My Month… July [The Fashion]

I thought I’d do this months Instagram round up a little differently and focus on one area of my images as when I looked back, I realised they fall into distinct groups of fashion or outfit shots, food and my life behind the scenes. Maybe I’ll share another group next week…

For now though, here’s what Flo wore in July…

Row 1: French Connection dress [work outfit] // French Connection top and bright flats [work outfit] // New brogues
Row 2: Whistles big spot blouse [sale purchase] // Zara gold thread blouse [sale] // GAP polka spot blouse
Row 3: What to Wear // Wide leg jeans and striped tee [sale] // Accessorize glitzy bee and fox rings
Row 4: Whistles Angel jumper with blue jeans and parka // The Dream. Find. Do. wardrobe department // New patterned Topshop trousers for summer [sale]
Row 5: Zara Frill bottom top for hot days [work outfit] [sale] // French Connection skirt [sale] // Sunday outfit in chambray and converse with the x100.

So, I’ll tell you my favourite, if you tell me yours?


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9 thoughts on “My Month… July [The Fashion]

  1. Love love love your topshop patterned trousers – they are gorgeous! Like the flash of red of your nailpolish too!
    Lianne x

  2. Ok, so, my fav was definitely the striped top, wide trousers, neon edged raffia bag and wedges. Love that outfit – super casual but felt put together 🙂

    I cannot believe none of you commented on those rings!!


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