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This post has been a very long time coming… I think we were back in the kitchen and using it about a month before Bea was born in July last year, but its taken me a considerable amount of time to take decent photos in good light, then I was thwarted by a camera malfunction (which is why some of the photos show different items in them!) but it’s finally ready to share. (Want a recap on what we started out with? Theres a few more pictures in our new house tour.)

I’ve shared various planning posts about the kitchen before which I have linked at the end of the article. If you read any of these posts before, you might know that we bought an ex-display kitchen that was about to be dismantled from a shop that was being refitted. It was a massive saving and whilst it was still not a small amount, it saved us I reckon about 50% on similar inframe solid wood kitchens. I absolutely love the style and the quality is also amazing. The smaller drawers have wooden dividers and felt lining inside, everything is soft close and has a heavy feel of quality about it which I’m really happy with. The units were originally a mix of dark brown and this soft grey (Farrow and Ball’s Dove Tale) so the whole thing was repainted to match. The handles were part of the deal and I’m so glad I didn’t have to choose any myself as I think it might have sent me over the edge! We chose Great White (also F&B) for the walls as it has a hint of pink which I felt the room needed as it’s west and north facing so can appear cold. It goes beautifully with the kitchen units I’m pleased to say!

We chose all SMEG appliances, mainly after searching for a range style oven. There were two reasons we went for a range instead of sleek inbuilt overns… firstly the kitchen aesthetic suited a range and secondly, we actually couldn’t configure the layout to work with a wall mounted oven set up anyway. Once we found the right range (we wanted one with clean lines and so many are covered in twidly buttons or have vintage design details,) we then looked at the rest of the SMEG range and found them to be competitive with other brands of comparative quality so we bought a 60/40 fridge freezer and our dishwasher from SMEG too. So far, we’re very happy with all of the appliances, particularly the oven. 🙂

The sink (as un-sexy as it is to talk about) was a big deal for me. In the old kitchen there had been a single sink and I can’t tell you how much it irritated me that there was no second or half sink to empty things into for rinse into. I wanted a sleek modern square one and it took me ages to find one that was reasonably priced but I finally did in B&Q, from their Cooke and Lewis range. I know not everyone likes stainless steel but it worked with the stainless steel range and hood and I like the finish personally. For the taps I searched high and low, but we ended up reusing the tap from the old kitchen when I realised all the ones I liked were exactly the same!

The biggest thing for me was the work tops and we finally went with Carrara marble. I LOVED the look of marble but nobody has anything good to say about it in a kitchen. All the stories are true – marble chips, scratches, stuns and etches with abandon, leading to a ‘patina’ of wear which doesn’t bother me at all. The one thing I was terrified of was staining but I’ve found coffee, juice and fruit spots on the marble and all have simply wiped off (although it had been sealed prior to and after installation.) The marble was actually cheaper than any other stone work surface and I’m really glad we went for it still.

The floor was another huge decision – I wanted real wood and although again, people don’t recommend it, I didn’t see any reason why not to go for it – although a kitchen floor does get wet, you don’t leave it wet do you?! We ened up however going for Kardean and its another decision we are really happy with. It looks fab – I wanted a parquet herringbone effect but only the top of the range was available in parquet style tiles. I was very particular about the colour and finish of the wood effect which was only available in the (fortunately) cheapest range, so we chopped the tiles in half and ended up with this oversized herringbone effect. It actually works to make the space look bigger and I love it.

Lastly, the light was the result of a bit of trial and error. I originally wanted 2 pendants over the island and bought some copper fisherman style ones from M&S, but unfortunately they only reached 80cm long from the ceiling. As our house is old with over 3m high ceilings they kind of hung half mast and looked insignificant. The same night they we installed (and removed swiftly) I spotted this statement pendant and made a snap decision to buy it. The electricians weren’t very pleased with me but I’m happy with the touch of glamour it adds to the space.

The stools are the old ones we bought as a temporary measure for the island we used in the kitchen before it was re-done. I haven’t found the right thing to replace them and I actually quite like the pop of colour!

I’ll leave it there for now although I do have a couple of other posts to share on the kitchen including what we would do differently in retrospect and how the things we have chosen have worn, which might be useful for some of you planning future projects. In the mean time, I hope you like it! 🙂



Previous Kitchen posts:

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21 thoughts on “My house: Kitchen reveal

  1. Oooooo. My Green-Eyed Monster of House Jealousy just reared it’s ugly head…. again!

    That’s one lovely kitchen you’ve got there!

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! Strange question but where did you get the wooden tray by the oven? Am looking for something similar to hold cooking oils etc

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen! And what amazing timing your post is; we are right in the middle of making decisions about our new kitchen extension and I’m really struggling… it’s such a huge financial outlay you want to get it right!

    We are looking at a similar Smeg range cooker (although 90cm wide) and I wondered if you ever find the smaller cavity too small? And does it get lots of annoying marks on the stainless steel? We saw one in store that was covered in finger prints, which worried me a little with our messy 2 yr old?

    And how are you finding your “in frame kitchen”. I love the look of them but kitchen companies keep trying to dissuade me, telling me I’ll hate the “lip” eventually. I don’t see it as an issue, but my husband is less convinced!

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions! x

  4. Hi Sarah! Oh I dont envy you all those decisions, it was the daily minutiae of where we wnated the plugs and sockets and lights etc that really got on top of me! Have a good look back throught he posts I’ve linked, I’ve talked about the planning process a lot there as this was a big outlay for us too.
    Re the oven – I had the same concerns, I felt almost liek I was getting 2 ovens but only one that would work properly! (ie with big trays) but in fact we have only used it 1 or 2 times ever (we use the grill on that side a lot instead) and as long as you have invested in trays that fit the oven it’s fine. Re the stainless steel, I’m int hat fingerprint phase myself now that Bea is pulling up and I use a special stainless steel e-cloth from lakeland and a similar glass cloth that just use water and keep everything looking shiney super easily, so yes you’ll get finger prints, but they swipe off in a flash, it doesnt bother me.
    Re the ‘lip’ our kitchen doesn’t have one – when you open the door the ‘frame’ is all outside the actual cupboard dimensions – although I know what you mean and it would have annoyed me I think if it had been there like some of the kitchens we saw. Tricky… we only really have upper level cupboards and do slide things out of them so it would get int he way. On lower cabinets I dont think it would be as much of an issue…?

    • Thanks Rebecca, that’s so helpful! I seem to have spent a ridiculous amount of time stalking electrical appliances on line, so it’s great to hear from someone who’s actually bought one. In my head I can see myself using the “little oven” a lot, but part of me wondered if I was just talking myself in to it as I love the look of the cooker. I’ll definitely have to check out Lakeland for the cleaning cloths tho…

      The “lip” issue with the cabinets has been going round in circles since we started the kitchen planning. I’m pretty sold on how they look, but wonder if I’ll find myself swearing at the cupboards a lot if they get in my way. Kitchen sales people like to quote the “what happens if you smash a glass in the cupboard, you won’t be able to see all the pieces” argument…. but I’ve never done that anyway, so it’s a pretty poor argument! 🙂

      Looking forward to your future posts on what you’d change about your kitchen. Like you we’ve already had to make a few compromises with the size of the extension (planning regs and awkward supporting walls), so I know how frustrating the process is! x

  5. LOVE IT!

    The marble is just perfect and I think the floor looks so elegant, perfect for a period property. And the chairs STILL look fab, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better 🙂 We’ve actually just moved house and our buyers (who randomly are a lovely teacher lady and her fiance Cam who is one half of the chart topping band Sigma.. google them, you’ll know their songs!) actually bought off us most of our furniture including the Ikea island and red stools as they loved them! If its good enough for Brit nominees its good enough for us! xx

  6. Oooh, this post was worth the wait! Your kitchen is perfect and I’m very envious of the marble worktops. They look so clean and cool. I love my kitchen but our wood worktops are such hard work to keep stain free, particularly around the sink.
    Surely I’m not the only one wondering why I’ve never heard of a special stainless steel cleaning cloth from Lakeland though- I’m off to buy one of them pronto! Also, can you remember where your soap/handcream tray is from? It looks like just what I need!

  7. Love your kitchen, all the individual components are really beautiful and it all fits really well together. Very elegant but still memorable!

  8. Wow! Such a beautiful kitchen. We’re thinking of remodelling our kitchen next year and this has definitely gone on my Pinterest board! I actually really love those stools, even it they weren’t part of your original plan. They add a great touch of colour.

  9. Wow Rebecca, what a transformation! This is my ideal kitchen. It is gorgeous.

    An observation – where is your kettle? Either you don’t own one or has it been tidied away … :o)

    • Good spot Patsy!Looking at the long run of kitchen units along the back wall, tot he right there is a cupboard that extends down tot he worktops. Inside that is our coffee machine, kettle, toaster and all manner of other mess! I did have a picture but forgot to put it in… I’ll put it in the next post 😉

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  11. Love this kitchen! Lots of elements that are similar to what we are planning.

    Our current 1st choice is the carisbrooke framed from B&Q (how I found your blog through google) which we’ll re-paint. We’d also like marble or marble-look. When you researched your worktop choice did marble come out cheaper or more expensive than quartz or other man made options?

    We also have a smeg range ready and waiting to be installed – great choice!

  12. Wow! Your kitchen is beyond amazing! I am looking for a shaker kitchen just like yours. Have been eyeing up deVOL because they have a great colour range but they are massively out of my price range. Thinking about buying a basic wood shaker and getting it professionally painted. Did you go down this route or paint it yourself?

    Thank you


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