Outside, looking in…

Good morning readers!

In a bit of a departure from the norm, and because I have a stinking cold that meant I spent last night (after a particularly draining day at work,) on the sofa instead of photographing the bits and pieces I needed for today’s scheduled post, I thought I would turn Florence Finds over to you this morning.

It has been just short of 8 months since Florence Finds launched, feet first, 2 posts a day, into your blogosphere. Since then some things have changed… I started my outfit posts for example, and others remain the same, last week’s friday frock was the 38th so far, never missing a week.

Right now I feel like I’m at a cross roads in my life. I have big career decisions to make that may impact on the blog and a very exciting new project in the pipeline that I’ll be revealing very soon. There are changes that I would like to make to the blog and things that I’m mulling over. All a bit cryptic I know, but I can’t say much more with certainty just yet. I feel like the blog has reached the point at which it needs refining, maybe some features need to head gracefully into retirement, with new ones taking their place. Florence Finds is always evolving as the extension of my life that it is.

There are many of you I know that are hard core fans of Florence Finds and I’m eternally grateful for the support you give, but this morning I’d love to hear if there’s anything that Florence Finds is missing, something you wish I would cover, or think Florence Finds would be especially good at. Is there something that makes Florence Finds stand out to you, as different to the other blogs? Something you would hate to see go? It’s easy for me to feel where I think Florence Finds is going, but sometimes it’s harder from the inside to see out and what I really want to know is what people see with fresh eyes when they are looking in.

It’s been too long since I was out there, amongst my readers, talking to you and hearing your thoughts. So this morning make a cup of tea, have a think over what I have written and let’s hear what you have all got to say.

Thank you 🙂


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59 thoughts on “Outside, looking in…

  1. I like to see your outfits best (the ones on you). Love Friday frock. Got to be honest and say that I am not particularly interested in recipes. Oh and I loved your skin feature, you should use your Doctor skills more.
    Love the blog, keep up the excellent work x

  2. I’ve been reading FF for a few months now twice a day and really enjoy it – I think you have to done really well Rebecca to establish yourself in a short space of time, and to have such varied content. I’ve particularly enjoyed the posts about travel, beauty posts are always well written and don’t feel like adverts for products as they can on other sites, food posts are great and the layout of the last music post was a very good idea. I also think the gardening posts make your blog stand out as I don’t see that elsewhere (although could be because I’m trying to sort out my garden at the moment and its more relevant to me!?) 🙂

  3. I too love the outfits and the Friday frock and the tips in the sales although I might add hubby reckons you’ve cost him a small fortune!!

    I love the travel section (planning a San Fran to LA road trip 2014 yay!)

    To be honest I dont want any of it to go, I read it religiously every day, I love it xxx

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    In a non stalkerish way, i like the posts about you. Your outfit posts, personal dilemas, job woes and pros and your diy house features. I like them because i think it shows how ‘normal’ you are and i can relate to you and your posts.

    Id like to see some more product reviews – reviews because you like them, use them and have discovered them yourself, not because you have been commissioned to review them (not that i have seen this here before but have on other blogs and its obvious).

    Keep up the good work Rebecca- i think you have a nice community of supports on the go here and i think your doing a fab job.

    The only thing that would make the blog better for me is if you were to have 3 posts a day! 😉

    • I agree Shoey! I like that you are a normal person. You are a few years older than me – and although I’m not in the same career as you, I’m doing the whole getting married, making decisions on job/family/other things and I like that you are a positive role model of sorts. You don’t have to become any different because you are a wife/suddenly settle down to have babies – you can still wear what you like and have (what looks like!) a great time 🙂 x

  5. I love the what to wear and my month posts, I like to see what other people have been wearing / doing to give me inspiration for my month ahead (and also because I’m nosy!). My favourite posts are definitely the Friday food ones though, I’m always on the look out for food-based inspiration to beat that sinking feeling of “oh xyz for dinner again…”! Plus I can justify the cost of ingredients when I might not always be able to buy a new dress – a girls gotta eat!

    I’m less interested in the gardening posts, as I don’t have any green space available with my flat. It looks like it’s a passion of yours though, so I wouldn’t discount it – after all, it’s your blog! x

  6. Hi Rebecca

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I love the posts about you the most – your holidays, your clothes and general life issues. If I’m being brutally honest, the things I like least are the music and recipe posts but to be honest, I just skim read them and then pop back later to read the next post! I appreciate that with a blog that offers such variety, there are bound to be things I am less interested in that other readers love! The only other blogs I tend to read at the moment are wedding blogs (I get married in 5 weeks) and I love the variety your blog offers. For me, being of a similar age to yourself, the issues you raise tend to be things that are relevant to my life too and it feels like Florence is evolving in a parallel way to my own life (Urgh, sorry if that’s too cheesy! 🙂 )

    Thank you for all your hard work with FF, I certainly enjoy reading! xxx

  7. My favourite posts are fashion and particularly where you showcase your outfits. I also like interiors and renovation. I usually skip over gardening type posts but thats because i live in a flat so its not relevant to me at the moment! Travel and hotels are great too, i have used your reccomendations particularly your east London post which showed me things to do and see that i would not have known otherwise!

    Ria x

  8. Hi Rebecca! Love your blog. There are about 15-20 blogs I read regularly and FF is the one I turn to first. I love that the posts are frequent and I can rely on them to be well researched, written and professional. You must put so much time and effort into this venture and it really shows. My favourite, savour-over-a-cup-of-tea-type posts are: anything DIY (in your RMW days you inspired me to make my own wedding veil and pearl bracelet!), home and garden (we bought a 10 year project of a house last year), Dr posts (this is a huge USP of your blog) and your guide to blogging to. Personally I’m no fashionista and still in slummy-mummy-tummy-hiding clothes after having my daughter last year so I read but don’t ‘click with’ the fashion posts. I have fallen in love with neon this summer though and my baby is rocking a couple of neon tops! I always enjoy seeing what colour you are sporting on your nails though.

  9. I think you’re doing a great job, Rebecca. FF is such a joy to read because it’s varied and it’s so well designed. It really is like an online magazine.

    The outfit posts are really inspiring, but I sometimes feel like everything’s out of my budget. I guess that’s why they’re inspirational, though! Like I said, I like the variety – gardening, home, life, travel etc. More do it yourself things might be good – have you thought about videos, for example?

    Keep up the good work, Rebecca! xxx

    • I feel the same – I really enjoy reading the outfit posts but I can never afford to buy anything! It’s nice to look though, just like it is in magazines. I think I get vicarious pleasure from your shopping to be honest! I love the beauty posts too which is weird because historically I’ve always skipped past them in paper magazines. I think it’s because I trust your opinion and know you’re not getting paid off to write them.


  10. Hi Rebecca,
    Hope all these comments are cheering you up!
    For me, much as all the others who have commented, its the posts about you that I find most interesting. I love the garden, recipe, outfit and holiday posts, and whilst my purse puts a halt to actually purchasing what you feature, its nice to dream!
    That said, the one thing I would like to see less of are the guest bloggers. Whilst it is nice to feature something like this every once in a while, I read the blog for your thoughts, if I want someone else’s I will look elsewhere!

  11. To echo everyone else – I love FF and you’re doing a great job. I look forward to reading the posts either as a little break from work, or last thing at night.

    Personally, I love the fashion and outfit posts, along with the beauty and interior posts. I do enjoy reading the travel posts too, but certain places that have been covered have appealed more to me – as I’m sure others will appeal to other people!

    I also really liked Gemma’s recent Summer reading post, it has inspired me to branch out and try books that I wouldn’t usually consider!

    The things that I’m not as keen on are the gardening posts – simply because I am useless at it, and prefer everything to be pretty low maintenance!

    Some of the recipe posts have appealed to me (namely the ombre cake and the pasta dishes) – but others haven’t… however, a bit like gardening it’s probably because I’m a rubbish cook too!!

    I am VERY intrigued about the exciting project that you’ve got in the pipeline too lady!!


  12. For me I love the house and interior design posts, the gardening is also very appealing to me as I am a kitchen gardener. As for the medical angle, being a doctor myself it feels a bit like work reading those! The beauty posts always my favourites too!

    Sami x

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    I have been a big fan of FF for a long time now-although I haven’t commented for a little while so need to change that!

    For me there are 4 things that I love the most on FF and would love to see more of-fashion/beauty/homes/travel.

    I love the fashion posts and think it’s what FF does best-the what to wear posts are my favourite so more of these each week would be good 🙂

    I am a particular lover of accesories so a weekly round up of fab shoes, bags or jewellery would also be great.

    I also love the features on homes-inside and out. More of these would be good-it would be great to see a tour of your own home and garden (following on from your lounge/dining room makeover) as, like the what to wear posts, it’s great to have an insight into the life of the blogger and to find out more about what inspires them.

    I have also really enjoyed the travel features and they have already provided me with some amazing places to visit! 

    Some of my favourite posts are the instagram round-ups. It’s always so interesting to see what you get up to-although how you manage to fit so many things into one month is beyond me!

    Perhaps you could turn this into a weekly/fortnightly round-up instead so you get to show off more of your instagram pics along with a bit more detail about each pic.

    I also like reading the weekend posts that you have done-particularly the snapshots of things that have been inspiring you that week around the house and garden. It would be good to see it become a regular feature.

    I, like you, Rebecca am at a major cross roads in my life. I also have big career decisions to make that will have a big impact on my life-so I know how you must be feeling! 

    Keep up the great work-I love my daily dose of FF!!


  14. Rebecca, I view your blog as my web version of Elle magazine. There’s a great balance of topics and even if I’m not particularly interested in one (generally the music ones), I just have to wait a few hours for the next, which is great as I’m never bored of reading it.
    I first started reading the blog because of your interior posts. The before and after features are great (I subscribe to Living Etc., so as you can imagine I’m slightly obsessed with interior design) and I also love your gardening ones.
    Beauty and fashion are great too, particularly those about you and how you put your pieces together. I have more than once ended up hunting down a product you’ve recommended or featured!

    I also love how your ‘day-job’ is gradually making an appearance on some of your posts. I wouldn’t mind seeing you tackle more health-related issues, particularly delicate ones concerning women.
    Lastly, I think I’d also like to read more reviews of products and places, and maybe see some more fashion posts written by other(s) (perhaps a regular contributor with a different style).

    Hope this helps, hun!
    xx Betta

  15. I love the travel, interior design, and gardening posts. I’m always short of money, so some of the fashion posts are a bit pricey for me, but still love reading them.

  16. Hope you feel better soon, lots of nasty summer colds at the moment so sympathy heading your way.

    In terms of the blog, it’s great and the variety of what you do is perfect. Please don’t change Fridays! Both food and frock keep me going through my horrible Fridays. I’m currently sorting out my house, so read your decorating/real rooms/garden posts avidly, real rooms in particular are great, getting ideas for how to sensibly transform things.

    I do like the beauty blogs too, again echoing others but well researched and relevant to all. I enjoy the what to wear, but I don’t spend much time or money on fashion. Your travels are great.

    Overall I think you’re doing a fab job, I read every day and find about 90% directly relevant to me. The stuff that isn’t, is still well written and interesting, so keep going please!

    Liz x

  17. I really like what you’re doing with the blog, and am excited to hear about any changes you have planned. Although not all of the posts necessarily appeal to me hugely every day I do view this as a sort of magazine where I can just skim over the article and move on the next/come back later for one that interests me much more, and I enjoy the wide mix. It’s so nice to pop by one day for a frivolous handbag post, or a delicious recipe (the apple muffins have become a staple in our house), and then another day have a nice juicy discussion post which we can all get our teeth into.

  18. I’ve been really enjoying the blog ever since it started, so keep up the good work! My favourite posts are the what to wear, recipes, and travel ones. Less interested in the home and garden ones but that’s only because I don’t own a home yet – I can see myself getting very into it all once I do!

  19. Hello! I’ve lost track of when I started reading but I check in often. I like the outfit posts, Friday Frock, recipes, beauty, travel. I don’t tend to read as much about the DIY, gardening and life stories not because I don’t think they’re good but it’s not quite relevant for me just yet. It sounds like you’ve got plenty of readers who do enjoy them though and you do a great job of keeping people engaged and covering all sorts of topics! Always very impressed at how well you manage to keep it all going 🙂


  20. Hi
    I read your blog regularly but havent commented yet-sorry!
    The fashion and travel posts are my favorite, i also like the baking posts as i can’t cook but i do love to bake and its good to see someone try a recipie first as i find some bakery books to be hit and miss. I’m also a fan of the post about flowers(as i am keen to change career path to become a florist), the ones i skim read tend to be about gardening and interior design as even though i am probably a similar age to you, and own my own flat, i am still not at all domesticated (with baking being the closest i get to the kitchen!)
    Would be great to see a more varied style of music and book reviews-however it is your blog and I understand you want your own taste to be expressed.
    S x

  21. Hope you feel better soon.

    I love most aspects of the blog, some parts don’t really relate to me or my life (I live in a flat so can’t garden) but I still enjoy reading them as they are very well written.

    I really enjoy reading about your life, DIY projects and Friday frocks. Oh and book club.

    Maybe more guest posts and maybe some posts about putting together a while outfit on a budget.

    The blog is great though and I enjoy escaping into it twice a day when the baby is finally having a nap.

  22. Hey, sorry you’re struggling with a cold, hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you’re going through a big chunk of reflection at this particular life crossroads – I can empathise with that!

    Can I start by saying I always check in on your blog a couple of times a day so am hooked, but in terms of what I like on your blog:
    – beauty reviews, can’t get enough of these, but I don’t do lipstick or nails (which you do quite a lot). Outside of these areas I want to read more about different products.
    – your “real life” posts – health issues (with your drs perspective) and life issues really touches on interests that make for great talking points here.
    – I like the fashion round ups to – things that you can actually go and buy, vs. outfits in magazines which are often too expensive or not available yet…

    No so keen on:
    – I never read the food, books or music posts. Sorry. I don’t have masses of time to cook or read and I’m just not here to for music. I’m sure they are great posts, but they just don’t do anything for me.

    Everything else I’ll glance at and the odd thing you post will make me stop – an outfit your wearing or a great interiors post – but its not a “must read”, (if that’s not too honest).

    Looking forward to seeing how the blog develops!

  23. I love this blog and visit it generally twice a day! The best thing about it is probably variation, and I love the home features the most- especially real rooms and renovations etc.

    I like the fashion ones but tend to find some of them a bit short- for example a few photos that all are just featuring one of your lovely outfits, and I have often wondered if when you show a recent outfit of yours you could also do suggestions for similar things at different price points etc? Or suggestions to dress it up or down etc?

    I like the book ones but prefer the ones like the recent post where there was a lot of books suggested rather than the book club style ones- a bit more interesting and varied and led to me adding a few to my summer read list.

    I also like the travel ones so I can read them in work and pretend im not in rainy Wales!

    I didnt like the how to write a blog one as I found it quite technical and thats just not my cup of tea.

    I would like to see more posts on real homes, fitness and exercise and general health issues, pregnancy and baby related bits, also more inspiring pieces- maybe real life stories on major life changes which considering a significant amount of readership of this blog seems to be late 20’s – 30’s a lot of people maybe thinking about themselves.

  24. I’ve been a huge FF fan since the launch and love the house interior posts the best, closely followed by fashion and travel posts. I’m not big on the food ones but only cos i can’t cook! Hehe! I also enjoy reading about your dilemas, I love love love the blogging help series, I’ve book marked each one! X

  25. I absolutely adore this blog and check in twice daily. My favourite posts are the fashion, beauty, travel and more personal posts on your life. Being in my mid – late twenties, and married for almost two years, I can really relate to these. Your recent baby post particularly!

    The cooking, music, diy and gardening posts arent really my bag, I appreciate how well written they are but these are really subjects that dont appeal to me.

    I would like to see more fashion posts that will fit all budgets, not just the high end of the high street, and maybe more life style type posts, about marriage, babies, careers etc.

  26. I was so pleased to find FF last October as I had followed you on RMW and missed your presence over there.

    Memorable, enjoyable posts on FF:
    THE baby post. Who didn’t love this?!
    The latest book post by Gemma. Excellent suggestions and I am excited about reading all of them.
    SOME of the recipes.
    Fashion trends.
    Fitness (enjoyed your BMF posts).
    Diet (loved beating down the fad diets-what a load of tosh they are).

    Not so keen:

    Your outfit posts. I know you’re a fan of Emily Schumann, I am too, but these types of posts only really work on her blog in my opinion. The close ups of nail varnish and accessories have been done to death by blogs; I don’t feel it brings anything new to FF instead making it move towards a cookie cutter ‘fashion blog’. I also find that whenever other bloggers do their ‘What I Wore’ type posts it makes me cringe. Not sure why….However, lots of other people seem to love these posts so I am sorry to be a party pooper on this one.

    Some of the recipes are a bit ‘studenty’. However, like I said some of them are lovely, like the ottolenghi barley risotto.

    FF could be improved by more regular ‘life issues’ posts. These seem very popular, perhaps because no matter whether you like gardening posts, music posts or the book club, everyone is in the same boat when it comes to career, family, relationships, marriage and so on. We all have an interest in that, which could be capitalised on in your blog.

    Good work on the blog, you have a lot of loyal followers.

  27. I’m an avid follower of FF since its launch and I love your blog, although I don’t comment as much as I should, sorry.

    For me, my favourite posts are the fashion posts – LOVE these, the interior, beauty, travel, Friday Frock and recipe posts are all great.

    I loved your recent post on the Biological clock and I think it is great that your day job is being used as an added feature – perhaps the odd health post where women are concerned would be very interesting.

    I’m slightly less interested in the music and gardening posts but that’s only because these areas don’t hold as much interest for me.

    I love that your blog is like a fantastic magazine and touches on different areas of life, keep up the good work! x

  28. First of all I really really want to know what your new project is, am sure it will be fab!! And second of all I really hope there will be more FF afternoon teas arranged soon, have not yet got over the devastation of missing the London one…

    Anyway- I love the diversity on FF. My real faves are your lifestyle posts -what you’re doing/where you’re going etc (the east London posts were brilliant and I went to Columbia Rd flower market for the first time because of it!) and life/career/family, books (especially things like Gemma’s book post last week although I do try to get involved in book club), travel and to a lesser extent music. I will always glance at food and garden but less interested in these -no garden and foodwise I usually decide what I want to eat and then find a recipe rather than the other way round!

    Not at all interested in beauty (I know what works for me and stick to it, sorry, I know I’m boring) and not much interest in fashion (same as above -but I do like how you are so adventurous with your clothes, sort of inspirational!) And I skip straight over the health posts, for obvious reasons.

    I think you should be very proud both of FF and of the brilliant FF community you’ve created 😀

  29. Hi Rebecca

    Hope you are feeling better, I can recommend Manuka honey and Echinacea, ha 😉

    I LOVE your what to wear posts because they are real and honest. You look so comfortable in what you are wearing and you’re not trying to be anything but yourself!

    I LOVE posts that are from the heart like the baby post and stuff that you recommend and can give advice on like the acne post.

    Personally I like any post with a bit of eye candy in it too, like pretty jewellery and products etc! Something I can glance over quickly while I’m at work to take my mind off the day to day stresses!

    I’m probably less interested in the Travel section and gardening but that’s not to say I don’t read those too!

    I understand you do have to evolve and change all the time to keep people interested but I think that comes naturally when your own life and circumstances change (work, babies, moving home) because lets face it this blog is about you, so people are interest in you!

    Well done so far and keep up the good work,


  30. I love the variety and depth of your posts, they’re female but not frothy, just entertaining and informative.. like the best bits of a quality women’s mag without the annoying adverts.

  31. Keep doing what you’re doing but please can we have a few more interior posts. I love a sneak peak round someone else’s house! Get well soon Rebecca x

  32. Hope your feeling better? I haven’t commented for a while (since my Lil girl started walking!!) but felt I should pull my finger out for this one

  33. I enjoy a lot the content on FF. Particularly the gardening, fashion and beauty posts. Not that interested in the Music and book club posts (book club reminds me of school a little too much), but like the book recommendations post.

    I do think some different price points on the fashion would be nice, I’m all for aspirational inspiration but just don’t have the budget for some of the shops featured.

    I like the attitude of the blog, if that is the right word. Females who know what they are working towards but not scared of saying they don’t get it right all time. And with varied interests like normal people! If I don’t find a post interesting or its not a topic I want to read, I know something I do find interesting will pop up soon, so it doesn’t stop me coming back.

  34. Hi Rebecca,

    I read your blog on a daily basis but don’t comment very often at all (second post!) Mainly due to my own laziness and the fact that often by the time I get around to doing it others have said exactly what I was going to say!

    I absolutely love everything about FF! Especially the fashion posts. Many a new outfit has been inspired by this blog!

    Things I’d like to see more of – I love the gardening posts but would like to see more of things you could do inside the house using flowers from the garden (ideas for my flower vases basically!) and restaurant/bar reviews as I’m absolutely hopeless at finding places myself and prefer going on the recommendations of others!

    Keep up the good work!

    Catherine xxx

  35. Ahem, where was I…
    First and foremost, I love ff and it is my first stop every morning.
    Whilst not every post is relevant to me or my interests I enjoy reading them because (like many of us) I love YOUR voice, your opinion and your take on things – and that is what will always keep me coming back.

    My faves since you asked are Fridays – please dot change them! Beauty and your style/fashion/outfit posts they inspire me and I can’t wait to restock my wardrobe once baby 2 is out, albeit on a tighter budget, but again I visit blog for the escapism and inspiration so I will find a way to make what I see here for for me!
    I love the lifestyle & interior posts too and would love to see more of them, I also thought last weeks book recommendation post was brilliant.
    I found RMW through one of your posts as Contra on fitness so more of those if you can find the time maybe?!

    The posts where you open yourself up to us are what I think makes Florence Florence though, and they really provoke some great discussions / comments.

    All in all what ever you do on Florence is always going to be amazing so just keep on keeping on.

    P.s. Maybe slightly controversial but RMW is not the same without you, it lacks the balance that is so obvious on FF…I can’t bring myself to read it anymore.

  36. I’m an avid reader of FF, like others I don’t comment often but am a religious reader. I enjoy the variety although the books and music interest me less than everything else. I love the random
    Instagram pics you put up too.
    For me it’s absolutely your ‘voice’ as it were that makes this blog. Again like others have mentioned, I used to buy glossy mags all the time, however I would always be frustrated because alongside interesting articles there would be super skInny fashion shoots and other annoying articles I always wanted to shout at. Here, however are all the good bits of those mags plus way more, none of the annoying stuff and great discussion. LOVE Florence Finds!

  37. I like everything you write really.

    I’d like to see more product reviews that are relevant to you and your life! I would like to see more how to posts, more DIY posts and so on, I love the blog series you’ve been doing!

    You’re doing a great job. 🙂

  38. I have really enjoyed reading FF over the last couple of months. I like the variety of your content, design of the site and the amount you get your readers involved. Fashion, home interiors and travel posts are my favourites but I also enjoy the music reviews. Obviously not everything in the blog is for me but probably is for someone else so I’m cool with that! Keep on keeping on I say!!! X x x
    ps/ I totally trust your opinion and reviews of beauty products/hotels/restaurants far more than the mags I used to buy so regularly!

  39. I read everyday, usually when I get home from work and I really love the blog. Like so many others have said I like the way you discuss issues affecting your life and as I’m at a similar stage those posts really speak to me – the biological clock one in particular!

    Love the fashion and you’ve definitely cost me money. Have tried several of the recipes and I’m someone who loves the gardening post although my own garden is still as neglected as ever. I really have no idea how you find the time.

    Really liked the summer reading list post, I never have time to read but always have a list of books I want to read on the go so that was better for me than bookclub.

    Really excited to hear what the changes are, but I hope you keep the variety, it really makes this blog special.

  40. As you know I’m a loyal follower and I love the variety especially the fashion posts! Love to see what you wear!!

    Would like more home posts as I adore having a sneaky peak into people’s homes, like the gardening too – because its not really covered elsewhere and gives me a kick up the bum to do something in the garden!

    Big fan of travel posts and recipes! Basically there isn’t much I don’t like which is why I always check in twice a day!! 🙂


  41. Hope you feel better soon Rebecca and that the positive comments are helping!

    I have also followed your blog from the beginning and I am interested to find out what your new developments are! I also think that the diversity of the posts you write are what makes the blog so interesting.

    I think my favourite posts are your outfit ones, as its useful to see how ‘real’ people wear different fashions – maybe having pictures of your readers wearing the different fashions would help show the styles on different sized women and on different budgets? I also like the interior posts. I personally dont really read the music posts much and didnt really read the book club posts, but much preferred the book recommendations recently.

    I also tended to skip over the medical posts (being a GP too!), but I can see that they are a unique feature of your blog that a lot of people really appreciated! Hope this is all helpful!

    Emma x

  42. Well, like so many of the lovely comments above, I love your blog! I look forward to the variety of topics, which is why I usually read FF everyday 😀

    I really like your outfit posts, they are just ‘normal’, not over styled or perfected and they have inspired me to try some new outfits. I also love beauty / nails / jewellery posts they often brighten up a stressful day at work! I think my favourite posts are your real life posts, whether this is your recent baby post, your write up of your holiday or room make overs. Mostly I am nosey and like knowing what other people are up to!

    I have tried a fair few of your recipe posts but if I don’t fancy the sound of it I usually don’t read the post. The only posts I usually don’t read are book club, just cause I haven’t read the book therefore can’t really add anything. I did enjoy the recent post on summer reads though.

    Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for the blog and hope you are feeling better x

  43. I love FF – I read every day, twice a day.

    Personally, I love to hear your thoughts on life i.e Babies, Weight, Careers etc. I think these posts resonate with me the most as i got married around the same time as you so am personally experiencing most of the topics you talk about.

    The other regular posts i love are Cooking, beauty (although i love nails might be nice to have some other beauty topics) and fashion although i agree with some of the others that sometimes the clothes are out of my price range, also someone else commented that it would be good to see the fashion posts on some other body shapes ( as you look amazing in most things!) which i think is a great idea.

    Posts i’m not so keen on are the music and the ‘how to blog’ but i can understand how this might be useful.

    I think FF is so readable because of you. You have a great voice when you write and can make topics come alive and if the blog was to change and develop i am sure it would do so with it’s readers. I came over from RMW but i don’t read it anymore because i am not a bride, I read FF because I am living life now and what you discuss is more intune with where I am at in my life at the moment.

  44. Wow, what an incredible response – than you so much everyone! I imagined maybe only half as many people would comment, being mid-week and all I thought you’d all be busy at work.

    Ahem, so, to reply…

    It always surprises me how many people love the outfit posts, but then I don’t know why. I read several fashion blogs from What I wore to the likes of Atlantic Pacific. As Charlotte says above, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my style icons, if not perhaps 100% my style – some of her outfits very much so, others not at all. Again as Charlotte says, outfit posts can be cringeworthy, and believe me, no-one is cringing more than me but I keep doing them because I enjoy them so much, both here and reading other peoples. It feels like paying it forward in a way and is a self indulgence, not in the way you’d imagine, but in the way that without them I would never consider an outfit so carefully or give thought to how I’m going to or did wear it.

    A lot of you have mentioned the readers home and believe me I would love to feature more on the blog, but readers, it really is dan to you. I need homes to feature, so please send yours in. In the meantime, I’m scouting around lots and lots of stylish tweeps and contacts that might be interested in participating.

    Another big feature is definitely budget, something I’m aware of and starting next week you’re going to get something especially for you. I do feel guilty about this – I do tend to stick to a certain range of stores and am aware they are the higher end of the high street and beyond at times, but I stop short of shopping in Primark for the purpose of the blog. However… watch this space 😉

    To me, FF is Fashion, Interiors, Travel and Food. But the other themes like books, music, gardening, florals and beauty are still important to me and form a lesser but significant part of my life. I feel like if I lose them then the blog is more easily pigeon holed and I don’t want to to become a ‘vacuous’ fashion blog or ‘serious’ design orientated interiors blog. Above all FF must be accessible. I’m glad many of you enjoy these smaller details and many of you who don’t appreciate their inclusion none the less.

    Oh and thanks for the get well wishes – I’m feeling much better today! 🙂


  45. I love your blog Rebecca. I cant bear to read womens magazines, whether they be fashion mags or gossip rags, but there is something lovely and personal about your posts which makes it all seem so much more relevant. I like that you arent some journalist airhead living in a media bubble dahhhhling, but you are a real clever lady with a professional career and real holidays and a normal house and a shopping habit. I love stopping in every few days. I think you could probably afford to let others help you out a bit more, you have lots of regular readers who also write, photograph etc who would be happy to dip in. After all, there must be a lot of pressure for one person to find time to shop, go on holiday, cook dinner, do the house up and then write about it aswell.

  46. I love FF. I’d like to see more of the community….an ‘Ask Florence’. Will send you it. I also love the travel, home and Becky’s floristry posts. Also a fan of the skincare and fitness posts. Less favourite are the music posts (music is just so personal). I do think it’s fab that I KNOW that Friday morning is food and pm is fashion.

  47. Hi Rebecca,

    I am an avid reader of your blog and whilst I dip in and out of others, FF is the one that I most regularly come back to.

    I love all of the content to be honest but in particular, I like Penny’s music recommendations and any of the fashion posts.

    I see your blog as the anti-Grazia. It’s fresh, interesting and doesn’t patronise. It encourages us ladies to team up and support each other on issues we are all facing.

    The marriage, babies stuff is always interesting however as a recently single 32 year old, I have really struggled to find blogs online about how to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again and it would be interesting to see how some of your readers feel about this. I have started my own blog as there is a lack of stuff out there with a positive, non Bridget Jones take on things. That said, it is inspiring to know that there are lots of people out there who have found the right person too!

    Finally, I love all the fashion stuff and also the home stuff. I am super proud of my newly DIY’ed kitchen and would be happy to share 🙂

    Ooh maybe a readers’ pets’ corner too?! Just an idea! Xxx

    • Lou please what is the address of your blog?! As a newly-single 31 year old I know exactly what you mean (I didn’t like to say it in my comment above but sometimes it does get a bit ‘huh’ to see lots and lots of posts about good places for romantic breaks etc…) I personally would like features on what to do/where to go as a single girl-about-town (if the town is London I’ll even write one!)

  48. Hi Rebecca, I love dipping into your blog every couple of days as it has such a variety of subjects so it doesn’t feel like it’s just a fashion blog or a travel blog etc. I think it’s great that you include so many topics. My faves are the travel, interiors, beauty and blooms. I really love your monthly instagram round-ups as well. I’m thinking of making them for myself so it will be like a little reminder of what I’ve been up to each month, such a lovely idea. I do like the fashion posts even though I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt girl at the moment with a one year old in tow but would love to be able to incorporate some of it even though the budget isn’t there for it at the moment, perhaps one day when I’m working again…!

    The ones I probably read the least are the book reviews mainly as I don’t read much anymore and when I do I read crime novels on hols.

    As far as suggestions go for other topics, as I love your travel posts, unfort at the moment we don’t go far afield and perhaps there could be some posts on what you can do day trip wise around the UK with either friends or family / kids, perhaps other readers could submit their suggestions so that there are ideas from around the UK. Would also love to hear guests posts on how people might have had a change in their careers, I’m at a point where I wasn’t able to go back to my old job as I wanted to go back part time and work was unable to accommodate that. I don’t really want to do what I used to do and am at a crossroads trying to decide how I should move forward, I know what I would love to do but it’s having the courage to do it and it would be lovely to read from other people how they changed their life. I think it’s amazing how even though you have a full time career as a doctor, you have managed to successfully be part of two wonderful blogs.

    Keep up the good work 🙂 x

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