Old House Tour… Part 1

Hi guys!

It’s good to be back and I’m excited after a very refreshing break and some headspace. Thanks for coming back 🙂

Today I’m going to share some of the fab pictures of my house that The Lawsons (Laura and Pete) took for the Good Homes feature I mentioned last month. There were so many good ones that didn’t go in to the magazine that I’m going to do the downstairs first and then come back to the upstairs next week. I was thinking that you guys had seen all of this but in fact we had changed quite a few things (decorative accents wise) since I last featured any pictures, so I hope you’ll see something new if you’re already familiar with the house.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

Since I last shared it, the lounge had had even more colour added, with a selection of mis-matched patterned cushions, the easy lamp DIY I did, and a few more homely touches…

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

It also features the first new thing we bought for the ‘new house’, the (reproduction) Eames RAR rocker.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

Then adjoining it is the dining room, also looking a lot better than when you last saw it for a bit of styling 😉 (I hasten to add, my house did not always look like this, I wish!)

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

I think the dining room might have been my favourite room in the house, if not my bedroom, as it seemed to be the most interesting. This corner has our film lamp in it and an antique Japanese rice cabinet that my step-dad passed onto us and I topped with a sprayed white tray and some bar paraphernalia. With the picture and (cheap ikea) linen curtains, it seemed to evoke old colonialism to me.

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

It also has my other favourite bit of furniture, the oak servery unit we have that holds our wedding dinner set (and a lot of other junk!)

Photography courtesy of Lawson Photography

I’m going to leave it there for now because that’s a lot of pictures already and I’ll come back to the kitchen and bedrooms. There’s too much ‘stuff’ to list here but if you want to know anything about the house or it’s contents, just drop me a comment. Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks again so much to Laura and Pete for doing the photography honours!


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20 thoughts on “Old House Tour… Part 1

  1. Such a lovely house, the perfect mix of style and cosiness and Laura and Pete did a brilliant job of capturing it (they were our wedding photographers so I’m a bit biased!)

  2. It’s actually kind of torturous looking back at these. I had the house *just* how I wanted it and then we went and moved and now I’m really not feeling the intermediate stage in the new place. Bring on the serious renovation. On the up side we have the bedroom wall coming down tomorrow for my walk in wardrobe 😉

    • When I was reading this post I was wondering if you would be thinking something like this! I feel your pain. Your last house was very stylish but just think you are going to have that on a larger scale with your new house. We are actually at the stage now where we are buying actual things for the house and it feels like such a big step. First items on the list are kitchen lights and then kitting out some of the bathrooms 🙂

  3. Really lovely pictures of the house. I’m not surprised its a struggle to look back at these while you’re living with renovations but eventually I’m sure the new house will look amazing. Am really jealous of the walk in wardrobe!
    And haven’t you got the most photogenic puss, she’s beautiful!

  4. Love this. Love the neon accents. And you will get there with the new place and it will be even more beautiful. Don’t forget the joy in the process of planning, choosing and creating as well as the end product!


  5. Hello, I’m a long time reader but first time poster. Firstly, thank you for introducing me to Redbrick Mills, just had a quick peek on the website and can’t believe it’s only a 10 minute detour on my route home from work- how could I have not known about it!! And it’s now got a made.com showroom so I can go have a sit on the sofa that keeps taking my fancy on their website.

    I just had a quick question for you about your window film in the old house pictures. I’m renovating my victorian terrace and it has a big bay window but only a small front garden so people can peek in a bit easily from the street. Ideally I want shutters but the budget won’t allow them this year, so trying to decide between Venetian blinds or window film over the bottom half of the windows. Is the window film easy to apply? Does it let through enough light?
    Thanks do much for taking time to keep the blog, I love my daily fix.

    • Hi Lucy 🙂

      The window film is really easy to apply, you just need something to smooth it out with when you apply it. It starts with lots of little bubbles then if you use something like a window cleaning blade, they get pushed out. It doesn’t block any light and I think (obviously!) it looks very smart. 3 people on our street got it after we did our house and we have already done the new house too.

      Enjoy Redbrick Mill and thanks for the Made.com tip off – I am so excited about that – the only other one (I thought) is in London, so you have saved me a trip!!

  6. Hi, I just came across your blog and love the style of this living space- I don’t suppose you can remember what paint colours you used can you?! It’s just the type of thing I’m currently after! Thanks, Hannah

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