My Month: June

We’ve only got one blog day left until we enter the second half of the year on Monday so it’s time to revisit my month on Instagram. Don’t forget you can get a little peek behind the scenes by following me on Instagram right here or search my user name Rebecca_Norris.

  • Perfecting the curls for a summer ball we attended a couple of weeks ago.
  • Pretty piles of jewellery on my dressing table.
  • Starting to make the back garden more like an outdoor room, along with my new succulent for the outside table.
  • Trying the crop top trend (Never say never!)
  • One of my David Austin Roses (which I wrote about last year here.)
  • A picture of my Dad, sister and I that I posted on fathers day (Spain, 1987)
  • My 1946 Vintage pinup Astrology print, (Aries of course!) picked up at a new local salvage and vintage shop on Beech Road, along with this fab pair of Globe Trotter suitcases.
  • Asos foil tiger tee (now in the sale) and my Yellow coat making outings again the the too-cold-for-June weather, Gap trousers (also in Sale) and M&S Limited embellished collar shirt, (End of Season Sale now on)
  • Walking in Sale Water park enjoying the lush summer greenery.
  • Trying out the blue scheme for my spare room overhaul.
  • I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – are you in it with me? (Day 11 and counting… full review to follow.)
  • Healthy breakfast smoothies
  • Starting work on the new spare room curtains, and getting some unrequested help too(!)

Don’t forget to tell me what you have been up to in June and what’s happening in July!


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4 thoughts on “My Month: June

  1. Love the skirt you’re wearing with the crop top, where is that from? and WHAT did you wear to the summer ball?!

  2. I am now addicted to Jillian Michaels too, I haven’t just done the shred nor all in a row…I have done her yoga one, her fat busting one and some of level one and three shred but done it 7 times in the last 10 days so not bad. I love her workouts though and I am cancelling in the gym and getting some dvds. All her workouts so far I have done through youtube.
    Thanks for talking about her, you and another friend doing it tempted me to try it and I am hooked!

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