Pink Highlights…

Since finishing my grey make-over of the dining room and lounge in a decorative sense, I’ve been waiting to share it with you until I have completed the decorative ‘finishing touches’ it’s currently lacking. I’ve chosen some bits and pieces, re-invented others and have just a few ideas that I need to execute now.

After my overdose of calming neutrals in the grey walls and neutral toned furnishings combined with natural woods, I started to think about how to finish the look. Writing a blog like this comes naturally to me as I’m always searching for visual inspiration, flitting from style to style mentally and alighting on new things to try. Decor is no exception and the best thing about my new grey rooms are that they still feel like a blank canvas, just moodier and with more personality.

Pink dining chairs

However, try as I might I can’t escape my love of colour and more and more I’m thinking about how to inject it back into the room that I’ve just covered in calm with the new greys. I decided to have a look around on Pinterest for some new inspiration and found some nothing short of beautiful images that I thought I’d share with you all today.

Stag head and neon letters and Grey velvet chesterfield and pink cushions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly after my recent obsession with pink, that’s where I started and although my intention was to share images with you in a variety of accent colours against grey, I found so many pink ones that I thought I’d run a little mini series.

Pink sofa and gilt bookcase.

My favourites here are definitely the moodier grey tones contrasted with splashes of almost neon pinks and whilst making my sofa magically turn pink isn’t a viable option, it’s the colour combinations and textures I’m taking inspiration from in these images.

Moody grey backdrop with gilt mirror and florals adding colour.
Neon pink bench and anglepoise

If I had to categorise my own sense of style I’d definitely err on the side of rough luxe. It’s the one category that enables me to combine my love of glamour and style with salvage chic and I’ll definitely be adding some metallic gilt and glass accents to the rooms.

Shell pink curtains and grey. Lilac-pink chair

I also totally surprised myself by pinning some paler examples of pink and grey, falling hard for the almost mauve tinge of this velvet chair against the darker grey walls and loving the fresh shell pink curtains in this neutrals and grey accented room.

Candy pink console and Pink topped grey desk and chair

Right now, I’m just trying to muster the confidence to splash out on some statement and accent pieces to set off the room and keep my passion for brights happy, whilst still making my living spaces a sanctuary.

What do you think about pink accents for your decor? Too girly? Too in-your-face? Have you seen anything to inspire you here?

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts,


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18 thoughts on “Pink Highlights…

  1. Swoon, sigh. I’ve fallen deeply in love with these pink and grey rooms. How beautiful. Calming and fun. Sadly Mr. R is not a big fan of pink, so grey and pink out for any of our ‘main’ rooms. We have accents of purple in our bedroom, so grey (or fawn?), pink and purple are definitely on the wish list for when it gets a make over this summer. Thank you once again for the inspiration.

  2. When I saw the blog title on Twitter I feared you were talking about your hair but thankfully not πŸ™‚ I love love love all of the images above but the one with the gold mirror is my fave. If only I could be this stylish, sigh.

  3. Love the room with the half-mannequin in! I impulsively bought a new (old) sofa in a charity shop yesterday, so am feeling re-inspired about our home decor. I’m definitely a fan of salvage chic, although in reality we’re probably more salvage than chic (husband has a tendency to bring all sorts of crazy stuff home from the tip)


  4. I love this! Can’t wait to move and throw some pink around! πŸ™‚

    Saying that, the place we’re buying has some seriously hideous hot pink decor going on. Funny how, without the right styling the same colour combo looks so different. I love pink, and all the images above make me deliriously jealous, but the place we’re buying is a definitive example of “when pink goes bad”. Badtimes!

  5. I love this! Especially the neon. I actually cannot describe how much I want that desk with the pink top. Something tells me my husband would not share my love of the pinkness though… πŸ™‚

  6. It seems grey is the colour de jour! We’ve just bought some charcoal armchairs and a sofa and some slate grey curtains for our lounge makeover. We’ve kept the walls chalky as its not a bright room but I’ll be accenting largely with mustard/ ochre and a set of antlers πŸ™‚

    Ordered yesterday a reclaimed wood top dining table with steel pole legs and four black Hans Wegner repro wishbone chairs to go with it.. We were going to go with yellow but Mr Sensible probably correctly decided that black would better stand the test of time….

    I too am now just keeping an eye out for some bits and bobs, a mirror and some art prints to accessorise but I guess these come with time, experience and travel and do cannot be rushed πŸ™‚

    As I’ve said before, love the decor posts!
    Ps me and franny shall be attending Manchester afternoon tea, I shall mail you!

  7. I am slightly obsessed with the white and grey combo – in everything, interiors, exteriors, clothes, ceramics…

    But it does need a flash of colour now and again, and although I love some of those bright pinks, they are too girly for me to live with all the time. A pop of cherry red, in winter especially, can look amazing with grey. Sadly grey paint doesn’t really work in our barn, too many oak beams everywhere, but I have managed neutral palette in most rooms, with some blues and greens here and there (cushions, rugs etc) because I find it so soothing. Being a bit more daring with soft furnishings is the way to go if you’re not totally sure, at least then you are not facing a massve re-paint if you hate it!

  8. Grey has long been my favourite colour. My Pinterest boards are mainly grey… and it looks like when we move, most rooms will feature grey!!

    Perhaps a bit boring, but it just goes so well with everything!!

    Am loving the touches of hot pink in this post Rebecca, and also the nude colours with a lighter grey. Just gorgeous.


  9. No, not too girly! I’m totally in love with the mauve chairs and accents against the grey – gorgeous. Especially the chairs in different shades.

  10. Ooh I love these – can’t wait to see your finished room!

    We are planning to redecorate our sitting room (with charcoal sofas) and in my head the walls are lilac-y grey, the woodwork is crisp white, and there are accents of dark purple, bright coral and mercury glass. Now I’m wondering if pink is the way to go…? Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca!

  11. Ooooh! So much pretty in this post! I think half the images I have on my Pinterest boards already because they are such goodies! The first pic of the dining chairs – beejeezus, they are GORGEOUS but I would live in fear that someone might actually, I dunno, EAT at the table and I would be going NOOOO CRUMBS ON THE CHAIRS DAMN YOU!! NO WINE WITH DINNER!! Yeah, that might be a bit dangerous. It is beautiful to look at though.

    The other pic as well with the grey chesterfield (be still my heart) and shots of pink is just soooo gorgeous. The beautiful thing about grey (and I’ve got it in most of the rooms in my home as well) is that it just works so WELL with both neutrals and brights. I could dream about bringing hot pink into my home (with dark grey walls – lush) but I already know my other half would probably veto the idea… ho hum.

    I shall live vicariously through your choices and can’t wait to see how the room progresses! xxx

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