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One of the things I need this season is a pair of new jeans, not cutting edge fashion, but necessary none the less. The thing is, I’m on a budget right now and I have precisely zero experience in shopping for jeans on the high street. Usually I buy ‘designer’ in the sale and spend maybe £50-100 – a fact that has long been the subject of amusement amongst my friends as I’ll easily spend more on a dress thats worn only a few times, yet if I consider cost-per-wear, they must be the most hardworking item in my wardrobe. That not withstanding, I’m looking after the pennies so the pounds can look after themselves and that means well priced jeans.

New Look are relaunching their denim collection (check out the dungarees for serious fashion points this season or the denim shirts for a bit of denim on denim action.) As a result, I thought I’d look them up and select a few of my picks for the coming season. Fortunately for me, the majority are skinny cuts as I’m thinking ahead to wear with ankle boots this winter, but I see they have kept a flattering bootcut for curvy silhouettes.

  1. I didn’t quite get around to trying the coated jean last season but at this price (£23) it’s a trend that’s worth a try.
  2. This season, lengths are cropped, including tops so think about a high waist to rock a shorter length knit this season.
  3. All summer I’ve loved a turn up and I’ve no intention of giving up on them now so this distressed turned up skinny will be perfect for the weekend with converse or distressed boots, and a slouchy top.
  4. If you prefer a bootcut, I love this dark blue vintage wash pair with a wide belt.

Have you tried New Look jeans? Are you looking for a new pair this season?


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5 thoughts on “Spotted: New Look Denim

  1. My wardrobe is full of skinny jeans so i’m on the hunt for the boot-cut jeans. I do like the vintage one with a belt.

    I do have a pair of straight from New look and i do love it. The quality is good and i’m confident that it will last me long. I do love Next jeans as well as they fit me perfect and does last long. I have one that was purchased in 2008 and i still wear it and it is still in perfect condition.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  2. Jeans are actually one of the few things I don’t mind spending money on as I wear them soooo much!! Despite that after literally YEARS of trying to find the perfect fitting pair, I discovered (following a recommendation from an online forum) Uniqlo jeans. Not only are they cheap but for me the fit is pretty much perfect and best of all they alter the length for you for free instore!!
    Having said that I have always loved high waisted trousers (hello, no muffin top!!) and those high waisted skinnies look great, so perhaps I do need to pay New Look a visit…

  3. I hate jeans shopping! I find it much harder to find a pair that actually fits and looks flattering than any other item of clothing. I find most standard sizes way too tight around the thigh but huge around the waist. My top tip for high street to solve this problem is gap curvy jeans. I also have a pair of M&S coloured jegging that I love – the fit isn’t perfect but for £30 I can put up with it.

  4. I swear by good old Dorothy Perkins! I’ve tried loads of jeans, but they fit me the best at the mo. Although I live in jeans, I’ve never been able to justify spending a fortune on them. I tend to trash them quite quickly so there isn’t much point.

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