Monday Must-Have: Winter Warmers

I don’t know about you, but here in Manchester the weather has been terrible. It’s gone from beyond freezing to warmer but with constant drizzle. My new favourite item of clothing is a hat. I have several, but my favourite is a bright bobble hat.

I had my hair cut last week and it’s short enough to tuck right under a hat – a complete style-saver in the current damp conditions. It looks cute with a casual outfit, but unexpectedly chic contrasted with a neutral tailored coat.

My favourites are from GAP (I bought this ultra violet one this weekend at 40% off.)

Do you wear a hat in winter? What’s your favourite style?


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10 thoughts on “Monday Must-Have: Winter Warmers

  1. My current favorite hat (a life saver… cold in my ears is the worst thing ever) looks like the purple one in the picture above, but it has Space Invaders all over it. I think it is from River Island, but I got it from the boys section.

  2. I love a good hat but hate the hat hair that comes with it! Is it only me that ends up with a crease all the way across my hair where the hat has rested?! I’ve got a number of wooly ones but recently bought an oxblood cloche hat from Accessorise. All I need now is the right opportunity to wear it!!xxx

  3. oooooooooh – I love a hat, my nickname used ot be Viki the Hat… in fact it probably still is to some people!

    This winter I’m all over a sequined, oxblood, bobbled beret and a black cossack hat! They both keep my ears toasty warm!

  4. I really want one of the American Apparel fluo beanies but don’t think I’m nearly hipster or young enough! I used to work in buying and my main area was hats, scarves and gloves in the winter so I had the pick of the bunch, free of charge…Now I’m not in the rag trade anymore I’m always caught out in the cold weather as have no soft accessories as begrudge buying them {old habits!}

    • That’s exactly the hat I have – I LOVE it! I got it in Anthropologie last year though, so not sure if they have them still, though I think I saw something similar the other day…

  5. I got a lovely burgundy cloche hat a few years back that I usually don every winter but this year I’ve gone for a cream version of the purple bobble hat at the top. I love how cosy it is but I can’t decide if it looks good or if I look like I’m a child because I’m not all that tall. Oh well, the silver lining to that cloud is half price bus fare I suppose.

  6. I have an amazing (well I think it’s amazing) dark grey wool beret with a few sequins on it that I got in the Oasis sale a few winters ago. I still love it. Have a few others too, including a lovely stripy woollen one, but the beret is def my fave. Love that bobble though!

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