Moody Blues

Blue room with dark floors

Although I’ve been talking a lot of baby stuff recently, I’ve been thinking a lot of interiors ideas. Our builder only left 2 weeks before Bea was born, after finishing the kitchen and decking – I promise I’ll be sharing that soon; and with a new baby plus a house that was clean for the first time in about 6 months, I had no taste for returning to renovations. However, now I’m living in the house everyday, I’m getting more and more fed up with our living rooms heavy cream walls and peachy curtains (from the previous owners) and ready to change it all. Dare I say it, I don’t think I want another grey room, dispute it being a favourite of mine, but luckily inky, dramatic, moody blues are where it’s at in interiors right now and I thought I’d share some inspiring images I’ve been looking at for ideas.

Period living room with marble fireplace

This particular image with the fireplace is exactly what we are going for in our more formal living room. I think these blues really lend themselves to a sense of formality and period grandeur, don’t you?

Traditional style bedroom

Navy bedroom with bright accents

It seems to work equally well with bright accents and colour pops though – which is perfect for me as I always come back to colourful accents.

Dusty blue, lilac and copper room set

This (relatively) paler shade with lilac and copper makes for a more feminine combination…

Aerin Lauders home

And I love darker shades framed by a bright white and light room when you are coming into them, like this shot of Aerin Lauders home.

What do you think readers? Could you take the plunge with dark walls? Or would you consider it as an accent? See more over on my Pinterest board Moody Blues


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6 thoughts on “Moody Blues

  1. I love all these images, especially the last one. I’m thinking of going dark in our living room too, but I’m wondering what it would it be like in summer – would I be tired of it by then and craving something lighter?

  2. Love all of these images, especially the last one. I’m road testing a few darker F&B tester pots in our lounge. It’s a very large space so may go with a slighter lighter, brighter blue (drawing room blue). Go for it though, it would stunning in your period home!

  3. I love the dark one at the end. And it would look great. I do think though that if you are going for a colour pop (as I imagine you will to match the rest of the house) a lighter moody blue would work better.

    Just waiting in for my capsule wardrobe deliveries. Beyond excited. Hope do not need to spend tomorrow at the Post Office returning everything.

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