley (Eat Sleep Wear)

Events and Style Inspiration – Michelle & Vicki (PocketfulofDreams)

Beauty – The Beauty Department

Another great way to use Pinterest is to pin something you have seen elsewhere on the internet. You might see something on a blog for example, a hotel on a travel agents site, or that recipe in the newspaper online.

Next week, I’ll explain more of how to pin and also why I love Pinterest so much (i.e. what I use it for.) For now, if you haven’t already got one, get yourself an account and dive right in!

Happy Pinning!


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18 thoughts on “Pinterest (for everyone) Part 1

  1. Oops sorry….that was me. I’m such a pinterest stalker.

    I tend to use pinterest (religiously) for finding what I like. I’ll never find or buy a lot of stuff because its new, it’s expensive of its Stateside, but for inspiration and narrowing ideas it’s brilliant.

    And I LOVE Kirsty’s pins

  2. I am a complete Pinterest addict! There are many reasons why I love it, primarily it is an escape into a perfect little dream world. I can dream about my perfect house, or all the places I want to go or even what my wedding would look like if I did it over again (to the same man obviously). It’s great for planning stuff and helps focus your mind on stuff you love. I have realised I have a very definite style. It’s also fab for looking at recipes. If pictures contained calories I would be the size of a house!
    Out of all my social media, Pinterest is definitely my favourite. Who doesn’t want to have a break from their daily commute by staring at pictures of Bora Bora?!
    Here’s my page if anybody fancies a gander!

  3. I don’t love Pinterest as much as Facebook or Instagram (less interactive) but do love a bit of pretty and collating interesting stuff I’ve found (though actually it’s rare I really go back and look at that much of what I’ve pinned!!) My fave boards to follow are Domestic Sluttery @ domesticsluts, Laura @ thiscitylife, Rosie from The Londoner blog @ rosietonline, Bex @ olivedragonfly and of course yours Rebecca!

  4. Thanks so much! I really appreciate this and am going to start one up – I have an account but have never known what to do next

  5. I look at who pinners I like follow to find new ones & really like that you can decide which boards to follow/unfollow. If I read about someone elsewhere I’ll then look to see if they’re on Pinterest, so after you featured Emily Henderson I looked her up on Pinterest. I found it really good for searching maternity style & when I’ve had a particular colour scheme for a room.

  6. Thanks so much for including me! I’m a total Pinterest addict – I find it endlessly inspiring, it’s my go to in terms of spotting trends and it’s easy to collect ideas for a blog post. I think you are right that when you use it all the time and the bloggers/readers who you associate with are into it too, you forget that others may be a bit confused! You’ve done a lovely job of explaining it and all the options it really provides to an individual. xxx

  7. I go through phases where I am pinning all day every day and then I don’t pin for weeks, months. But thanks for the tips on who to follow.

    I have to admit I did go through and un-follow a bunch of my friends because it was just dull. 40pins of tattoos she may are may not like. Afro hair styles my ginger locks can never hold.

    But I follow you now…as creepy as it sounds… 😉

    (I also follow you on twitter and instagram: covered all bases of creep)

  8. This is very timely as I’ve finally managed to convince my sister to get onto Pinterest this week…within 12 hours she was hooked!
    Thank you for including us in your list of pinners as well!
    Vicki x

  9. Pinterest has been great for my wedding planning. I didn’t know what I wanted until I started pinning and a theme suddenly emerged. Now my winter wedding is totally styled from my wedding board and I can’t wait to see it in the day.

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