Must Have Monday: IKEA Lovbacken Table

Whenever I’m looking at inspiring interiors images online, I’m always drawn to more eclectic rooms, with a mix of mid-century modern, new, vintage and reclaimed or salvaged pieces. Trying to strike that balance is difficult, but even more difficult can be finding the right pieces. What used to be a simple case of choosing a sofa, armchair and TV unit, plus maybe a console or coffee table, is now so much more complicated as no chair is complete without a quirky side table, the right lamp must dress the console and layers of rugs, art and ‘found’ objects now all finish the styling of the room.

Fortunately I think the fun is in the finding, but not at the expense of having an unfinished room forever and then there’s the price tag attached to all these coveted items. So I was pretty excited to spot this Lovbacken side table in IKEA of all places.

Lovbacken is actually an updated IKEA design from 1956 and so it’s mid-century looks are in fact genuine. Cashing in on the fact that we all like a bit of history and a story with our design pieces, IKEA are reissuing it for the Autumn 2013 collection available now in stores.

The leaf shaped top gives it an unusual look and the rich tones of the poplar veneer (the original was rosewood) and dark legs are further enhanced by the brass tipped feet. All for just £40! I’m definitely going to be snapping one of these up for my living space, before they sell out – it’s causing quite a stir in design circles.

What do you think readers?


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8 thoughts on “Must Have Monday: IKEA Lovbacken Table

  1. I had to pop back to this post to let you know that I bought this table this evening 🙂 I loved it when I first saw it on here but couldn’t work out where to put it. This weekend we reshuffled our furniture (9 months after moving in we decided the current layout wasn’t working so well) and suddenly had an empty space that NEEDED a side table. A quick trip to our local IKEA (including a struggle to decipher German signs on top of the IKEA names!) and €39 later our lovely new table is in position. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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