Style and the City: Paris

It’s turning into quite the travel Thursday but do not fear this is actually a (shhhh!) Fashion post. Read on for the full explanation!

This afternoon I’m hoping you can all help me to help a friend of Florence Finds out, Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams. Michelle is heading off to Paris very soon and recently asked the readers of her blog for tips on where to go, or what to see and do. Like all of us, she’s looking for those little known hideaways, cute shops, pretty patisseries and knock-out cool bars to sample a cocktail.

Moodboard by Pocketful of Dreams; Image credits:,,

Of course, that’s exactly what we’re about here at Florence Finds so I said I’d help her out by posting her shout out and Michelle is going to return the favour by covering her fabulous travails on her return. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

In the meantime, I was inspired to help Michelle with her packing and (after you have left your comments!) please head on over to Pocketful of Dreams and have a look at the Parisian city break solutions I dreamed up for her…

Au revoir!


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11 thoughts on “Style and the City: Paris

  1. This is super-timely for me too, as I am being whisked off to Paris for my birthday in a fortnight’s time!

      • I love the ‘muse outfit’ on the mood board Michelle (as well as the ones Rebecca chose ,of course), but I just don’t think I could rock that look in ‘Le Cardiff’!! Sigh.
        Well jel of all these Parisian jaunts ladies – have a fab time!

  2. I went to Paris a few years back on a small classy hen weekend. We ate at one of the oldest restaurants in the st Germain area, called Procope The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was very Parisian.

    We also had a fantasic evening at the Lido (cabaret), which is where the Bluebells dance. I have heard that it is better than Moulin Rouge, although I can’t clarify being that I have never been to Moulin Rouge.

    Have a fab time, it is a beautiful city

  3. Alas, I have no Paris tips BUT I just wanted to say that I love these what to pack/capsule wardrobe features (yes, been over to Pocketful of Dreams espesh). Love the Dune shoes – even if I couldn’t actually walk in them!

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