My Month…

It’s kind of a cool day to be wrapping up the month here on Florence Finds, being the 29th and all – it feels like a time warp kinda day, like it’s not really here. But hey, I’m always looking for that extra hour in the day so let’s embrace it! In the spirit of extra time, there are three posts today, but first up, a sneak inside my life, via Instagram. Warning, if you are allergic to pink, perhaps better look away now.

L-R, top to bottom…

  • Reading matter on the plane to Italy and ski-ing, then enjoying the view on the piste
  • Re-discovering possibly one of my favourite ever sweet treats, belgian waffles, excellent with maple syrup, ice cream and blueberries. Now that’s a breakfast right there.
  • LOV-ing my Nails Inc magnetic nail-effect varnish – perfect for ski-ing.
  • More nails, and trying a new way with them, with my H&M pastels for spring.
  • Faded neons in satchel form from H&M, spotted whilst out shopping.
  • Valentines flowers via Blossom from Pete
  • THE pink trousers. Oh how I love thee pink trews! (I think I’ve got the cost-per-wear down to about 50p already!)
  • Pink and black for drinks on a cold night with Penny
  • The cotton wool game at a baby shower last weekend… have you played it? Surprisingly hard and surprisingly hilarious!
  • I stayed at the Leeds Malmaison last weekend – from now on I’d like all of my butter to come wrapped in greaseproof paper packets like this please. Full report to come.
  • PenDo. There may have been karaoke involved. That’s all I’m saying. Full (fash) review to come…
  • Final outfit with the pink trews, stripes, spring florals and the (Whistles) leather jacket again, which I’m very much enjoying after months of ignoring it, following over-use last year.
What have been the highlights of your month readers? Anything to look forward to in March?
PS, Don’t forget to email me and request your invite to the Florence Finds Afternoon Tea! Just under half of the spaces have been taken, so hurry up and email me! (All of those who have requested an invite should have received their paypal money request by now, if not – please email me and I can check I’ve not missed you out.)
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8 thoughts on “My Month…

  1. I tried on coloured pink jeans. I looked like a giant pink worm. I would have sent in a picture but I was too busy trying to get the damn things off without suffocating.

    FYI H & M….your sizes are WRONG.

    • Ha ha! – These ones? They are glorious Becca!
      Mine are a ten, which means I would have to agree with you – they fit my (spreading) bottom half quite well which is much nearer to a twelve these days!

      On another note, this particular pair are cotton, not jeans, no stretch, like a chino and I’m impressed that they haven’t bagged around the knees or bum.

      • Oh as IF your bottom is spreading Rebecca Norris you fibber 😉 Urgh now it sounds like I’ve checked it out… which I haven’t really… 😉 Anyway, moving along, I have been meaning to ask you where you got your scarf from? And apologies if I did already ask you over the weekend and have forgotten in my drunken stupor xx

  2. Oo, I need to get my bottle green pair bought!

    Feb has been busy work-wise for me. Though I am inching ever closer to my goal this year of running 5km comfortably. Once I can get that sweating profusely thing down, I’ll be all reet!

    March will see lots of nights out for bdays and part 2 of a hen do and also my first wedding on 2012 (to which im planning to wear a dress featured on Fri Frock O’clock. Oo, get me!).


  3. crumbs, looking back, February (a usually quiet month) was IMMENSE this year. So many birthday parties and hen dos… so many outfits. I think I crashed Facebook with all my album uploads!

    March will see a trip to Ireland, a Christening (mucho outfit planning) some more 30th birthday fancy dress, a “farewell” party for my flat and, oh, hmm, isn’t there something on 24th March I need to find an outfit for… hmmm….

  4. I feel obliged to share my own plans for March now!
    Well… I have 2 trips to London planned, one being the FF afternoon tea!
    Some serious attention is required at the allotment and it’s growing season so there’ll be more to come on that…
    House-wise, I’m desperate to finish the dining room and lounge, watch this space, and I may start looking into re-vamping the kitchen.
    And there’s an easter break to be planned and my April brithday to be considered, and FF afternoon tea Manchester to finalise.

    I need a lie down just thinking about it all!

  5. Gutted, after a year of having no visitors to come down and see us, my mums only chosen the 24th March to come down, rubbish, let me know when the next afternoon tea wil be xx

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